Ocean Biogeographic Information System - for NOPP Biodiversity Ad Hoc Working Group - 10/27/2016

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Information about Ocean Biogeographic Information System - for NOPP Biodiversity Ad Hoc...

Published on October 27, 2016

Author: SkyBristol

Source: slideshare.net

1. A global data sharing and clearinghouse for marine biodiversity data through the Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS) Sky Bristol & Abby Benson – USGS/OBIS-USA Ward Appeltans & Pieter Provoost – IODE-OBIS Eduardo Klein – Universidad Simón Bolívar October 27, 2016 • History and structure of OBIS • How OBIS operates and what it contributes • Applications of OBIS • ABNJ and capacity building

2. A short history of OBIS… • 2000 - 2010: created as data repository and information dissemination system for the Census of Marine Life • 2009: adopted by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO, under the IODE programme (IOC Resolution XXV-4) • 2011: secretariat moved from Rutgers University to Ostend, Belgium

3. AntOBISArctic OBIS ArOBIS OBIS Australia OBIS Canada Caribbean OBIS OBIS China IndOBIS OBIS Japan KOBIS MedOBIS PEGO-OBIS OBIS Senegal South Western Pacific OBIS AfrOBISESPOBIS WSAOBIS Black Sea OBISOBIS USA Oceans Past FishBase OBIS SEAMAP MicrOBIS Seamounts Online OBIS HAB OTN EurOBIS "To build and maintain a global alliance that collaborates with scientific communities to facilitate free and open access to, and application of, biodiversity and biogeographic data and information on marine life."

4. IOBIS SG-OBIS 8 Task Teams Science TT Taxon. TT Training TT Data TT Tech. TT ... OBIS node I OBIS node II OBIS node III Data providers Data providers Data providers OBIS node III Data providers Data providers OBIS node II OBIS node III Data providers Data providers IODE Committee IOC Assembly UNESCO General Conference

5. IOBIS Data Providers OBIS Nodes Data Exploration Data Analytics Scientific Programming Data Collection Scientific Analysis Quality Control Assembly and Standardization Provenance and Traceability Capacity Development

6. OBIS contributes to universality and equity, providing open access to data repatriated from originating countries and institutions while maintaining data provenance to support traceable, trustworthy science

7. Capacity Development Connecting People Malaysia Kenya South Africa Colombia Venezuela USA Indonesia Malaysia TanzaniaData cleaning Data formatting Data publication Data access Data visualisation Data analysis Argentina Mexico Ukraine

8. Scientists from 73 countries used OBIS in research publications Connections of >500 co-authored papers citing OBIS (Web of Science)

9. North Pacific regional EBSA workshop, Moscow, 25 Feb – 1 March 2013 OBIS contributions to the CBD EBSA process In 2010, the CBD Conference of the Parties (COP, decision X/29, paragraph 36) asked IOC, through its OBIS, to provide scientific and technical support to the CBD secretariat in convening a series of regional workshops on EBSAs

10. OBIS – Supporting data system for the First World Ocean Assessment

11. Atlantic Herring (Clupea harengus) Global distribution records showing first records appearing in North Atlantic after 2010. OBIS provides an important signal detection capability, indicating needs for further research and investigation.

12. From Tom Webb unpublished analysis Shows the number of genbank sequences plotted against number of records in OBIS for approx. 80,000 species common to both databases. Darker blue indicates a higher intensity of points. Indicates potential of future work for data association between biogeographic data and genetic data.

13. All OBIS records 47,000,000

14. Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction 7% of all OBIS records 64% of ocean surface area Records: 3,158,551 Datasets: 620 Contributing institutions: 225 Species: 19,206 Red List species: 2,075 Only observed here: 3,543

15. all sampling locations 47,000,000

16. > 200 m depth 3,200,000 no depth information: 18,000,000

17. > 1000 m depth 600,000 no depth information: 18,000,000

18. > 4000 m depth 25,000 no depth information: 18,000,000

19. OBIS-USA Data Network ca 2016 Source data IODE-OBIS Portal IODE-OBIS Integrated Data OBIS-USA IPT OBIS-USA ERDDAP Biogeographic Analysis Packages Biogeographic Synthesis Compositions IODE-OBIS API Code Libraries Co-development with OBIS-USA ElasticSearch Indexing and API Systematic Archiving Analysis and Synthesis ScienceBase Digital Repository Data Integration and Quality Control

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