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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: OFG_Adquisiciones_Ingenieria

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OFG is a telecommunication services company, working for vendors and operators for more than 16 years.


ABOUT US OFG is an international company with more than 16 years of experience in the telecommunications sector. We deliver integrated solutions to satisfy the needs of our clients, mainly network operators and telecom equipment vendors. VISION & MISSION Our vision is to become a reference as the preferred partner in the telecommunications industry, serving our customers and helping them make the world a better connected place. We intend to provide our clients with the best quality services on every step of wireless and fixed-line network deployment, from site location and acquisition, to design, construction, installation & commissioning maintenance and consulting. We believe that knowledge and skills are the key to success. Our team is formed by highly experienced and qualified professionals, who are our most valuable resource.

INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE OFG is an international company based in Spain, operating in Europe (Belgium, Netherlands, Spain) and Latin America (Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Mexico and Chile). OFG IN THE WORLD

HUMAN RESOURCES HUMAN VALUE OFG is formed by a highly skilled and motivated young staff covering a broad range of disciplines: • • • • • • • • Engineers. Business and Law professionals. Computer and Electrical technicians. Occupational Safety & Health specialists. Quality and Environmental policies experts. CAD Technicians. Real State Agents. Property managers. EDUCATION 30% 70% University graduates Other

QUALITY, ENVIRONMENT AND H&S COMMITMENT TO QUALITY Our dedication to quality is a founding principle of our company. We hold the ISO 9001 certification by SGS and we work hard daily to comply with all standards to deliver the best results to the most demanding clients. ENVIRONMENT AND HEALTH & SAFETY We manage H&S through our in-house specialists in the field to achieve the best performance without taking unnecessary risks and providing our workers with all the safety measures needed. All our efforts are also focused on minimizing the impact of our work in the environment, and that is why we improve our processes to be a greener company every day. We hold the ISO 14001 certification granted by SGS.

FIGURES TURNOVER 20.000.000 € 15.000.000 € 10.000.000 € 5.000.000 € 0€ 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Thanks to our effort, dedication and international growth, we have ensured our position in the industry.


SERVICES Acquisition Engineering WIRED & WIRELESS NETWORKS We are specialised in all areas concerning network rollout, upgrading and optimisation for wired and wireless networks. Radio & Transmission Consulting Certification I&C FLM Fiber Optics

ACQUISITION Acquisition Engineering Consulting Certification Acquisition OFG CONSULTANTS can handle all the acquisition process, identifying appropriate locations, negotiating with landlords and seeking for planning approval with local authorities. Planning Consents We manage the procurement of planning consents, continually monitoring regulatory changes in order to always be up to date. We elaborate the required documentation and follow up during the administrative procedure. Lease Optimisation Renegotiating lease agreements in order to optimise the renting costs is also one of our services. We can obtain better agreement renewals, achieving a cost reduction and extending the deadlines. We also handle reductions of macro and micro sites. I&C Expropriation Whenever necessary, we contact the affected owners to be able to process, negotiate and publish compulsory purchase orders. FLM Private Property Access Permits Our acquisition department can manage road crossing permits, crossing permits for power lines and access to private properties.

ACQUISITION Acquisition Engineering Consulting RESULTS • More than 3,500 site acquisitions. • Average lease reduction of 20-30%. • opEX reduction on electrical generator set sites, achieving the investment amortisation over the first year. Certification I&C • 400 sites optimised in 3 months (involving analysis, inventory, decommissioning , contract negotiation and system upgrading). • Over 2,890 site planning consents obtained for all lead operators. • Collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA). FLM

ENGINEERING Acquisition Engineering Consulting Certification I&C FLM Design (Telecom and electrical projects) OFG manages site design, including construction drawings, photomontage, and environmental impact assessments. We deliver site re-engineering and structural analysis on existing locations. Implementation plans and construction completion certificates are carried out by our engineering team. Site surveys Our extensive experience on site surveys allows us to deliver detailed reports to perform supervision on existing sites and gather all the information needed for upgrades. Site Management We carry out base station commissioning within a time, quality and cost framework, and according to all regulatory compliance. Health & Safety H&S aspects are managed by our specialists, studying the initial requirements to elaborate a H&S plan that will be integrated and supervised in the project.

