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Published on October 9, 2007

Author: Elodie

Source: authorstream.com

Slide1:  What do the following words mean? Mozzie 7. Knackered Aggro 8. Walkabout Avagoodweegend Chinwag Fair dinkum Dunny Slide3:  continent and 6th largest country about the size of US Slide4:  Place W/out Water Great Dividing Range-block rain Murray River permanent outback- central & western plains & plateaus Slide5:  People & Culture about 18 million- less than the pop of Calf. British influence- gov’t with a PM and cabinet but with a written constitution separating federal and state powers eastern and southeastern coasts highest pop. 90% of pop. lives w/in 100 miles of a beach high SOL Slide6:  History Aborigines- 1st Australians Europeans killed, infected, & drove Aborigines off their lands (Indians?) Capt. James Cook claimed Aus. for UK UK (1787) began shipping prisoners to Aus., lasted 80 yrs. some came for land before WWII most immigrants from UK today immigrants from Pacific Is. & Southeast Asia Slide7:  Climate & Vegetation hot and dry coastal areas have more rain definite change of climate west of GDR where there is rain...... where it doesn’t rain much.... Slide8:  Language- Australian Slang Roo Bar- metal guard on the front of your car Tucker- food Hard Yukka- really hard work Milk Bar- soda fountain Torch- flashlight Bloke- man Yankie- American G’day- Hello Bonnet- hood of the car Boot- car trunk Slide9:  Uluru AKA Ayers Rock is the world's biggest monolith (rock). It is 6 miles around, and about 1,142 ft high and made of sandstone. About 70 million years ago it was an island in a large lake. Slide10:  Australia’s isolation caused it to have unique animals such as: koalas kangaroos Platypus’ Tasmanian Devils Slide11:  Fierce Snake- Most venonous land snake. 1 bite can kill 100 adults. Fortunately, no fatalities have been recorded. Common Brown- Most common venomous snake in Australia and accounts for most of the snake bites in Australia. Venom causes paralysis and the blood not to clot. Slide12:  1,000 miles from Australia Two Islands place where 2 tectonic plates collide Slide13:  North Is.- narrow, hilly w/ a central plateau. Heavy tectonic activity geyser- hot spring water shoot up from the earth’s surface Slide14:  South Is.- longer & more mountainous with glaciers, lakes, fjords Slide15:  Brief History Polynesian & European Roots 1769 Capt. Cook landed in NZ Maoris- natives,violent contacts initially 1840 treaty between Maoris & UK 1ST TIME ANY WORLD POWER NEGOTIATED WITH NATIVE PEOPLE FOR POLITICAL CONTROL! Slide16:  Land Use Europeans (1800s) cut the forest down to 25% half the land of NZ is used for pasture New Zealand’s major exports are wool and kiwifruit Slide17:  Population 75% live on the North Is. less than 20% live in the countryside 85% live in urban areas Slide18:  Gov’t based on UK model 88% of pop is of European descent significant influence of Maori culture high SOL Slide19:  ZORB FLY by WIRE Home of Extreme Sports Bungee jumping Wall splattering Slide20:  Use your own paper for this activity. Place the Australia Map in the HAM box as soon as you read this. Define: lagoon, artesian well, atoll, crevasse, ice shelf, pack ice, convergence zone Answer: Where is Australia’s Urban Rim? Sunshine Coast? Page 728 Slide22:  Micronesia- “small islands” Melanesia- “black islands” Polynesia- “many islands” Slide23:  Mountains and Coral Reefs divided into high and low islands based on physical characteristics high islands- mountainous, created by tectonic forces, volcanoes & earthquakes common Slide24:  low islands- coral reefs coral reef- formed from living polyps accumulating over time Slide25:  Mysterious Beginnings not sure how the natives got there not much attention until WWII Japan & US fought over them Slide26:  U.S. used Marshall Islands for nuclear testing- Bikini Atoll trust territories- territories supervised by another nation Slide27:  Living from the Land & Sea farming & fishing subsistence level, Low SOL some cash crops (rubber, coffee, sugar cane) in the high islands of Melanesia & Polynesia Slide28:  Tourism is growing rapidly Slide29:  Larger than Australia Last to be discovered (1820s) Including ice, Antarctica is the highest continent- 1.3 miles Average ice thickness is 5,600 ft-7,200 ft Less than 2 in. of precipitation/year Slide30:  The lowest temp. ever recorded on Earth -129.3ºF The average winter temp. is -40º to -94ºF. The ice is so heavy that the actual land is about 280 ft below sea level. Slide31:  There is so much ice that it extends out over the water creating a permanent ice shelf Pack ice of icebergs and ice surrounds the continent and ice shelves. Slide32:  1st sighted in 1820s Ross Ice Shelf reached in 1840s 1st explorer set foot on continent in 1895 South Pole reached in summer of 1911-12 by Roald Amundsen (Norway) and Robert F. Scott (UK). Scott and his team died on the way back. Slide33:  Originally, 7 countries claimed pie shaped pieces for 1) national pride; 2) potential resources. US and Soviet refused to recognize claims. In 1961, the Antarctic Treaty was signed by 12 countries agreeing to peacefully use continent, share scientific research, no mining for 50 years, no military activity, no disposal of radioactive waste, no nuclear explosions, and protect the wildlife. Treaty was renewed in 1989 with 28 more countries added. Slide34:  Amundsen-Scott Research Station Slide35:  Sunset at the Pole, won’t be seen again for about 5 months.

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