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Published on March 13, 2008

Author: Jeremiah

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Slide2:  Overview who are we? who’s behind us? what is our vision? what is Rezidor SAS? where can you find us? why choose us? our performance our guests our key partners our people who are we?:  who are we? Slide4:  Rezidor SAS historical highlights First First hotel opened in Copenhagen: SAS Royal Hotel SAS International Hotels (SIH) 10 hotels in Norway, Denmark, Sweden SIH enters into partnership with Carlson Hospitality Worldwide and creates Radisson SAS Rezidor SAS is born Country Inn, Park Inn and Regent join the portfolio Addition of a 5th brand: Cerruti More than 200 hotels - open/in development 1960 1978 1994 2000 2002 2003 who’s behind us?:  who’s behind us? Slide6:  Rezidor SAS is a wholly owned subsidiary of the SAS Group One of the largest airlines in Europe A member of Star Alliance SAS EuroBonus frequent flyer programme SAS Group Star Alliance Members Slide7:  A Strategic Alliance Master franchise agreement with Carlson Hospitality Worldwide, a global leader in hospitality services With Rezidor SAS, encompasses more than 1000 hotels in 67 countries what is our vision?:  what is our vision? Slide9:  Our vision is to become one of the leading international hospitality management companies, with a focused collection of high performing, profitable brands in various market segments. Our target: 700 hotels by 2012! We will have the most attractive hotels to stay at, work for and invest in. what is Rezidor SAS?:  what is Rezidor SAS? Slide11:  a portfolio of great brands Slide12:  a comfortable stay at a comfortable price Cosy mid market hotel brand offering excellent value for money Charm of small, family hotels that reflect the comforts of home Warm and cosy fireplaces in the foyer, comfortable seating areas, relaxing rooms and suites Country culture Slide13:  sleep well. live well. Highly efficient, fresh and energetic mid market hotel brand Mastering the essentials - ambition to be best in class Warm and casual service, spotlessly clean, easy to use, safe and fun Aim to provide, quite simply, the “Best Sleep in Town” Slide14:  100% satisfaction guaranteed First class, full service hotels, with core in four star-plus market Individual by design, consistent by standard, highly equipped and individual by choice Fresh, Host & Easy hospitality with a ‘Yes I Can!’ spirit 100% Guest Satisfaction Guarantee Meetings & Events promises Slide15:  stay in style New lifestyle brand - a new hotel experience Collection of individually designed hotels with a great sense of style Contemporary, sensuous rooms, high profile bars & restaurants, boardrooms and fitness facilities or spa ‘Cerruti people’ - hand picked, hand coached and some Slide16:  luxury for all the senses Deluxe five star hospitality legend, delivering supreme luxury for the spirit and all the senses Architectural excellence, complete comfort, absolute service The TAO of Regent: To serve others is to serve oneself To hear without being told To see without being shown To know without being asked Slide17:  market positioning full service where can you find us?:  where can you find us? Europe. Middle East & Africa :  Europe. Middle East & Africa ARCACHON ORANGE LYON MACON NANCY AIX-LES-BAINS ROME Slide20:  Radisson SAS Plaza Hotel Number of rooms: 673 Total number of rooms in the city: 1,140 Oslo Slide21:  Helsinki Radisson SAS Plaza Hotel Number of rooms: 301 Total number of rooms in the city: 927 Slide22:  Berlin Radisson SAS Hotel Number of Rooms: 427 Total number of rooms in the city: 1,433 Park Inn Berlin-Alexanderplatz Number of Rooms: 1,006 Slide23:  Cologne Radisson SAS Hotel Number of rooms: 393 Slide24:  Fleesensee Radisson SAS Resort Schloss Fleesensee Number of rooms: 184 Slide25:  Vienna Radisson SAS Palais Hotel Number of rooms: 247 Slide26:  Prague Radisson SAS Alcron Hotel Number of rooms: 211 Slide27:  Warsaw Radisson SAS Centrum Hotel Number of rooms: 311 Slide28:  St. Petersburg Radisson SAS Royal Hotel Number of rooms: 164 Slide29:  Bratislava Radisson SAS Carlton