ENGINEERING Acquisition Engineering Consulting RESULTS • More than 3,200 site designs completed over the last 5 years. • More than 1,500 data digitalizations. Certification I&C FLM • Over 200 Km of fiber optic design.

CONSULTING Acquisition Engineering Consulting Network Design OFG provides engineering consulting services, with professionals specialised in RF design and planning, radio optimisation, transmission design and optimisation and FTTx design and planning. Supervision and Technical Assistance We can also deliver consulting services covering a broad range of activities: • Civil works supervision & implementation. • Operation and Maintenance and Remote integration support. • Digitalization and data processing. • Network Inventory and Catalogue. • Logistics, suppliers and purchasing management Certification Monitoring Outsourcing of the supervision of operating networks is possible with our consulting department, as well as the incident and alarm management. I&C Project Management OFG’s commitment to project management allows us to perform successfully every stage of multidisciplinary projects, providing: •Bidding Management, study of requirements. (RFIs, RFQs.) •Negotiation with Clients and Suppliers. •Outsourcing of Middle Management Positions. FLM

CONSULTING Acquisition • More than 70 Outsourcing Consultants. • More than 25 Objective Based Project Managers. Engineering Consulting Certification • More than 40 RND, RNP & RNO Experts. Supported technologies: GSM, DCS, UMTS, HSDPA+, HSUPA, TETRA, WIFI, WIMAX, TDT, SDH, PDH, FTTH (GPON, GEPON) RESULTS • More than 7,000 sites built in turnkey projects. • More than 4,000 swapped sites. I&C • More than 5,000 Network Solutions provided. • Over 7 years of experience in network outsourcing and development for all the leading operators and vendors. FLM

CERTIFICATION Acquisition Engineering EMR Certification OFG has certified thousands of sites to comply with national and European standards for exposure to electromagnetic fields (2004/40/CE, RD 1066/2001, CTE 23/2002). With our cutting-edge technology equipment and our skilled team, we can deliver accurate and professional results. Consulting Noise Emission Measurement Whether an official certification or an internal audit is needed, OFG provides noise emission reports on the required locations. Certification Drive Testing Our certification team can asses the coverage, capacity and Quality of Service of a mobile radio network. These reports serve to optimise the performance of wireless networks from rollout through expansion. I&C Project Management Office We have helped operators that have relied on us for document management and administrative procedures within public authorities. FLM Auditing OFG can perform internal audits, providing supervision on their documentation and work flows.

CERTIFICATION Acquisition Engineering Consulting RF Drive test Certification I&C RESULTS More than 40,000 EMR Certifications since 2001. • FLM • Internal and regulatory noise control campaigns for operators.

INSTALLATION & COMMISSIONING Acquisition Engineering Consulting Certification I&C FLM TELECOMMUNICATIONS OFG’s experienced professionals have been carrying out installation and commissioning work for the most demanding clients, being trained to install equipment from vendors like Huawei, Ericsson, ZTE, Nokia, Motorola... • Radio systems BTS equipment from all suppliers and technologies. Radiating systems. • Fiber Optic Networks GPON, GEPON, Active Ethernet. • Terrestrial and satellite transmission systems PDH, SDH, IP, DWDM, ADMs. • Structured cabling networks Ethernet, coaxial, CCTv. ELECTRICITY • Low Voltage: Cabling and electrical panel installation. • Medium/ High voltage: 15Kv lines and electrical transformers. BASE STATION CONSTRUCTION. CIVIL WORKS

