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Published on March 8, 2008

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SISD CHARACTER EDUCATION OCTOBER, 2004-2005 :  SISD CHARACTER EDUCATION OCTOBER, 2004-2005 INTEGRITY Primary Elementary FOREWORD:  The goal of the SISD Character Education Program is to provide a foundation for academic learning and moral thinking, being, and doing through structured discussions and activities based on the character traits which can help students to begin to internalize how character is built. The quotes, activities, and ideas contained in the monthly packets can help educators plan a variety of character education learning experiences. These activities capitalize on the daily “teachable moments” we encounter as well as utilize teachers’ creative resources to integrate the information into daily lessons. It is hoped that school principals and teachers will use the materials to help enhance the climate of their schools. “Character education is about the connection of the head, the heart, and the hand which encourages civility, service to others and moral thinking and behaving.” _ Duane Hodgin Character education creates the climate for learning and caring schools. FOREWORD OCTOBER: INTEGRITY:  OCTOBER: INTEGRITY A person with integrity is honest, loyal, dependable, reliable, and is thought of highly by those that know them. They are honorable people. A person with integrity: Does …Tell the truth …Stay faithful to family, friends and other commitments …Have self-respect …Reach their goals …Fulfill his or her obligations and promises to others …The right thing without caving into peer pressure …Have others trust them Doesn’t …Lie …Cheat, take short cuts or deceive to achieve …Let others down …Break promises …Give away secrets …Allow others to persuade them into negative situations Character Education Primary Elementary Activities Integrity:  Character Education Primary Elementary Activities Integrity ACTIVITIES 1. Slide: “Bulletin Board Ideas” 2. Slide: “Are You A Person of Integrity?” Possible uses: - Whole class discussion - Warm Up - Journal entry 3. Slide: “Can You Be Trusted?” Possible uses: - Whole class discussion - Warm Up - Journal entry 4. Slide: “How Would You Practice Integrity if…” Possible uses: - Whole class discussion - Warm Up - Journal entry 5. Slide: “Remember” Possible uses: - Whole class discussion - Warm Up - Journal entry Character Education Primary Elementary Activities Integrity:  Character Education Primary Elementary Activities Integrity Activities 6. Slide: “The Empty Pot” Possible uses: - Print story and questions for students to read then complete questions - Have students take turns reading from the power point screen and answer questions out loud with class discussion to follow - Read The Empty Pot from library book and then project questions for class discussion 7. Slide: “Tower of Trust” Possible uses: - Start with the first slide entitled “Tower of Trust” by reading it and having a class discussion - Follow the class discussion with the slide entitled “Making the Walls of the Tower of Trust”. Hand out one index card to each student and have them write down one thing they could do to prove they are trustworthy. - Next, use the slide entitled “ Directions for Building a Tower of Trust” to explain how to make the tower. Have students take turns reading their card then SLOWLY placing them one at a time to make the four walls and ceiling of the first floor of the tower. The sixth student will start making the second floor of the tower. It should take five students to make a floor of the tower. Have each student add to the construction of the tower.***If the tower should fall before the completion of construction, use this as an opportunity to discuss how it takes a long time to build trust and how quickly that trust can be broken with one wrong decision. - The final slide entitled “Build A Tower of Trust” would be the last slide you would use if your tower did not crash before now. Have the students take turns taking off cards each time you read an example of trust being broken. Once the tower falls, discuss how it takes a long time to build trust, but how very quickly that trust can be broken with one bad decision. Character Education Primary Elementary Activities Integrity:  Character Education Primary Elementary Activities Integrity 8. Slide: “The Boy Who Cried “Wolf!” Possible uses: - Either read the story from a library book or paraphrase the story and have a class discussion based on the questions 9. Slide “Having Integrity Means You Are Honest With Yourself and Others” Possible uses: - Whole class discussion - Warm Up - Journal entry 10. Slide: “Cheating” Possible uses: - Whole class discussion - Warm Up - Journal entry 11. Slide: “Cheating Hurts” Possible uses: - Whole class discussion - Warm Up - Journal entry BULLETIN BOARD IDEAS:  BULLETIN BOARD IDEAS Post the quote: “A man of words and not of deeds is like a garden full of weeds” …Mother Goose . Under the quote have cut outs of flowers that have words of character for stems (integrity, respect, responsibility, perseverance, empathy, cooperation, kindness and citizenship). Use the header: “Hats off to honest people”. Label hat cut outs with actions that demonstrate honesty and integrity: “ Return money you find”, “Tell the truth”, “Don’t