Obey and observe traffic rules and regulations

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Information about Obey and observe traffic rules and regulations

Published on March 10, 2014

Author: camiguintourguide

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DRIVING NC II CSAT INTRODUCTION:  Traffic signs can convey many different kind of messages to the driver. They can inform of laws warn of hazard ahead, or provide information or guidance to the driver

DRIVING NC II CSAT TRAFFIC SIGNS  A. STANDARD COLORS  Red Green Blue Yellow Black White Orange Brown  B. STANDARD SHAPES  Octagon Horizontal Diamond Pentagon Pennant Vertical rectangle Equilateral triangle Round

DRIVING NC II CSAT C. CLASSIFICATION OF ROAD SIGNS Regulatory Signs Warning Signs Guide Signs

DRIVING NC II CSAT TRAFFIC SIGNALS A. Are devices used to control traffic and assign right B. C. D. E. F. G. of way. The messages in traffic signals relayed primarily through the used of colors. Steady circular green Steady circular yellow Steady circular red Steady green arrow Flashing circular red Flashing circular yellow

DRIVING NC II CSAT ROADWAY MARKING White lines Yellow lines Broken lines Solid lines Double solid lines Solid white lines White arrows

DRIVING NC II CSAT DANGER WARNING SIGNS Sign that are intended to warn road – users of danger on the road and to in form them of its nature. Equilateral shapes with one side horizontal

DRIVING NC II CSAT REGULAR SIGNS Signs intended to inform road users of special obligation, instructions or prohibiting which they must comply A. Prohibited and Restrictive signs B. Priority Signs C. Mandatory Signs

DRIVING NC II CSAT INFORMATIVE SIGNS  Signs intended to guide road –users while they are travelling or to provide them with other useful information. A. GAS Station B. Workshop C. Hotel

DRIVING NC II CSAT GOOD ATTITUDE AND BEHAVIOR OF DRIVER 1. COURTESY AND CONSIDERATION TO PASSENGERS  Take an extra care in driving to be able to get trust from the passenger. Before starting and running the vehicle Proper distance Law of smoking Moderate sound of stereo  Be courteous and polite Never Cheat  Never use the trip cutting Never chose a passenger


DRIVING NC II CSAT COURTESY AND CONSIDERATION TO FELLOW DRIVERS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Proper Use of signs and Signals Courtesy on parking space Helping fellow driver who are in trouble Proper way of getting passenger Always follow the first come; first service Proper use of horn Proper use of vehicle lights Watch your speed


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