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Published on January 29, 2008

Author: Paolina


Living the Feeling Soul:  Living the Feeling Soul Mark Linden O’Meara, M.Ed. Living the Feeling Soul:  Living the Feeling Soul Do thoughts really create emotion? What is hope? How can you help clients tap into synchronicity in their healing process? Why is confusion a necessary part of growth? Learn how to instill hope Challenging clients to go beyond their beliefs. Nature or Nurture….:  Nature or Nurture…. Fundamental Problem with the question…. What’s missing? - Self Responsibility! The Seven Layers of Being:  The Seven Layers of Being Higher Self Presenting Self Personal History & Choices Beliefs Culture & Geography Personality Type Individual Physical Characteristics Genetics Culture:  Culture You’re wife is cute as a fox! I’m hungry, want to eat some tofu? Oh, by the way I bought you this green hat! In China that would mean… you just insulted your friends wife, you like taking advantage of women, and your wife is fooling around on you! Synchronicity! Yuan Fen! :  Synchronicity! Yuan Fen! Double click the picture to run video and hear sound! What was synchronistic about that? :  What was synchronistic about that? Friend needing medicine from Kunming! Being lent a DVD camera! Friends asking me if I had been to Shangrila! Getting to Lijiang and finding my tour guide cancels and hotel info incorrect! Getting the last room at 9pm at night! Finding another tour – last space available! Taking the longer walk with new found friends! Clouds disappeared about 3 minutes later! What is synchronicity?:  What is synchronicity? Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events which occur in a meaningful manner, but which are causally inexplicable to the person or persons experiencing them. -Wikipedia Synchronicity:  Synchronicity Alice in Wonderland: "It's a poor sort of memory that only works backwards". Events that happen which appear at first to be coincidence but are later found to be causally related are termed incoincident. Read “The Gift of Fear” – by Gavin De Becker! Many synchronistic events can be explained. What is Synchronicity?:  What is Synchronicity? It is like looking for money…. It is like looking for a relationship… You find it when you aren’t looking! Common mistakes… It may not be obvious. The time lag may be much longer. Misinterpretation of meaning. Its supposed to feel positive. Looking for synchronicity – it finds you! How to Open Up to Synchronicity:  How to Open Up to Synchronicity Be humble and open to a power greater than your self. Let go of controlling your life. Have goals but be flexible. A simple prayer: “I lay my life at your alter. Do with it as you wish.” Sometimes the best thing to do is to Give up! It can lead you to your calling. Hope….:  Hope…. Hope is a choice that can be made at any moment in time. There is always hope, you must look for it! A correction in your thoughts. Types of Hope:  Types of Hope Daily hope Goal oriented Long term hope False or high risk hope Phoenix hope Instilling Hope:  Instilling Hope Creating a desire to have positive thoughts. Renew hope as your choice. Finding inspiration. Visualizing a compelling future. Recalling uplifting memories. Watching/Reading inspiring movies or books. Choice of music. Daily reminders… Do thoughts create emotions?:  Do thoughts create emotions? Where did this theory come from? Philosophers? Psychologists… Now it’s a cliché… Modern science gives other evidence. MRI scans Blood flow when emotional Emotional reaction comes first to images Over 70 chemicals and hormones in tears What Impacts Emotions? Mood?:  What Impacts Emotions? Mood? Optimism and hope Image of the future Image of the past Beliefs about ability to cope Self-talk Relationships Health Spirituality Stages of challenging a belief….:  Stages of challenging a belief…. An intuitive sense, a flash of insight. Feeling threatened. Confusion and ambiguity. Envisioning a new idea or way of acting. Application of the belief. Testing the belief. Acceptance and affirmation of the belief. Re-testing the belief. Affirmation that the old belief was incorrect but served its purpose. Bonus Slide – The Stages of Forgiveness:  Bonus Slide – The Stages of Forgiveness Admit You Are Angry! Acknowledge the Loss and Consequences Submit to a Feeling of Vulnerability Stop Punishing Identify Some Good in the Other Person Develop Genuine Neutrality Stay in the Present The Last Emperor:  The Last Emperor Runqi Gobulo…. 94 years old Imprisoned Lost his home Loss of status But still happy… why? Daily Practice of…:  Daily Practice of… Doing something good for someone each day Train your mind to think good happy thoughts Believe in yourself. Don’t create worry … the future will take care of itself Summary:  Summary Develop a more complete model of being. Hope is a choice! Remind your clients of this! Find out what your client is reading! Challenge cliches... Was or wasn’t meant to be It was synchronistic What did I do to bring this on Thoughts create emotions It should be easy once I’m on my path Keeping a sense of balance Change can happen when you least expect it! Don’t look for synchronicity… it finds you!

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