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Information about OER-at-AVU - DEMO

Published on March 7, 2014

Author: jwaciira

Source: authorstream.com

PowerPoint Presentation: OER@AVU DEMO http://oer.avu.org JAMES WACIIRA BEGINNING: BEGINNING Need for quality and contextualized academic content. 2005 – Development of Material 12 African Universities 146 Authors 10 Peer Reviewers (Anglophone, Francophone, Lusophone ) * http://oer.avu.org/about OUTCOME (1): OUTCOME (1) Two Hundred Nineteen (219) Modules. 73*3 Languages (English, French, Portuguese) Videos Introduction of Module Overview of Module Hosted on OER@AVU * http://oer.avu.org OUTCOME (2): OUTCOME (2) Available on other platforms SCRIBD (all the text material) http://www.scribd.com/AfricanVirtualUni YOUTUBE (all the videos developed for the modules) http://www.youtube.com/user/avuorg/videos Printed Booklets DVDs IMPACT (1): IMPACT (1) Over 2,000,000* accesses on our OER Material. *October 2013 Acclaim/Awards 2011 - Best Emerging Initiative 2012 - Most Progressive Resource 2013 - ACE Text-Based Award ( Outstanding Course/Text and Illustrations – Atomic Physics ) * http://www.avu.org/About-AVU/awards.html IMPACT (2): IMPACT (2) International Usage TECHNOLOGY: TECHNOLOGY Platform DSpace Open Source Repository Software. Originally authored by MIT and HP LABS. Create Open Access Repositories for Published Digital Content Monitoring/Statistics Inbuilt Google Analytics PowerPoint Presentation: WALKTHROUGH PowerPoint Presentation: THANK YOU jwaciira@avu.org FOLLOW US TWITTER: @ avu_org FACEBOOK: AfricanVirtualUniversity

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