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Published on April 14, 2008

Author: Ulisse

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3rd Grade History & Art 11-28-05:  3rd Grade History & Art 11-28-05 EDUC 462 Dr. Coffman Michelle Devey mqd5025@psu.edu WELCOME TO THE OLYMPICS!:  WELCOME TO THE OLYMPICS! Ms. Devey’s 3rd Grade Class The Olympic Games:  The Olympic Games The upcoming games in Italy will promote the Olympic spirit as well as feature athletes from all over the world. The Olympic Games promote peace and universal moral values. The Olympic Games:  The Olympic Games The Olympic games symbolize peace and unity. Symbolism means representation. There is symbolism everywhere… The Olympic Games:  The Olympic Games In the Ancient Games, the winners received a wreath made of Olive branches. The Olive branch symbolizes peace. The Olive tree was considered sacred. The Olympic Games:  The Olympic Games Each ring represents a region of the world: Europe, Asia, Australia, the Americas and Africa Each ring is connected to its neighbor to symbolize the friendship of the Olympic Games. Past Olympic Emblems:  Past Olympic Emblems Each Olympic Games has a host city. Each city creates an emblem that represents it. These are past Olympic Game emblems. The Olympic Games:  The Olympic Games Meet the Olympic Mascots From Their Hosting Countries…:  Meet the Olympic Mascots From Their Hosting Countries… Turin 2006 Athens 2004 Salt Lake City 2002 Sydney 2000 Turin 2006:  Turin 2006 Turin 2006:  Turin 2006 Meet Neve and Gliz from Italy Neve is a gentle, sweet snowball Gliz is a lively playful, ice cube Turin 2006:  Turin 2006 Neve and Gliz are the symbolic characters of the XX Olympic Games. They compliment each other and are the essence of winter sports. Turin 2006:  Turin 2006 Neve and Gliz were created by Pedro Albuquerque in 2003. He was inspired by his passion for water and the amazing shapes it transforms into. Turin 2006:  Turin 2006 "Neve" and "Gliz" reflect the spirit of the Italian Olympic event: passion, enthusiasm, culture, elegance, and love of the environment and of sport. They are the symbol of a young generation that is full of life and energy. Athens 2004:  Athens 2004 Athens 2004:  Athens 2004 Meet Athena and Phevos from Greece! They are brother and sister of modern times Athens 2004:  Athens 2004 They were designed after an ancient Greek doll Their names are linked to Ancient Greece and are the names of two Olympian gods. Athens 2004:  Athens 2004 Phevos, the god of light and music, also known as Apollo. Athena – goddess of wisdom and patron of the city. She represents and link between Greek history and the modern Olympic Games. Salt Lake City 2002:  Salt Lake City 2002 Salt Lake City 2002:  Salt Lake City 2002 Meet…Powder, Copper and Coal from Utah. Salt Lake City 2002:  Salt Lake City 2002 These mascots reflect the Olympic motto “Citius, Altius Fortius” which means Faster, Higher, Stronger. Salt Lake City 2002:  Salt Lake City 2002 These animals were chosen to symbolize the Olympic motto. Powder – snowshoe hare = faster Copper – coyote = higher Coal – American black bear = stronger Sydney 2000:  Sydney 2000 Sydney 2000:  Sydney 2000 Meet Olly, Syd and Millie from Austraila. Good day mates! Sydney 2000:  Sydney 2000 These animals are native to Australia. They represent earth, air and water Sydney 2000:  Sydney 2000 Olly – kookaberra – represents the Olympic spirit of generosity Syd – platypus – represents the environment , people and energy of the Australia Millie – echidna – information wizard Vancouver 2010:  Vancouver 2010 The next winter Olympics will be held in Vancouver. Vancouver is located in the southwest corner of Canada, next to the Pacific Ocean. Vancouver 2010:  Vancouver 2010 Vancouver is one of the world’s impressive cities and premier sports destinations Vancouver 2010:  Vancouver 2010 Vancouver is in the process of building the Olympic village. It will be very large and able to hold 2,800 athletes, coaches and officials. Slide30:  City of Vancouver Mission: To create a great city of communities which cares about its people, its environment and the opportunities to live, work and prosper. Now…create your own mascot for Vancouver. Bibliography:  Bibliography http://www.olympic.org/uk/index_uk.asp http://vancouver.ca/ Pictures from clip art and google.com

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