Hotel Number of rooms: 168 Slide30:  Regent Esplanade Zagreb Number of rooms: 209 Zagreb Slide31:  Radisson SAS Hotel Number of rooms: 243 Total number of rooms in the city: 522 Amsterdam Slide32:  Radisson SAS Hotel Number of rooms: 170 Brussels Slide33:  Paris Radisson SAS Champs Elysees Number of Rooms: 46 Total number of rooms in the city: 226 Country Inn Charles De Gaulle Number of Rooms: 180 Slide34:  Radisson SAS Bay Point Resort, St. Julian’s Number of rooms: 252 Malta Slide35:  London Radisson SAS Portman Hotel Number of Rooms: 272 Total number of rooms in the city: 354 Country Inn London Kensington Number of Rooms: 82 Slide36:  Liverpool Radisson SAS Hotel Number of rooms: 197 Slide37:  Cape Town Radisson SAS Hotel Waterfront Number of Rooms: 182 Total number of rooms in the city: 350 Park Inn Greenmarket Square Number of Rooms: 170 Slide38:  coming soon Slide39:  Bordeaux Radisson SAS Grand Hotel Number of rooms: 150 OPENING MAY 2005 Slide40:  Frankfurt Radisson SAS Hotel Number of rooms: 440 OPENING END 2005 Slide41:  Vienna Hotel Cerruti Number of rooms: 75 OPENING AUTUMN 2004 Slide42:  Dubai Projects for 2 Radisson SAS Hotels PALM ISLAND 1 2 1 2 Slide43:  Birmingham Radisson SAS Hotel Number of rooms: 208 OPENING JUNE 2005 Slide44:  Marseille Radisson SAS Hotel Number of rooms: 195 OPENING END 2005 Slide45:  Malta Radisson SAS Golden Sands Resort & Spa Number of rooms: 300 OPENING MID 2005 Slide46:  Paris Radisson SAS Porte St. Cloud Number of rooms: 170 OPENING JUNE 2005 why choose us?:  why choose us? Slide48:  why choose us? Rezidor SAS has one of the newest property portfolios in the mid market to upscale market and opened over 20 newly built hotels in 2003/2004 Rezidor SAS has the 2nd largest European coverage, with hotels present in 25 countries Radisson SAS is the second largest international 4 star hotel brand in Europe Radisson SAS is number one in brand awareness across all Nordic countries Slide49:  why choose us? All staff members are trained on the ‘Yes I Can!’ service attitude Rezidor SAS has one of the most innovative loyalty programmes: Gold Points A hospitality company that spends the most time on Responsible Business An entrepreneurial organisation with a hands-on-approach, a policy of accessibility and a desire to make things happen - a true people company our performance:  our performance Slide51:  Rezidor SAS growth Slide52:  Rezidor SAS revenue (MEUR) 400 Slide53:  Awards - a few of many… Kurt Ritter, President and CEO, Rezidor SAS Hospitality receives: - International Hotel Investment Forum Lifetime Achievement Award - March 2004 - Corporate Hotelier of the World 2002 - Hotels November 2002 Rezidor SAS Hospitality received the Best Company Award - UK Hotel Report Rezidor SAS received BI Partners in Success Most Pro-active Supplier Award Radisson SAS Hotels & Resorts was voted Best Hotel Chain in Norway, Denmark and Sweden (by the Grand Travel Awards and the Danish Travel awards) our guests:  our guests Slide55:  where do they come from? Southern Europe Rest of World USA UK Germany Nordics Middle East Far East Rest of Europe 35% 3% 15% 4% 6% 8% 12% 8% 9% in room nights (2003) Slide56:  do they go abroad? Slide57:  what is our client mix? Business Individuals 33% Leisure Individuals 25% Business Groups 17% Leisure Groups 10% Crew 10% Rack Rate 5% our key partners:  our key partners Slide59:  corporate leisure our people:  our people Slide61:  9 global sales offices, 60 sales people …all dedicated to you! Slide62:  global sales coverage 2004 8 13 6 10 1 4 1 1 1 2 9 1 3 US 60 total ME Slide63:  … a true people company ! Rezidor SAS Hospitality, one of the most dynamic Hospitality group in the World 2004 - 2005 Hotel Industry Trend:  Olivier Jacquin Senior Vice-President Sales Rezidor SAS Hospitality Rezidor SAS Hospitality, one of the most dynamic Hospitality group in the World 2004 - 2005 Hotel Industry Trend Travel Industry Economics:  Travel Industry Economics - The European travel industry faces a downturn due to the degraded economic situation in most European countries as well as the effects of global events such as 9/11, Iraq war, terrorist threats and the SARS crisis. - Low US outbound travel (i.e. due to very high USD / EURO exchange rate) weakened the industry. General drop in 2003’s RevPar of 3.5% in the European chain hotel industry towards 2002.