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Published on September 22, 2018

Author: divingisland

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Slide1: www.divingisland.com HOME Slide2: About us www.divingisland.com No one loves diving like we do! We are passionate divers who provide fun, safe, and educational tours around Iceland’s most breathtaking underwater scenery. With its hot springs, glaciers, and lava formations, the country maintains some of the most unique locations in the world. Our focus is on safety and comfort, and we only use high-quality, carefully curated and tested equipment specialized for the extreme arctic conditions. Slide3: Silfra Snorkel www.divingisland.com The Silfra Snorkel Tours allow you a journey between the Eurasian and American continents. Book yourself an experience of a lifetime, call the Diving Island team to know more. Slide4: Best Silfra Diving Tours www.divingisland.com At Diving Island, we offer the best Silfra diving tours at the best prices per person. Book a tour for yourself online right now! Slide5: Custom private tour www.divingisland.com Create your own unique, personal diving experience in Iceland. We’ll help you build a private individual or group tour. Slide6: www.divingisland.com 105 Reykjavík, Iceland Email: info@divingisland.com PH: +354 888 8080 Slide7: Thank you

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