On Amateur Subtitling. Preliminary Findings

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Published on January 26, 2016

Author: marianasalgado

Source: slideshare.net

1. On Amateur Subtitling Preliminary findings Mariana Salgado Media Lab, ARTS,Aalto University Helsinki 4th August 2014

2. Television heritage CC byVerbruggen & Pekel

3. EUscreen project •  EUscreen Best Practice Network eContentplus programme •  36 months (2009-12) •  Consortium 28 partners 17 EU member states (plus Switzerland) Broadcasters, archives, technologists, academic partners and educationalists •  Relationship to Europeana (TV aggregator) •  Access to 35,000 items of audiovisual ARCHIVE content

4. Europeana.eu is an internet portal that acts as an interface to millions of books, paintings, films, museum objects and archival records that have been digitised throughout Europe. (Wikipedia) Screenshot from: http://www.europeana.eu/portal/

5. à 29m records from 2,200 European galleries, museums, archives and libraries à Books, newspapers, journals, letters, diaries, archival papers à Paintings, maps, drawings, photographs à Music, spoken word, radio broadcasts à Film, newsreels, television à Curated exhibitions à 31 languages Europe’s cultural heritage portal CC byVerbruggen & Pekel

6. EUscreen results www.euscreen.eu •  40,000 items of content (1950s - ) •  15 European languages •  Content viewable on portal and Europeana •  Interoperable metadata (back & front end) •  Virtual Exhibitions •  VIEW e-journal •  Multi-lingual

7. The EUscreen project aims to promote the use of television content to explore Europe's rich and diverse cultural history. It will create access to over 1M items of programme content and information, and by developing a number of interactive functionalities and dynamic links with Europeana it will prove valuable to the widest range of cultural, educational and recreational users. Screenshot from: http://www.euscreen.eu

8. http://www.euscreen.eu/exhibitions.html#.UnoUGCTudWc

9. EUscreenXL (2013-16) Large consortium – 29 partners •  Broadcasters and archives (18) •  Education/research, designers and technologists •  17 languages AV content to Europeana •  ‘Quantity’ - Aggregation 1m+ items (basic metadata and stills/ thumbnails) •  ‘Quality’ - Core Collection (20K+ AV) full metadata Other tasks •  user engagement, network building & sustainability

10. Partners CC byVerbruggen & Pekel

11. Structure

12. Why to study amateur subtitling? understand a community that might engage in translating EUscreen content inform the development of a tool that could be used by fansubbers + professional translators CC by Mariana Salgado

13. Done, so far… Interviewed 2 fansubbers from DivX Finland Reviewed work on Subtitling in Finland (Polso, 2013) (Kallio, 2012)(Mäntylä, 2010) Reviewed work on Fansubbing (Mizuko Ito, 2012) Reviewed websites from the fansubbing communities In relation to the study of amateur subtitling

14. Done, so far… One International workshop with professional translators. One Workshop with Content providers to plan the strategy for collaboration in Pilot 1 Explore the possibility to integrate Amara to the project platform. Draw a plan with 5 CP in relation to the Pilot. Benchmark online tools for future In relation to the Pilot 1

15. Lessons learnt •  On the practices •  On the tools •  On the vocabulary •  On the guidelines CCbyFroussecartoninFlickr

16. In Finland

17. On Amateur translation in Finland •  There are many groups. Each has its dynamics and rules for organizing the work. •  DivX Finland: they lived all around Finland.They have strict rules to organize their translations.They prioritize quality vs speed. Some of them spend a lot of time in this (around 15hours a week) Screenshotsfromhttp://www.divxfinland.org/index.html

18. On the vocabulary Cause-driven Collaboration environments UGT USER GENERATED TRANSLATION TEP translate, edit, proofread digisubs fandubbing Not professional translation COLLABORATIVE TRANSLATION Scanlation (also scanslation) is the scanning, translation and editing of comics from a language into another language DIGISUBBING CROWDSOURCE TRANSLATION Translation hacking Warez (Warez are copyrighted works distributed without fees or royalties, and may be traded, in general violation of copyright law.) fandoms Tsing (typesetting) QC

19. On the community Southern and Western Finland Polso (2013) Majority of men IT + language interest Young: Age from 16 to 24 years

20. On the practices Distinctive features of fansubbing 1)  the notes added to the screen (enrich video by adding annotations), 2)  not condensed text, 3)  authorship (by the typography used and a more personalized way), 4)  well-defined set of guidelines for the translation work. http://www.divxfinland.org/index.html

21. On the practices Motivation 1)  The content (it might have good language or it might be interesting).They love what they translate and they want to see it in their mother tongue. Promote “unknown/ new material” 2) Improving language skills in their mother tongue and in the other. Creative ways of using the language. 3) Be the first ones: they want to see the movie asap.They received finished subtitles first. 4) Be appreciated: ranking in the community. Do sth. for others. Screenshotsfromhttp://www.divxfinland.org/index.html