steal”, Don’t give away secrets”, Keep promises” Use the header: “People with integrity are loyal to themselves” Show pictures of students with lists of goals, ambitions, dreams (or figures representing these). Use the header: “ A person with integrity is dependable”. Have cut outs of clocks, appointment books, and homework with words next to each of them, such as: Be On Time, Show Up, and Do your Homework. Mirror: Do you like what you see? Be a person of integrity. : When looking for faults – use a mirror, not a telescope. BULLETIN BOARD IDEAS:  BULLETIN BOARD IDEAS Soup cans: Success comes in cans. I can! You can! We can! Rubber Band: Nothing ruins the truth like stretching it! Kleenex Tissues: Character is contagious. Is yours worth catching? Wishbone: Success depends more on your backbone than on your wishbone. Show integrity! Hot Water: The trouble with letting off steam is it gets you into hot water. Lighthouse: Lighthouses don’t blow horns. They just shine. Does your light of character shine for others to see? Smile: Become the most positive and enthusiastic person you know! Skyscraper: You are responsible for building your own character. No one can build it for you! Trophy or Ribbon: Attitude: The difference between winners and losers. Money: You can’t buy trust. You earn it! Light Bulb: Showing your Good character is a good idea! Exclamation Mark: Get excited about doing the right thing! Woodpecker: Keep Pecking away at ____________! BULLETIN BOARD IDEAS:  BULLETIN BOARD IDEAS Picture Frame: Picture it! Picture yourself doing the right thing! Magic Wand: Magic won’t make you a person of good character. It takes work Building Blocks (A+B=C): Attitude + Behavior= Character Mirror: Look for the best in others and in your self! Star: Let your good character be a shining star example! Chalkboard and Eraser: Each day is a clean slate! Toolbox: Stock your toolbox with good character! Ruler and yardstick: Measure up to your true potential! Door: Run through open doors of opportunity! Pencil: Write down your goals and see them happen! Basketball Goal: Don’t take your eye off your goals! Barbell: Pump yourself up with good character! Target: Target your goals until you make them! Candle: Let your good character shine through! Sunglasses: Good Character shines so bright you need glasses! Are you a person of Integrity ?:  Are you a person of Integrity ? Are you… …responsible? …respectful? …trustworthy? …dependable? …honest? …someone that people can count on? What is Integrity?:  What is Integrity? You are person with integrity if… ...You are honest with yourself and others …You act the way you believe …You do the right thing even if it’s difficult or unpopular …You don’t give in to your friends when they want you to do something wrong In school a person of integrity follows rules, participates in class, and is helpful to others. Teachers, coaches, and counselors have confidence in you. At home, a person of integrity is eager to please his or her parents by following family rules, doing chores on time, and obeying those in charge. Parents may give you more freedom and responsibility if you display integrity. They can trust you because they can depend on your behavior being consistent and constant. Your thoughts and beliefs match your actions and words. Can You Be Trusted?:  Can You Be Trusted? A person of integrity is trustworthy which means you… …keep your promises to family, friends, teachers, and others …are able to accept the consequences of your actions …admit when you make a mistake instead of trying to make excuses …can be counted on to tell the truth, take responsibility, and do the right thing How would you practice integrity if…:  How would you practice integrity if… …your little brother accidentally breaks a model airplane in your room? …your friend wants you to sneak out at night when your family has gone to bed? …you lost your basketball game by two points in the last twenty seconds? …a glass of milk spills on the kitchen floor and your brother blames you? …you’ve been called in from playing outside to clean your room? …a neighbor calls you an ugly name? …your friend wants you to read her sister’s diary without permission? …you’ve been unjustly called a cheater? …your older brother continues to make fun of your new haircut? …you see a woman accidentally drop a twenty- dollar bill out of her purse? REMEMBER…:  REMEMBER…  Practicing integrity means… You’re disciplined from within You make your own decisions You take care of yourself You control your self in tempting situations You can change negative thinking into positive thinking You behave respectfully in any situation Other people trust you more and give you greater independence You spend your time in healthy and productive ways  Lacking integrity means: You expect others to control your behavior You have to be told what to do and you can’t take care of yourself You can’t restrain your self in tempting situations You allow your negative thoughts to control your behavior You act impulsively and in ways that hurt you and others Others can’t trust you You spend your time in unhealthy and unproductive ways The Empty Pot:  The Empty Pot Long, long ago in China, there was a boy named Ping. More than anything else in the world, Ping loved flowers and had the gift of being able to make anything grow. He could