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Published on January 9, 2018

Author: occasionstation

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HOW TO FIND THE PERFECT GIFT: PROCRASTINATORS’ EDITION: HOW TO FIND THE PERFECT GIFT: PROCRASTINATORS’ EDITION LAST-MINUTE GIFTS: LAST-MINUTE GIFTS Christmas comes fast, right? Even the best laid plans can leave you scrambling for presents at the last minute. And if you are a procrastinator by nature? Well, getting gifts ready in time for the holiday might seem plain impossible. However, you are in luck (and on time). We have compiled a few tips for how to find the perfect gift, even if you love to procrastinate. And, you won't even have to buy the dreaded and generic gift card. Try these tricks for finding the perfect gifts on time, and maybe you will enjoy those last few days leading up to Christmas (Unless you like mad dashes to department store on Christmas Eve – to each their own). FAST SHIPPING: FAST SHIPPING Know where you can get fast, free shipping. Now, while getting fast, free shipping isn't going to work if you are just sitting down to your computer on Christmas Eve (Even Amazon has limits), you can find perfect gifts and get them delivered within just a day or two if you choose the right place to shop. Obviously, Amazon is a good choice if you are a Prime member. You get free two-day shipping and, in some locations, you can even get free one-day shipping on almost any kind of gift. However, there are lots of other stores to explore if you want to buy something a little more specialized. For example, Sephora Flash offers two-day shipping for just $10 a year. Apple offers free two-day shipping as a standard courtesy to its customers. And many places (like Best Buy) offer fast, free shipping for orders over a certain dollar amount. So, if it's the week before Christmas and you need to find the perfect gift fast, check out the places where you can get fast, free shipping. You might be able to pull off a Christmas miracle by finding the perfect gift and getting it delivered on time. Even Santa would be jealous at your gift-giving prowess. MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION GIFTS: MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION GIFTS Sign your loved one up for monthly subscription gifts. IOUs are definitely a no-no when it comes to Christmas presents. However, you can get away with a little deferred gift-giving if you sign your loved one up for monthly subscription gifts. Monthly gift boxes and magazine subscriptions are the two biggest examples of these kinds of gifts. With a monthly subscription gift, you are guaranteeing your loved one a full year of exciting, engaging gifts. Whether you purchase a craft brew monthly gift box, a box full of gourmet meats, a box of pop culture inspired collectibles, or a magazine on a topic they love, what you are doing is giving them a gift that keeps on giving. The best part? Some companies will send you a certificate to print so your loved one knows what's coming, or offer expedited shipping to make it easier to get the last minute gift there on time. Knowing an amazing gift is coming in the mail every single month will go a long way toward getting you off the late gift hook, and it might actually make you look like you planned your gift way ahead of time (We'll never tell). Slide5: Find the perfect gift by adding a creative twist to generic presents. A throw pillow or blanket, a bottle of wine, a pair of slippers, fill in the blank with whatever boring, generic gift you can think of. These gifts let the recipient know right away that instead of finding the perfect gift for them, you grabbed something at the last minute. You can do better. And we don't mean just start shopping earlier (Though, you know, that's not a bad idea…). What we mean is add a creative twist to those last minute gifts in order to create a unique and thoughtful present that you can pick up on the way to the party. For example, take that throw pillow or blanket, a thread and some needle and monogram it for a personalized gift. Pick up a (nice) bottle of wine they love (or a new kind they haven't tried yet), and maybe even pair it with some wine glasses. Put those slippers in a wicker basket with some Epsom salts, body oils, scented candles, and nail polish for a homemade spa basket. Or stop by the grocery store and pick up gourmet treats for a snack basket they will love. "It's the thought that counts," as they say. Make sure your gifts show a little thoughtfulness, and your loved one will never know that you weren't thinking about giving them that gift all year long. CREATIVE TWIST PERSONAL GIFT SHOPPING SERVICE: PERSONAL GIFT SHOPPING SERVICE Hire a personal gift shopping service to do your shopping (on time) for you. Of course, all of these options require you to actually find, buy, wrap, and deliver the perfect gift yourself. If you want to truly hack gift-giving, there is another way: A personal gift shopping service (like us!). Here at Occasion Station, our creative personal gift shoppers will take your budget and information about your loved one and track down that ideal gift for you. Not only that, but they will wrap it and ship it to your loved one on time. That's the best of both worlds: All you have to do is sign up for the service, and never think about how to get a gift on time again. Now, instead of #procrastinating, you are #winning. Finding the perfect gift can be hard, especially if you aren't exactly known for your timeliness. But even procrastinators can partake of a Christmas miracle with a little creativity and help. Whether you use fast, free shipping, sign your loved one up for a monthly subscription gift, add a creative twist to generic gifts, or take advantage of a personal gift shopping service, the right tools can help you find the right gift at the right time. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: ABOUT THE AUTHOR Learn more at OccasionStation.com

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