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Published on October 9, 2009

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Curriculum and Instruction : 1 Curriculum and Instruction October 2009 Hmm… : 2 Hmm… An Institutional Look Back : 3 An Institutional Look Back 1982 – A Nation at Risk Results on International Paper and Pencil Tests 1990’s – Standards and Assessments A State by State response to A Nation at Risk The age of accountability Curricular frameworks, Paper and Pencil Assessments, Analysis of the Data 2000 – NCLB Accountability from the Federal Level – additional sanctions (Houston Model) Present administration advocates for Charter Schools and more intervention by government in failing schools (Chicago Model) Have schools made progress over twenty years? Growth Model – A Better Measure : 4 Growth Model – A Better Measure Acknowledges gaps that have not closed despite great efforts. Bases AYP on the percent of students who meet their individual target score. Not sufficient to be proficient, or even advanced if a student cannot demonstrate a year’s growth. The Agenda Grew : 5 The Agenda Grew At the same time schools were focused on improving test scores, schools had other initiatives and expectations placed on them. Safety, well-being, and specialized high quality programs competed for resources as time on learning needed to expand. High school became a place to build a transcript for college. Play a sport Join at least one extra-curricular activity Do good work in the community Distinguish yourself from your peers The World Changed : 6 The World Changed Sources of information grew – content knowledge could be accessed without being in a classroom. As available knowledge grew, people brought different expertise to the table. As available knowledge grew, “right answers” were no longer easily reached by consensus. It became much harder to do good work and work in isolation. 21st Century Changes for Educators : 7 21st Century Changes for Educators The teacher is not the sole source of information on any topic. Students must be assisted in finding, assessing, and employing information from multiple sources. The right answer is not always the one supported by the facts presented by one individual, but on the answer upon which the group can agree. 21st Century Skills : 8 21st Century Skills Read, write, process and communicate information appropriate to grade level. Work in groups with opportunities to problem solve. Use web 2.0 tools for information gathering and networking. Assess student career interests with respect to a global economy. 21st Century Skills : 9 21st Century Skills Are best suited to project-based learning. Are best suited to student portfolios, authentic assessments, and real-world work products. Involve creative problem solving and often group work. Cannot be measured with paper and pencil tests. Next Steps for Framingham : 10 Next Steps for Framingham Reduce the stress level on some students and teachers. Focus PD, make the number of initiatives doable, reduce the number of paper and pencil tests which take time and organizational energy, give ourselves and our students permission to focus more on depth and less on breadth, leverage technology. Leveraging Technology : 11 Leveraging Technology Teachers of young students can use juried on-line lessons that are more project based but still address the standards. Assessments can be on-line with instant results. Support and acceleration can sometimes be via software programs. Podcasts are generally available on most topics. Virtual tours of places, e.g. museums, can be easily accessed. Very young students can do PowerPoints. Older students can guide their learning by accessing information on-line and sharing it with web 2.0 tools in order to solve a problem or generate a creative extension to a lesson. Leveraging Technology : 12 Leveraging Technology Secondary students can take on-line or hybrid courses. They cannot only access information but also experts on a topic. Their work products can sometimes include photos, videos and displays of real-world work products. Many staff already do some or all of this and still address standards. Consistency in Curriculum and Outcomes : 13 Consistency in Curriculum and Outcomes Think Math is an outstanding curriculum that develops problem solving skills. Balanced literacy gives students opportunities to express their individuality by the books they choose and the stories they write. AP is still a valuable experience for students to give them basic knowledge and skills in a content area. High Tech-High Touch : 14 High Tech-High Touch Our classrooms need to be high tech-high touch classrooms. Some already are. High touch refers to individualization of instruction. High tech does not necessarily mean that each student has a laptop on which to word process. The district will support one demonstration classroom per school for 2010-2011. An RFP will come out prior to Thanksgiving break. Our Challenge : 15 Our Challenge Can we begin to look at education from a 21st century skill perspective? Encourage students to seek information from a variety of sources. Encourage students to spend some time in real world problem solving. Encourage students to understand the need and value of working in groups. Encourage students to present their work in a variety of formats. Swing hard and hit a slightly different ball out of the park.

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