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Published on October 24, 2014

Author: MelissaJLong

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1. Who has the most pages referring to him on Google? A. William Shakespeare B. Elvis Presley C. Abraham Lincoln D. God

2. Elvis Presley has 40.7 million Google hits. Abraham Lincoln has 70.8 million Google hits. William Shakespeare has 78 million Google hits. God has 1.64 billion Google hits.

3. According to chapter 4 (They Say/I Say), there are three ways to respond to someone else’s ideas. What are they?

4.  Are we responsible for our habits?  At what point in the habit are we responsible?  If our habit is part of an addiction, do we have control over it? (If not, who do we hold responsible?) 112334456778::::::::::03000333330000000000

5. A. Yes, I do both. B. I sleep walk. C. I sleep talk. D. I am not sure if I do either. E. I do not sleep walk or sleep talk.

6. Link

7. A. Yes B. No

8. A. Yes, do you want to bet on something right now? B. Occasionally, I go to a casino or play cards with friends. C. I buy a lottery ticket every now and then. D. I have once or twice, but I will never gamble again. E. Never and I never plan to.

9. Link

10. A. Yes B. No

11. Agree, Disagree, Somewhat Agree Templates

12.  My habit is biting my nails and I want to respond to Duhigg’s golden rule of habit change  First, I have to figure out if I agree, disagree, or both  Then, I figure out which template fits my response and change it so it works for me

13.  Duhigg is surely right about ________________ because _________________________________.  Duhigg is right about the golden rule of habit change because I find that when I chew gum instead of biting my nails, I get the same reward. If I can keep a pack of gum with me at all times, I can chew a piece rather whenever boredom cues me to bite my nails. The difficulty will be that I have to remember to have gum with me all the time and that chewing gum is not always appropriate.

14.  Your habit is smoking and you are responding to Duhigg’s point about the role of belief in habit change.  Use one of the templates to create a paragraph.

15. A. Reading/discussing chapter 4 B. Using the templates from chapter 4 C. Discussion of habits/addictions

16. A. Chapter 4 from They Say/I Say B. Using templates from They Say/I Say C. Essay #3 D. Habit vs. Addiction

17.  Read chapter 9 “The Neurology of Free Will” in The Power of Habit pages 245- 274  Read chapter 5 “And Yet” in They Say/I Say pages 68-77  Two peer reviews due tonight, Thursday, October 23, at 11:55 through Turnitin  Participate in the weekly discussion (post due Thursday and replies due Sunday)

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