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Information about OBBirds

Published on February 9, 2009

Author: dawnguy

Source: authorstream.com

Birds : Birds By Olivia Brasher Characteristics : Characteristics Class Aves “feathered dinosaurs” endotherms 4-chambered heart beaks are made out of protein called keratin no teeth legs made up of skin, bone, & tendons feet are adapted to perching, swimming, walking, & catching prey birds eat worms, etc. Feathers : Feathers feathers-lightweight, modified scale provides insulation enables flight birds are only living animals with feathers preening keeps feathers in good flight condition oil from a gland near the tail keeps feathers waterproof feathers wear out & are replaced by molting Wings : Wings front limbs are the wings used for flying flight muscles are attached to sternum (breastbone) thin, hollow bones Flight Energy : Flight Energy flying requires loads of energy energy is acquired by the 4-chambered heart some birds heart beats 1000 times per minute respiratory system gets oxygen to lungs Respiratory System : Respiratory System birds have lungs & air sacs air sacs are posterior & anterior air passes thru trachea to lungs gas exchange then occurs 75% of air goes into air sacs Reproduction : Reproduction internal fertilization lay amniotic eggs eggs are laid inside a nest made of straw & twigs or basically anything they can find eggs are encased in a hard shell birds incubate/sit on eggs to keep them warm The End! : The End!

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