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Published on February 4, 2014

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Practically everybody is familiar with what a wind turbine is and the way they produce energy, but for those which don't know I am going to explain. If you envision a plane propeller seated on top of a tall tower, this is what a turbine looks like. Electricity is produced by the generator, housed in the turbine casing, whenever the rotor is spun by the wind. Inside the electrical generator are many magnets and lots of copper wire, that generates electricity. This system has been utilized for quite some time in various other varieties of generators.

many people are making use Changing wind power into electricity is actually the function of wind generators. A regular wind turbine is a big tower that has blades hooked up to a rotor. As the big propeller is spun by the blowing wind, the rotor inside turns to generate electricity. The power generator is a common design consisting of magnets and copper wiring. It's really a rather straightforward system. Clearly for the turbine to work there needs to be wind. Wind is much more powerful higher up in the sky, and that is why wind generators are very tall, at around 30 meters. The objective of capturing more of the wind power is to create more electricity utilizing the turbines. Obviously there should be enough wind to generate electricity from the outset. This is precisely why extensive research is done on areas for potential wind turbines to ensure that there's enough wind to generate energy. One excellent location is in coastal areas because there are typically consistent wind patterns in these areas. Consistent winds does not mean that they consistently blow from the exact same direction. A time tested model, adapted from the early wind powered water pumps, utilizes a tall fin to point the propeller directly into the wind, regardless of the direction it comes from. Because of their efficient design, turbines can generate a lot of power that can be implemented for domestic or commercial applications. When there's no wind, a battery backup set up is used to fulfill electrical needs. While they can certainly produce a lot of electricity, they are not cheap at all and getting back your original investment on one may take many years. A positive factor of these turbines, in contrast to solar panels, is they do not call for sunlight. Wind generators will be able to produce as much electricity at night as during the day, lowering the battery storage demands in some cases. Another excellent thing about wind generators is that these are generally ecofriendly as they produce zero pollution. The conventional sources of hydro, including nuclear reactors, create tremendous pollution that could be avoided by turbines. Harnessing the energy of the wind is making use of a truly environmentally friendly resource. Hence there is always going to be energy generated by the turbines. Although they have a lot going for them, there are some downsides to consider. Their size makes them stand out, and some say they're ugly for this reason. Large installations, with a bunch, or even hundreds grouped together, generate visual pollution in coastal areas, according to critics. Like any mechanical device that moves, they might be quite loud. Wildlife aficionados complain that birds and bats are destroyed by them. The spinning rotors disrupt the bats' ability to avoid things with their sonar readings. While these reports are rarely documented they do take place. The overall positive aspects of wind generators seem to outweigh the disadvantages at the moment. Wind generators offer great promise for generating clean, renewable and safe energy, with few serious downsides.

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