OET Writing Tips: Correct Uses of Articles

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Information about OET Writing Tips: Correct Uses of Articles

Published on July 23, 2018

Author: jroozoetreviewcenter

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slide 1: OET Writing Tips: Correct Uses of Articles The writing sub-test is the most challenging component of the Occupational English Test OET. For nurses and other medical practitioners reviewing for this English language assessment the convenient way to improve their writing skills is by enrolling in an OET review center. During your review classes instructors will provide writing techniques and strategies that can help boost your OET writing preparation. For instance one practical tip that you can apply in writing is learning how to use articles correctly. Articles are technically adjectives that define or refer to a noun. There are two types of articles: the definite article which is used to limit the meaning of a noun to one particular idea and the indefinite article which indicates that there is a general idea rather than a particular idea. “The” is a definite article while “a” and “an” are indefinite articles. To improve your writing skills you need to be able to slide 2: use these articles correctly as these can elevate the quality of your writing and help you ace the Occupational English Test OET. For nurses and other medical professionals here are five simple tips on how to use articles in writing: 1. Use articles before an adjective Articles modify nouns that are also modified by an adjective. Usually the word pattern that is commonly used in a sentence is article–adjective-noun. Definite: John is the tallest person in our class. Indefinite: Khryzlie is an unusual name for a girl. Paris is a beautiful city. 2. Use articles in countable nouns  Using indefinite articles depend on the first sound of a word. Incorrect: Joy is a honest person. Incorrect: You need to wear an uniform. Correct: Joy is an honest person. Correct: You need to wear a uniform.  Use a definite article when identifying a particular noun. Examples: The President will deliver his speech tonight. Where is the bathroom 3. Use a definite article in uncountable nouns “The” can also be used in uncountable nouns as it signals that a noun is certain. Examples: Eliza spilled the milk all over the floor. Neshi appreciates the teacher’s honesty. slide 3: 4. Use articles when referring to an idea that has already mentioned Most writers use “a” and “an” when mentioning something for the first time and changing it to “the” when it is clear what particular idea they are talking about. Examples: An unarmed man stole items from the gift shop. The thief hasn’t been caught yet. There’s a position available in my company. The job will involve some international travel. 5. Do not use articles with pronouns Articles and pronouns are both used to identify an item whether it is specified or not. Avoid using articles and pronouns together as these words can confuse your readers. Incorrect: Do you want to borrow my the book Correct: Do you want to borrow the book or Do you want to borrow my book Incorrect: The she loves to cook for her the family. Correct: She loves to cook for her family. or The girl loves to cook for her family. Now that you know how to use articles in writing start practicing it at home or in your Occupational English Test Philippines review classes. For more great writing tips and other review strategies check out our blog today

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