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Published on March 5, 2014

Author: margaritgr

Source: slideshare.net

PLAY CONTEST IN FAGARAS, ROMANIA CHARACTERS: GRANDAD: student WAITRESS: student ROMANIAN STUDENT: STUDENT GRANDDAUGHTER. Student Inside a café in the universitarian area of Oviedo Text Waitress: Hello, Good morning! Grandad: Hello, good morning! W: What can I serve you? Grandad: I´d like a coffee and you? ( to her graddaughter) Gradd: I´d like an orange juice and a ham and cheese sandwich (they sat at the end of the room) Grandad: I think It will be quite good for you, you will learn a lot and who knows? Perhaps you might find a job and you will like the place after all, you know how the situation in this country is. Gradd: I´m a bit scared , granddad! Another country, another culture and I´m going to stay so far…this is the first time I have moved for such a long time… Grandad: Don´t worry , anyone can be quite far but feeling quite near (laughs)- moreover, with Internet and all that………when I had to emigrate to Belgium in the sixties, due to the mine strikes, I had to communicate by mail with your grandma, and that was not always so easy… So, take it as an important choice to learn a lot about life. Grandd: I don´t know, I´m a bit scared, anyway. Well, I´m going to the university to fill in the application for my scholarship. See you!! The granddaughter stands up and goes out of the café. After some time, a Romanian Erasmus student, gets in. RE: Hello, Good morning, I´d like a coffee. (the waitress doesn´t understand well) W. Excuse me ?

RS: One coffee, please. W: Oh, yes, of course, in a minute. ( the granddad stared at him and suddenly he gets up towards him, inviting the boy to sit down) Grandad: ( to the waitress) dear!! I will invite the boy!! Where are you from? S: I´m from Faragas, in Romania, But I´m studying in Bucarest. Granddad: So , what are you doing here in Oviedo?. Waitress!! Bring the boy some potato omelette!! S: Well, I´m studying Spanish and I am going to spend one year here, thanks to an Erasmus scholarship. ( the waitress comes with the omelette) Grandad: Ah, Romania, I know some things about Romanians, although here in Spain , people have a wrong idea about your country. ( the granddad gets closer and talks in a low voice) Here, people are not very well informed. (he laughs) St: Aren´t they? And what do you know exactly about us? Grandad: I know there was a hard dictatorship for 40 years, as it happened in Spain, although yours was a communist one. St: Yes you are right. Grandad: I know people rebelled against the dictator, Ceaucescu, and they wanted to change the country….like here in Spain St: I can see you knoe many things about my country. Grandad: Yes, your country had also a kind of political changes, as we had. Things seemed to go well….work, German or French investments , easy money, quite like in Spain. ST: Yes, you are right again. Grandad I also know that young people in Romania- as young Spanish people- were a bit confuded at that time and preferred earning a salary to studying ST: Yes, that´s it , how do you know? Grandad, Well, I read a lot on Internet. It´s more reliable than newspapers or TV. But, tell me, Do you like Oviedo?

ST: Yes, a lot. But this is my first time abroad, far from my country, alone and with little money. I´m a bit scared. ( The granddaughter appears and sat down with them) Grandad: Scared? I was also when I had to go to Belgium in the sixties .. look, this is my granddaughter Cristina, tomorrow she´s going to Stuttgart with an Erasmus scholarship and, like you, me or those who had to emigrate, she is scared too.

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