Oil Scenario Vulnerability

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Published on February 17, 2009

Author: seagor

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Oil model price shock model for estimating the impacts on purchasing power of various global events.

Oil Price Shock Scenarios

This map shows the baseline vulnerability index for the model, a metric based on the ratio of foreign oil dependency to domestic oil stocks. The higher the value, the greater the vulnerability to import shocks.

In the event of a Russian invasion of the Ukraine, Europe would take the hardest hit in reduction of purchasing power. The Netherlands, Belgium, and Sweden are particularly hard hit

A loss of Iranian oil would have the largest impact on purchasing power in South East Asia, particularly in Japan.

Large reductions in purchasing power from a stoppage of Venezuelan oil is most strongly felt in the Caribbean, Central and South America.

A price shock to Nigerian oil is felt throughout the global market, but most significantly in the Caribbean, the Netherlands, Sweden, and China

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