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Published on December 11, 2016

Author: sclayton11

Source: slideshare.net

1. Competitive Research for OCR-compatible screenshot app

2. Google Photos

3. Here, visuals speak louder than text. It’s intuitive that a user just needs to search in order to find related photos.

4. Instead of informing you of what you’ll get, the copy evokes a sense of FOMO. Would be interesting to see how A/B testing of copy would have done here.

5. The tutorial allows the user to try before dealing with the app itself. Interactive and engaging.

6. A detailed view of a photo will reveal four actions (minus the ones in the top-right menu) – share, edit, more info and trash. Simple enough. Let’s go further…

7. Interesting – the edit pulls up three categories of editing, and they’re all rather Instagram-esque.

8. The information symbol will pull up very literal meta data, and not all accurate. It would be interesting to see meta data formatted in layman’s terms.

9. Evernote

10. Cute graphics. Makes the app very approachable just from a visual perspective.

11. Pretty straightforward tutorial… might as well get started, right?

12. Landing page is simple enough…

13. Again, fairly straightforward.

14. A smart camera? That’s pretty neat. To try it out, I’ll need to accept this notification… ok, no problem.

15. Another notification? Ok, I guess tagging locations for me would be helpful…

16. Yet another notification? Really, my calendar? I wish I prepped better to accept all of these notifications. Now I feel kind of weird…

17. I like the options. Good screen. Clear and to the point.

18. This is fun… more interacting with the app without having to actually interact. This extends the onboarding time a bit more, but I think it’s worth it.

19. Cool. Really easy instructions to follow. Let’s do this.

20. Here’s the page you go to make edits. The symbols are slightly confusing, but I’ll figure it out when I tap on them.

21. So that’s where this location permission came in handy. Kind of a cool feature.

22. And this is the page where I can add/edit notes. Lots of fun options to choose from here!

23. I like that the pen options are so detailed – there’s not guessing as to what they do. The graph paper is neat as well.

24. Lookout Mobile

25. I love that the first CTA is not to sign up – it’s to take a tour. Can’t say no to a commitment-free tour of an app!

26. Also more great onboarding. A fun and engaging quiz. You can’t move on without answering all the questions either – good stuff.

27. Straightforward. This part doesn’t take up too much space. There’s plenty of room for the keyboard.

28. Mona

29. This is an interesting approach. Mona (the app) is talking to me in first person. Already, I feel some trust.

30. I like this a lot. It’ll add a more personalized touch to things throughout the experience.

31. Misc

32. The Blind app skips the demo and goes right to a screen that shows what all the symbols do.

33. Mercari is great in that the main CTA is really obvious – that huge red button at the bottom right. There’s no guessing what they want their users to do. For any app that depends on user-generated content, the main CTA should always be getting users to generate that content (think Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

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