[1] Conference hotels and Airport hotels faced the largest drop in RevPar towards 2002.[2] [1] MKG Consulting, Marketing, Trends and Strategies of the hotel industry in Europe, 2004 [2] MKG Consulting, Marketing, Trends and Strategies of the hotel industry in Europe, 2004 Travel Industry Economics:  - EU enlargement on 1 May 2004 is projected to encourage intra-European travel; more demand for higher quality hotels in Eastern European countries. - General 2003 results of tourism arrivals and hotel performances reveal that Western Europe was generally harder hit by impacts of global events and the economic situation than Southern Europe. Travel Industry Economics Hotel market - Hotel supply:  Hotel market - Hotel supply According to the WTO, Europe holds more than one third of the worldwide hotel supply. 7 of 15 largest countries in the world regarding the total number of rooms are EU-based. The EU’s hotel supply equals 140,130 hotels, with 4,662,740 rooms.[1] - Largest hotel supply (in terms of rooms) provided by Italy, Germany and France. Regarding the 10 new accession countries: Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary provide the largest rooms supply. - Corporate hotel chains are widely spread in the EU, of which France holds the largest market share with 24.1%, followed by the UK (18.6%) and Germany (15.9%). Regarding the new accession countries, Poland holds a share of 1.7%, Hungary of 1.2%.[2] [1] MKG Consulting, Marketing, Trends and Strategies of the hotel industry in Europe, 2004 [2] MKG Consulting, Marketing, Trends and Strategies of the hotel industry in Europe, 2004 Slide68:  Within Europe, Germany and France provide the most highly developed hotel supply, regarding quality standards. - In 2003, the fasted growing hotel companies in Europe have been Rezidor SAS, Méridien, Whitbread, Marriott, Dorint and Accor. - Major global hotel companies set the general lead regarding hotel expansion within Europe, mainly achieved through strategic alliances, re-branding and acquisitions. In 2003, expansion of branded hotel rooms most widely took place in Poland, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Austria and the UK. Hotel market - Hotel supply Our Position in Europe:  Our Position in Europe Radisson SAS is the second largest International 4 star Hotel Brand in Europe Hilton 30.911 rooms Radisson SAS 25.633 rooms Sofitel 16.510 rooms Marriott 15.490 rooms Meridien 13.271 rooms Source: MKG, March 2003 Radisson SAS has the second largest country coverage in Europe Best Western 31 Countries Radisson SAS 25 Countries Holiday Inn 24 Countries Hilton 21 Countries Sheraton 20 Countries Source: Travel Research International – Hotel Sector 2003 Hotel market - Hotel demand:  Hotel market - Hotel demand For the past years, occupancy rates decreased widely across different countries and regions in Europe. While levels above 70% were reached in 2000, the level has dropped to 65% and below by 2003. - Best occupancy results were achieved in the cities Dublin/Ireland, Amsterdam/ the Netherlands, Naples/Italy and Belfast/UK. - The largest drop in occupancy rates in 2003 (in comparison to 2002) has been experienced in the regions Cote d’Azur/France (-7.6%), Paris/France (-7.8%), Salzburg/Austria (-3.7%).[1] [1] Deloitte & Touche, 2004 Slide71:  Especially the up-market segment, being rather sensitive to the economic situation and dependent on international travel, saw the largest drop in occupancy levels. In contrary to previous years, in 2003, the industry recorded a first drop in AHR in up-market segments. Across the entire EU, the ARR fell by 1.7%.[1] [1] MKG Consulting, Marketing, Trends and Strategies of the hotel industry in Europe, 2004 Hotel market - Hotel demand European Hotel Market Cycle 2003 and 2004:  Deloitte & Touche, Jones Lang LaSalle European Hotel Market Cycle 2003 and 2004 Slide73:  Thank You

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