INSTALLATION & COMMISSIONING Acquisition Engineering Consulting Certification I&C RADIO SYSTEMS Our broad experience in the field allows us to provide radio systems implementation and upgrading, including BTS, transmission and radiating systems, involving: •Swapping out and upgrading •Equipment integration •Decommissioning •Front Line Maintenance Resources: 60 x Implementation specialists 20 x Maintenance teams In-house equipment Certified by all operators and vendors More than 1.000 works per year for: FLM

INSTALLATION & COMMISSIONING Acquisition Engineering Consulting Certification I&C FIBER OPTIC NETWOKS We can undertake fiber optic network installations offering: •Design and engineering •Handling of permits and access to sites •Backbone and fiber trunk laying •Horizontal cable laying •Fusion splicing and termination •Rack set up and fiber optic distribution •Microscopic testing •Optical power measurement •Certification •Reflectometric analysis More than 200 works for: FLM Our resources: 3 x Fusion Splicer Fujikura FSM-50S 3 x Fluke OTDR OptiFiber 6 x Teams for fiber cable laying 9 x FO splicing specialists

INSTALLATION & COMMISSIONING Acquisition Engineering Consulting POWER LINES We have wide experience in power lines integral management, either in Low, Medium, High Voltage and Fiber Optics. We cover all stages of the process, from design, construction, O&M and support to utilities. Our services in this area include: •Design, Construction, Implementation and O&M of LV/MV power lines. (private clients or utilities) •Support services Certification (utilities) •Residential or Industrial installations. I&C More than 250 turnkey projects for: FLM

INSTALLATION & COMMISSIONING Acquisition • More than 1,800 BTS integrated. • More than 4,000 radio links installed in the last 2 years. • Over 250 migrated equipments in 8 weeks. Engineering • More than 15 Km of MV power lines completed. • More than 250 electrical transformers implemented. Consulting • More than 200 km of F.O. deployed. • 50 equipment SWAPs per week. Certification I&C • 30 macro sites completed per week. RESULTS CERTIFIED BY ALL OPERATORS AND MAIN VENDORS FLM

FRONT LINE MAINTENANCE Acquisition Engineering Consulting Certification I&C FLM FIRST LINE MAINTENANCE OFG provides network support and maintenance for telecommunication systems and infrastructures to operators. Network Support: Our FLM teams, available according to geographical areas, work 24/7 to solve every emergency that may arise within a 4-hour period. Network Maintenance: Preventive maintenance on infrastructure and telecom systems is key to the network’s performance. OFG delivers scheduled maintenance to prevent future incidences.

REFERENCES. OUR MAIN CLIENTS Acquisition Engineering Consulting Certification I&C FLM

THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION www.ofgsa.com | T: +34 957 322 292 | F: +34 957 322 599 SPAIN: Pol. Ind. “Las Quemadas” C/ Esteban de Cabrera, Parcela 84, Nave 25. 14014 Córdoba CEO Managing Director Int. B. Development Rafael Fuertes Gimeno José J. Vidal de Torres Romero Alba Moral Millán rfuertes@ofg.es jjvitoro@ofg.es amoral@ofgsa.com +34 658831360 +34 658831391 +34 655302503 Acquisitions Consulting Engineering Certification I&C Fixed-line I&C Antonio Valle Troyano Rafael Algarra Álvarez José Antonio Álvarez Antonio López Lora Rafael Guillena Salvador Sergio Ceresuela Ràfales tvallez@ofg.es ralgarra@ofg.es jalvarez@ofg.es alopez@ofg.es rguillena@ofg.es sceresuela@ofg.es +34 658831321 +34 658831374 +34 658831378 +34 658831356 +34 658831379 +34 667167936 PANAMÁ: 106M Plaza Aventura Business Center, Via Ricardo J. Alfaro (El Dorado), Panamá City MD - Panamá: Int. Manager (Central America): Jonay Reboso Méndez jreboso@ofgsa.com +507 62665810 Antonio Montero de Ahumada amahumada@ofgsa.com+34 658831311

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