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Published on February 7, 2008

Author: Miranda

Source: authorstream.com

Slide1:  Example: Olap Usage of an Automobile Marketer Slide2:  Example: The Multidimensional Database Used Sales Volumes Blue Red White Van Coupe Sedan Miller Clyde Smith COLOR DEALERSHIP MOD E L Slide3:  OLAP Features: “Dicing“ - Ranging of Data Sales Volumes Blue Red White Van Coupe Sedan Miller Clyde Smith COLOR DEALERSHIP MOD E L Color: Blue and White Model: Coupe only Dealership: Clyde only Choosing a range out of each dimension: Slide4:  OLAP Features: “Slicing“ - Rotation of Data Sales Volumes Blue Red White Van Coupe Sedan COLOR MOD E L Different Users will require different views (cross tables or “slices“) of the multidimensional cube – OLAP allows easy rotation of data Slide5:  OLAP Features: Drill-Down and Roll-Up Data can be disaggregated and aggregated along a dimension according to their natural hierarchy Drill-Down Roll-Up State Region Dealership Miller Smith Clyde Lucas Gleason Atlanta Athens Georgia Sales Volumes by Organization Dimension - three level hierarchy -

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