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Published on October 29, 2007

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Slide1:  State of California Governor’s Office of Homeland Security Training and Exercise Program Major Chuck Pratt Deputy Director HSEEP Slide2:  UASI Cities (in Overlay Areas) Washington DC Jersey City, NJ Newark, NJ New York, NY Buffalo, NY Philadelphia, PA Pittsburg, PA Boston, MA State of California Overlay onto the East Coast Slide3:  San Diego Los Angeles Santa Ana Oakland San Francisco Sacramento Anaheim San Jose Long Beach California’s Administrative Regions and UASI Cities Southern Region Our State Homeland Security Challenge:  Our State Homeland Security Challenge California’s Scope and Size: 36,144,267 Population 163,696 Square Miles 840 Miles of Coastline 35 Ports and Harbors 5th Largest Economy in the World 259-1500 Critical Infrastructure Sites Our State Homeland Security Challenge:  Our State Homeland Security Challenge Provide exercise and training support: 58 Counties 9 Urban Area Security Initiative Cities 6 Mass transit systems 5 Major Sea Ports Over 3,400 Government Agencies Over 650,000 first responders California Homeland Security Training and Exercise Program:  California Homeland Security Training and Exercise Program The California Military Department developed the program Proven experience and core competency in training and exercise programs HSTEP is a division of Governor’s Office of Homeland Security Slide7:  Training Support Section (WMD) Homeland Security Exercise & Evaluation Program (HSEEP) Resource Management Section Homeland Security Training & Exercise Program Homeland Security Directorate Organization Slide8:  Resources What equipment do you need to perform the mission? Mission What is your mission? Exercise Test to determine if training and equipment met the mission. Targets What is your critical infrastructure? After Action Reporting Critique and document the exercise. Corrective Improvement Plan Take corrective action to improve the system. Training What training do you need to perform the mission? Threat What is the hazard or vulnerability? Exercise Process Regulatory Requirements:  Regulatory Requirements Slide10:  State of California Governor’s Office of Homeland Security Homeland Security Training Support Program Major James Ayre Deputy Director Training Program Charter:  Training Program Charter Support California’s training efforts Course Development Training Accountability Training Guidance Resource Leveraging Federal Liaison Training Initiatives :  Training Initiatives Pilot Programs: Training Agri-terrorism (WIFSS) Public Information Officer Course (COCO) BIO-Terrorism Course (DHS) Course monitoring and auditing (ODP Pilot Program) Center of Domestics Preparedness (CDP) partnership Course development Streamline course approval process Slide13:  State of California Governor’s Office of Homeland Security Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program Major Charles Pratt Deputy Director HSEEP Mission:  HSEEP Mission Conduct the annual State exercise: Golden Guardian Functional Areas Large Stadium Initiative Ports Mass Transit Cyber COG/COOP Small Counties Agriculture Types of Exercises Seminars Workshops Drills Tabletop Functional Full Scale Why Should State Agencies Exercise?:  Why Should State Agencies Exercise? To evaluate the agency’s capability to execute one or more portions of their plan(s) in response to a terrorism event. Slide16:  The Emergency Services Act State agencies carry out activities assigned by the Governor Prepare for, respond to and mitigate effects of an emergency (disaster) State of California Emergency Plan Outlines State Agency Roles in Emergencies State Terrorism Plan Annex Government in Action Government in Action:  Government in Action Agency Administrative Orders Governor’s Exec. Order W-9-91 Expand and consolidate emergency assignments of agencies Agency Statutory Authorities Agency Emergency Management Plans Agency Continuity of Government and Continuity of Operations Plans (COG/COOP) Participating In GG: The Benefits:  Participating In GG: The Benefits Improve interagency coordination and communications Test and evaluate plans Reveal planning weaknesses Reveal gaps in resources Clarify role and responsibilities Train personnel in their roles Improve individual performance Gain program recognition and support of officials Satisfy regulatory requirements GG 2005 Participants - State Agencies and Partners :  GG 2005 Participants - State Agencies and Partners California Environmental Protection Agency- All Boards and Divisions California Department of Forestry Department Parks & Recreation Department of Fish & Game- OSPR Department of Fish & Game- Law Enforcement Department of Food and Agriculture Department of Water Resources California Utility Emergency ASSN Department of Transportation California Conservation Corps Department of Social Services Department of Veteran Affairs California Lottery Governor's Office of Emergency Services: SOC, Coastal REOC, Inland REOC and JIC Department of General Services Department of Personnel Administration Department of Rehabilitation Emergency