Occupational Hazards

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Information about Occupational Hazards

Published on April 11, 2014

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The joint international labor organization committee on Occupational health, 1950 defined occupational health as “The highest degree of physical, mental and social well-being of workers in all occupations.” DEFINITION:DEFINITION:

GOALSGOALS • To reduce industrial accidents. • To prevent occupational hazards/ diseases. • To achieve maximum human efficiency and machine efficiency. • To reduce sick absenteeism.

OBJECTIVES OFOBJECTIVES OF OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH:OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH: • To maintain and promote the physical, mental and social well being of the workers. • To prevent occupational diseases and injuries. • To adapt the work place and work environment to the needs of the workers i.e application of ergonomics principle. • It should be preventive rather than curative.

It represents a dynamic equilibrium between the worker and his occupational environment. OCCUPATIONAL HEALTHOCCUPATIONAL HEALTH

What is occupationalWhat is occupational health care?health care? Occupational health care is preventive health care, which is provided on the basis of the Occupational Health Care Act. The objective of occupational health care is a healthy and safe working environment, a well-functioning working community, prevention of work-related diseases as well as the maintenance of employees’ working ability and functional capacity, and promotion of their health.

Advantages ofAdvantages of Occupational health careOccupational health care •Investigates and assesses load factors and hazards and gives expert assistance for eliminating them •Gives information and advice •Estimates employees’ working ability and monitors their health condition •By its knowledge and skills supports action for maintaining working ability in the development of individuals, working environment and working community, in this way also affecting productivity continued

•Prevents occupational diseases and other work-related illnesses •Prevents premature incapacity for work, reduces pension costs •Reduces absenteeism due to sickness •Can make calculations of the profitability of occupational safety and health and occupational health care in cooperation with workplaces or encourage workplaces to make these themselves. Advantages of OccupationalAdvantages of Occupational health care -health care - contcont

FUNCTIONS OF OCCUPATIONALFUNCTIONS OF OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE -HEALTH SERVICE - CONT..CONT.. 1. Pre-employment medical examination. 2. First Aid and emergency service. 3. Supervision of the work environment for the control of dangerous substances in the work environment. 4. Special periodic medical examination particularly for the workers in dangerous operations. 5. Health education for disseminating information on specific hazards and risks in the work environment.

6. Special examination and surveillance of health of women and children 7. Advising the employer or management for improving working conditions, and placement of hazards. 8. Monitoring of working environment for assessment and control of hazards. 9. Supervision over sanitation, hygiene and canteen facilities. 10. Liaison and cooperation with the safety committees FUNCTION OF HEALTHFUNCTION OF HEALTH SERVICE -SERVICE - CONT..CONT..

FUNCTION OF HEALTHFUNCTION OF HEALTH SERVICE -SERVICE - CONT..CONT.. 10. Liaison and cooperation with the safety committees 11. Maintenance of medical records for medical check-up and follow-up for maintaining health standards and also for evaluation. 12. To carry out other parallel activities such as nutrition programme, family planning, social services recreation etc., Concerning the health and welfare of the workers.

THE FACTORS FOR EFFECTIVENESSTHE FACTORS FOR EFFECTIVENESS OF OCCUPATIONAL HEALTHOF OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH SERVICES:SERVICES: 1. The nature of industry; small, medium or large and its location. 2. Existing infrastructure of health services. 3. Trained manpower. 4. Workers involvement and employers commitment. 5. Surveillance of the working environment by means of epidemiological studies and testing.

Components occupationalComponents occupational health services –health services – CONT..CONT.. • Medical treatment, First aid treatment in emergency. • Health education, First aid education. • Medical examination • Pre employment examination • Medical treatment, First aid treatment in emergency. • Health education, First aid education. • Medical examination Pre employment examination Periodic medical examination Special medical examination

. Health counseling . Stress management . Mental health . And Physical health . Rehabilitation programme . Medical rehabilitation . Social rehabilitation . Educational rehabilitation . Vocational rehabilitation Components occupationalComponents occupational health services -health services - CONT..CONT..

• Assessment of dusts pollution • Assessment of noise pollution • Assessment of vibration • Assessment heat radiation • Assessment of radiation Components occupationalComponents occupational health services –health services – CONT..CONT..

Supervision of the working environment •Hazard identification •Monitoring •Evaluation •Engineering project review •Control measures •Development of personal protective devices Components occupationalComponents occupational health services –health services – CONT..CONT..

. Family welfare program . To take care of employee and dependents . Disaster management . Health records maintenance Components occupationalComponents occupational health services –health services – CONT..CONT..

OCCUPATIONALOCCUPATIONAL PSYCHOLOGYPSYCHOLOGY • Stress Management • Job enrichment • Executive skill development • Organizational development • Safety awareness system development • Absenteeism control • Job satisfaction • Mental health survey • And human relation

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