Oi! Do you want to learn some cool words in Portuguese?

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Information about Oi! Do you want to learn some cool words in Portuguese?

Published on March 7, 2014

Author: lidialbuquerque



We can teach you how to say essential phrases in Portuguese and you will be ready to go to Brazil super fast!


© 2012 BRIC LANGUAGES VAMOS FALAR PORTUGUÊS! ARE YOU READY FOR YOUR FIRST LESSON? • We would like to start by introducing you to some greetings in Portuguese. As you may know, Portuguese is very melodic and soft- sounding, the language of samba and bossa nova.

© 2012 BRIC LANGUAGES LESSON OF THE DAY – GREETINGS Bom dia, boa tarde ou boa noite! Welcome to your lesson. VAMOS LÁ!

© 2012 BRIC LANGUAGES GREETINGS – CUMPRIMENTOS E SAUDAÇÕES O nascer do sol O pôr-do-sol Bom dia – Good morning Boa tarde – Good afternoon Boa noite - Good evening / Good night Tenha um bom dia – Have a nice day Tenha uma boa tarde – Have a nice afternoon Tenha uma boa noite – Have a nice evening Oi – Hi (casual) Olá – Hi, hello (casual) Alô – hello (usually on the telephone) Let’s start our lesson with some greetings you can start using right away:

© 2012 BRIC LANGUAGES Até logo – See you soon Até amanhã – See you tomorrow Até mais – See you then (casual) Tchau – Bye (casual) Adeus – Good bye, farewell (formal) Desculpe– Sorry Com licença – Excuse me Por favor – Please Obrigado/Obrigada – Thank you De nada – You are welcome GREEETINGS – CUMPRIMENTOS E SAUDAÇÕES

© 2012 BRIC LANGUAGES É A SUA VEZ! NOW IT’S YOUR TURN! Use some the greetings you have just learned: You are leaving home. What do you say? I say… O que você diz? Eu digo “até logo” 1. You have just arrived at work 2. A friend helped you with a task 3. A colleague thanks you for a favor 4. You are asking someone for a favor 5. You meet a friend 6. You are leaving the office 7. You accidentally step in someone’s feet 8. You are going to bed Obrigado by jvc ( [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


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