Medical Services Authority Department of Health Services Department of Mental Health Youth Authority Highway Patrol Department of Justice Office of Homeland Security- Intelligence California Service Corps National Guard/Air National Guard Cal-OSHA Agency Commitment:  Agency Commitment Develop a Department Core Planning Team Lead Exercise Planner Operations Planner Public Affairs Planner Develop Agency Exercise Objectives Attend GG Meetings Be ENGAGED! Functional Area Initiatives (Like type industries, facilities and services):  Functional Area Initiatives (Like type industries, facilities and services) Workshop Seminar Tabletop Exercise Discover similar problems Develop solutions Identify training needs and conduct training Test Systems And Processes Cycle of Increasing Complexity:  Cycle of Increasing Complexity Seminars Workshops Tabletops Games Drills Functional Exercises Full Scale Exercises FS FE D G TT S W Planning/Training Capability The Disciplines in Homeland Security :  The Disciplines in Homeland Security Adopted by ODP Doctrine Elected Officials Fire Service Emergency Medical Services Law Enforcement HazMat Public Health Public Works Health and Hospitals Emergency Communications Agribusiness Other Disciplines Recognized Public Affairs Cyber/Information Technology Military Support to Civilian Authorities Energy/Water Terrorism Private Sector Non-Government Organizations The HSEEP Program Team:  The HSEEP Program Team Transportation/Public Works/Infrastructure Emergency Management Cyber Threat/Info Security Military Support Law Enforcement Fire/Haz Mat Public Health/Medical Ports Agribusiness Public Affairs WMD Exercises GOLDEN GUARDIAN 2004 Statewide WMD Exercise:  GOLDEN GUARDIAN 2004 Statewide WMD Exercise August 5-6, 2004 Slide26:  Golden Guardian 2004-Scope of Activity Within California TSA-OAK-Attempted hijacking; SFO-Insurgents in terminal. Ventura Co.-Train derailment chemical spill with MCI Port of LA/LB-RDD detonation San Diego-Intel tracking of RDD transport State Operations Center (OES) Regional Emergency Operations Center (REOC) (Coastal & Southern Region) Golden Guardian: 2005 :  Golden Guardian: 2005 Slide28:  Golden Guardian 2005 Scope of Activity Within California Inland Region: IED and Chemical Release within Sacramento Valley Area Coastal Region: IED at Port of Oakland Chemical Release State Operations Center (OES) Inland Region Emergency Operations Center (REOC) Coastal Region Emergency Operations Center (REOC) Golden Guardian 2005 Basic Scenario:  Golden Guardian 2005 Basic Scenario Multiple terrorist attacks in California Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) Chemical weapon Targets: Commercial facilities (Port) Critical infrastructure (Bridges, hospitals, rail yards) Large public gatherings Golden Guardian 2005:  Golden Guardian 2005 Eight counties Alameda, Contra Costa, Placer, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Yolo 4 UASI Cities participating Oakland, San Francisco, Sacramento, San Jose 9 Exercise Venues Over 128 agencies participating 3500 personnel participating Exercise play at the local, regional, state and federal levels Slide31:  GG Exercise Planning Process Develop Concept Initial Planning Conference Develop Scenario & MSELS Conduct Workshop Mid Term Planning Conference Tabletop Exercise Seminar Develop Exercise Objectives Governor And Cabinet Seminar Final Planning Conference GG Exercise Planning Process:  GG Exercise Planning Process After Action Report Full Scale Exercise State Agency Functional Exercise Recovery & Mitigation Tabletop Exercise Intelligence Agency Tabletop Exercise Process Improvement Concept For GG-06 Exercise Planning Workshop Initial Planning Conference GG-06 Golden Guardian: The Future 2005 and beyond:  Golden Guardian: The Future 2005 and beyond Slide34:  Golden Guardian 2006 Activity Within California State Operations Center (SOC) Inland Region Emergency Operations Center (REOC) Coastal Region Emergency Operations Center (REOC) Southern Regional Emergency Operations Center (REOC) Multiple Events in the State Operational Area Emergency Operation Centers and Local Providers Golden Guardian: The Future:  Golden Guardian: The Future Southern Region Slide36:  San Bernardino OA Los Angeles OA Orange OA Southern Region Golden Guardian: The Vision:  Golden Guardian: The Vision Golden Guardian Exercise An annual exercise Multi-agency and multi-jurisdictional Based on regulatory requirements and local/regional needs Focus on “Regional Response” Synergism:  Synergism “Synergism” of exercises across the State All responders working toward common goals and outcomes Consolidate efforts and avoid duplication Same “players” in multiple exercises Limited resources within agencies Personnel Time Funding Slide39:  What your agency puts into the planning and design of this exercise determines what your agency gets out of this exercise! Exercise Contacts:  Exercise Contacts Colonel Jack Hagan Director, HSTEP Cell: 916-267-7201 Email: Major Charles Pratt Deputy Director, HSEEP Cell: 916-826-6167 Email: Louis Palm Golden Guardian Lead Planner Cell: 571-237-9203 Email:

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