plant any seed and up would grow beautiful blossoms and rich green leaves. Ping’s family and friends would marvel at the wonderful things he was able to grow. Now, the Emperor in those days was also a great lover of flowers and loved to spend time in his garden, which was filled with beautiful shrubs and fine fruit trees. Each day he would tend to all the lovely things growing there. But unfortunately, the good Emperor was growing old and was becoming more and more worried about finding someone who would rule fairly after he was gone. How should he choose someone, he wondered daily. Finally, he decided that because he loved flowers so much, he would let the flowers do the choosing. The very next day, the Emperor issued a proclamation throughout the land. All the children in the realm were to come to the palace. Each child would be given special flower seed to plant. “Whoever returns with the best in a year’s time will inherit my throne!” were the Emperor’s words. Slide16:  Everyone was so excited by the possibilities and the next day all the children of the land gathered in a long line to await their seeds from the Emperor. Ping, so anxious to have something to grow for the Emperor, traveled the long distance from his home to the palace. He waited patiently in the long line until, at last, he gladly received his seed from the Emperor. Ping was overjoyed. He was certain that he would grow the most exquisite flower with such a seed. When he arrived home, he chose a sturdy pot and filled it with good soil. Each day he watered it lovingly and made sure it got the sunshine it needed. He could not wait to see it sprout and grow into a beautiful flower! Days passed, and Ping waited patiently, but nothing happened. He became worried and put the seed in a larger pot with more good soil. He watered it carefully and made certain it received sunlight, and still nothing happened. Finally, he put the seed into an even better pot and made sure it had the richest soil. He continued to care for it, and watched over it for months, yet no sprout came. Month after month Ping tried and waited until finally the year was up. Slide17:  The day had arrived for all the children to return to the palace with the flowers they had grown. They flooded toward the palace gates, eager to be chosen as the next emperor. Ping watched as children with azaleas, peonies, and chrysanthemums streamed by. He saw roses and lilies and orchids like he had never seen before. He was so ashamed of his empty pot. He could not believe that for once he had not been able to make a flower grow. Just then his friend passed by, holding a beautiful white lily. “Ping!” he cried. “What are you dong with that empty pot? Couldn’t you grow anything at all? I’m on my way to the palace with this great big flower now. Where’s yours?” The boy did not wait for Ping to answer. He sped off to see if he would be chosen by the Emperor. A tear trickled slowly down Ping’s check. “I’ve grown many flowers before,” he said to himself. “I don’t know why this seed would not grow.” Ping’s father heard Ping’s sad words. He placed his hand on Ping’s shoulder and said, “Son, you did your very best, and that is good enough for the Emperor. If the best you could do is in that empty pot, then that is what you must show him.” Slide18:  Nodding, Ping picked up the empty pot and headed directly for the palace. When he arrived there, the Emperor was already examining the hundreds of flowers brought by the eager children. He stopped at each one, but said nothing. Finally, he came to Ping and his empty pot. Ping hung his head, hoping that the Emperor would not be angry with him. The Emperor spoke to Ping. “Why did you bring me an empty pot?” Tears trickled once again down Ping’s cheeks. With his head bowed, he replied, “I planted the seed you gave me. I gave it a nice pot with good soil. I watered it each day, but it did not sprout. I put it in a better pot with rich dark soil. I cared for it lovingly for a year and still it did not grow. So all I have to show you is an empty pot. It is the best I can do.” Slide19:  A smile swept across the Emperor’s face and, holding Ping’s hand high in the air, he exclaimed, “I have found him! I have found the next emperor! It is this boy and this boy alone who is worthy!” Then he spoke sternly to all the other children who had gathered with their flowers. “I do not know where the seeds for all of your beautiful flowers came from, for the seeds I gave you had all been cooked, making it impossible for them to grow.” Placing his hand upon Ping’s shoulder, the Emperor said proudly, “Ping is the only one who returned to me with the truth in his empty pot. It is for his courage and honesty that I reward him with my kingdom and my throne!” Demi. The Empty Pot. New York: H.Holt, 1990 Empty Pot Questions :  Empty Pot Questions Name all the ways Ping exhibited integrity? What part of the story did Ping exhibit courage? Name a time you had to use a lot of courage to do something. Why was it important to the Emperor that the pot be empty? Name a time in your life when it was hard to be a person of integrity and honest? Tower of Trust:  Tower of Trust If your mom asks you to pick up your toys, can she count on you to do it? Can she count on you to pick up those toys, even if she isn’t looking? People with good character do good