22. On the practices Community: they know each other and care for their reputation within the community. They have a strict hierarchy within members, a leader board, and a system for the rights to the different roles. Roles (member, apprentice, candidate, insider, mentor, mentors, moderator, lecturer and administrator) do not connect with the prizes. Challenge: phrases and sayings that have not Finnish translation, fast dialogues and technical issues Rewards & sanctions: the ones that have participated received the subtitles earlier than others. Sanctions could be get if members do not keep the time. http://www.divxfinland.org/index.html

23. On the practices Wishlist: Someone presents the project and if there are enough people the project starts. Ideally, it has to be 10 persons for project. Project manager subdivide the work in 100 lines per person.The person that present a wish will participate in translating but might not be the project manager. No real time collaboration.The translation work happens off-line.TEAMWORK 100 line package takes aprox. 90minutes from English to Finnish Style: They do not use notes/ comments.They tried to be non-invasive.They are very precise and might not prioritize/summarize as much as professionals Feedback: translators get feedback from the proof readers.This is a motivation factor because it helps the fansubber to improve the work. Expectations are different from professional translators results & the community give positive feedback to amateur translators (Polso, 2013) Languages: from English or French to Finnish and Swedish. Mostly English Time adjusting: it is time consuming (half the time is used on this) and it is a challenge because fansubbers do not enjoy this part of the work. On the audiovisual materials: short films, films,TV series Content Selection: Poor subtitles or there is no subtitles in Finnish Process: Translate- Proofreading and time control phases happens after translating

24. On the tools Many of the features that the translators considered important in the tool, are used by fansubbers: a)  Own profile b)  Badges and prizes c)  Roles d)  Forums for discussion They used 2 different softwares + IRC channel+ wiki page + Word (for checking the spelling) + dictionaries One discussion forum for each project + general discussion on IRC http://www.divxfinland.org/index.html

25. On the tools Aegisub: for getting a more accurate time for the subtitles. You can open the video file as an audio file.You can check the exact moment that someone starts to talk. Subtitle workshop: for writing the translation and adjusting the time. Error check system- there are subtitles parameters. Before sending the subtitles you have to do this check (too long or too short, or extra spaces). Aegisub + Subtitle workshop

26. On the tools Suggestions Integrate dictionaries.They copy and paste the subtitles ready in a Word file to check the spelling. The audio wave is not in Subtitle workshop software and it could be included. A red line to see where the subtitle starts is a key thing. Structure of the sites: personal pages, archives, discussion forums and guidelines. Aegisub + Subtitle workshop

27. On Fansubbing FromtheAnimeFansubdocumentary Provides a twist on the discussion on intelectual property, peer to peer distribution and noncommercial appropriation of digital content. Motives: demand for high-quality localized content, a desire to contribute to the international fandom, and opportunities for learning, being up-dated, and for recognition. ”All fansubbers bring to their work multiple motivations that are altruistic, personal, and social in nature” Mizuko Ito, 2012

28. On Fansubbing FromtheAnimeFansubdocumentary ”Sharing economies and amateur production foreground incentives and motivations that center on learning, self actualization, and reputation rather than financial rewards” ”Fansubbing aroise to fill an unmet consumer demand not being served by commercial industries” ”Fan culture begins with the love of professional media content”. Strong desire to support animé industry. Mizuko Ito, 2012

29. On Leechers Leeching (downloading and viewing fansubs). ”Leechers and fansubbers alike acknowledge that high quality fansubs are more accurate, better executed, and truer to the original Japanese source. ” Mizuko Ito. FromtheAnimeFansubdocumentary

30. On Leechers Contributors and leechers are two co-dependent groups. They justified their leeching because of the ineffectiveness of professional localization efforts, or because of their lack of financial resources to get the episodes. Mizuko Ito. FromtheAnimeFansubdocumentary

31. Hybrid Public Culture As a way of arguing for an enriching public life that values diverse forms of contribution. Mizuko Ito. FromtheAnimeFansubdocumentary

32. Collaboration? http://about.amara.org/volunteer/

33. http://www.ted.com/OpenTranslationProject

34. http://translations.ted.org/wiki/Main_Page On the guidelines

35. Future steps CC by dalbera in Flickr

36. References •  Kallio, Markus Oskari (2012) The effects of broken subtitles norms on the quality of subtitles .A reception study •  Mäntylä,Teemu (2010). Piracy or productivity. Unlawful practices in Animé Fansubbing.Aalto University •  Polso, Mervi (2013).Amateur Subtitling in Finland.A Grounded Theory Study. MA Thesis, University of Turku •  Fandom Unbound: Otaku Culture in a connected world. Editors: Ito, Okabe and Tsuji.Yale University Press, London. More on amateur translation Interview with a fansubber: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/feature/2008-03-11 DivX Finland •  http://www.divxfinland.org/index.html Collaborative translation patterns http://collaborative-translation-patterns.wiki4us.com/tiki-index.php

37. Software Aegisub: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aegisub Software use for fansubbing in various languages Sub Station Alpha (commonly referred to as SSA) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SubStation_Alpha#Software_support Sabbu: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sabbu Amara: http://www.amara.org/en/ JacoSub: http://unicorn.us.com/jacosub/ For delivering subtitles: http://www.bittorrent.com/

38. Thanks!!! mariana.salgado@aalto.fi

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