things – even when no one is looking. When you do good things over and over again, even when parents and teachers aren’t looking, you earn trust. Nobody is trusted automatically. But when your parents and teachers realize that you have a habit of doing good things without being asked, then they let you do more things on your own. TOWER OF TRUST:  TOWER OF TRUST What are some things you can do to show your mom, dad, big brother, big sister, or teacher, you can be trusted? Write one of the above on an index card. Tower of Trust:  Tower of Trust Directions: Take the index cards and build the tallest tower possible Take an index card off the tower of trust each time an example is given that breaks that trust. TOWER OF TRUST:  TOWER OF TRUST What if you tell your mom that you picked up all your toys, and she finds them under the rug? What will that do for the trust you’ve built? ( take a card off the tower) What if you tell your mom that you ate all your green beans and then she finds them wadded up in your napkin? What will that do for the trust you’ve built? (take a card off) What if you tell your mom you will wear your coat when you’re outside and then she sees you playing with only a t-shirt on? What will that do for the trust you’ve built? (take a card off) Continue with examples until the tower falls. Now that the tower of trust has fallen, do you see how it’s going to take a long time to build that trust up again. Trust is earned and not given away. Remember to keep doing good things to build trust even when no one is looking. The Boy Who Cried “Wolf!”:  The Boy Who Cried “Wolf!” Questions on The Boy Who Cried “Wolf!” What happens if someone lies a lot? Why didn’t the people believe the boy when there really was a wolf? What is the best way to make sure people believe us all the time? Has this sort of thing ever happened to someone you know? Having integrity means you are honest with yourself and others.:  Having integrity means you are honest with yourself and others. Why should you be honest even when it may get you in trouble? Name some examples of getting in trouble when you were being honest and demonstrating integrity? CHEATING:  CHEATING Why do people cheat? Does cheating lead to other kinds of dishonesty? Why is important to do your own work and not have someone do it for you or copy someone else’s? Why is it important to be honest with yourself? What is a “white lie”? Why is it potentially harmful to tell white lies? Why is cheating sometimes thought of as being sneaky? CHEATING HURTS:  CHEATING HURTS Read each of the reasons why cheating is wrong and decide on your top three. You lose the teacher’s trust that you will do your own work. Your friends learn that you can’t be trusted – if you can’t be trusted in school, why should they trust you to keep a secret or tell the truth? You lose your self-respect and pride – do you really want to think of yourself as a cheater? When you cheat you are lying to other people about how much you know – do you really want to be a liar? If you can justify cheating, you’ll probably end up lying more about other things. “Once you tell one lie, you need to create a whole bodyguard of lies to protect it.” – Winston Churchill Cheating is like robbing from students who are honest. If you get into the habit of cheating when you’re young, you’ll find it easier to cheat when you’re older. Cheating is taking something that you haven’t earned – is this any different than stealing? Slide29:  No matter how far you have gone down a wrong road, turn back. Slide30:  Our decisions define us. Slide31:  A bad attitude is like a flat tire, you can’t go anywhere until you change it. Slide32:  Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as you can. Slide33:  Character isn’t inherited. One builds it daily by the way one thinks and acts – thought by thought, action by action. - Helen G. Douglas Slide34:  Moral excellence comes about as a result of habit. We become just by doing just acts, temperate by doing temperate acts, brave by doing brave acts. -Aristotle Slide35:  Good grades are something you have to achieve, not something that is free to receive. Slide36:  If you want to build good character, start now! Slide37:  You can’t have a good day with a bad attitude, and you can’t have a bad day with a good attitude! Slide38:  When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind – not with it. -Henry Ford Slide39:  Positive people take the cold water thrown on them, heat it with enthusiasm, and use the steam to push ahead! Slide40:  When things happen that you do not like, you have two choices: you can get bitter or you can get better. Slide41:  If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right. -Henry Ford Slide42:  In life you are given two ends – one to think with and one to sit on. Your success in life depends on which end you use the most. Heads you win. Tails you lose! Slide43:  Stand up for what is right, even if you’re standing alone! Slide44:  Bad character is like a rock that sinks. Good character is like a boat that floats. Bad habits put holes in your boat. Slide45:  You can always be a better person today than the one you were yesterday. Slide46:  Let your efforts rise above your excuses! Slide47:  Don’t just do enough to get by – do enough to get ahead!

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