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Published on February 23, 2018

Author: mikewilson2017

Source: authorstream.com

slide 1: Living in the Oakland Homes for Sale The City of Oakland The real estate market in the East Bay and Northern California has been very active these last previous days and Abio Properties has just the Oakland homes for sale for you are looking for in the vibrant market. Being a center of the start-up industry the economy of the city is very booming in fact the city serves as one of the few metropolises in California. Being the center of all the excitement people from all parts of the flocking in the city either for jobs atmosphere are the huge buzz that comes from living in the city. It is one of the few cities that is both affordable and have a rich culture and demographics. Being with neighboring cities of Berkeley and San Francisco the city if great to have brilliant schools and colleges not mentioning the infamous University of California nearby apart from the great amenities that comes with the city itself. Being a part of latest technology and development these days Oakland becomes a popular choice for finding homes in with the Abio Properties. Places in Oakland The city serves as a haven for all sorts of artists in fact just like the city of New York the city of Oakland attracts and instills the highest concentration of artists writers and celebrities in the country. Numerous attractions are the cause of that such as the Art Events held at the Oakland Art Murmur in Uptown. This is an open gallery event taking place every month and frequently visited by all sorts of artists. Other notable attractions for the artists are the Jazz Fest the Montclair Wine the Chinatown Street Fest and the Temescal Street Fest. For the families Oakland Zoo is a frequently visited place with the huge appreciation for the exotic animals. The Children’s Fairyland is yet another place of attraction for the children and adults alike. The Oakland also has its very own baseball and basketball team for the families to cheer up to during the gaming seasons. The Amenities offered by the City Being a ground zero for the cutting edge methodologies of producing green and sustainable lifestyle the city is amongst the top ten for its sustainability practices. The MLS Listings mentions that the utility companies in the city are known to use the most renewable energy sources than any other city in America. Having over 300 organizations aimed at Green Environment Technologies and efficient Recycling methodologies the city itself serves as a very environmentally healthy habited. The BART system is yet another amenity benefited by the huge masses of Oakland and other parts of the Bay Area. Having an amazing climate is another feature of the city attracting a lot of Americans to find Oakland homes for sale in the area of East Bay. Ranging from the awe- slide 2: inspiring apartments in the skyline of the city the real estate listings also include some huge condos for sale near the Thousand Oaks Park as well some sweet little beaver homes near the countryside. Advertisement:- Being a home of several amenities and other features the city is prevalent for the Oakland homes for sale has become a popular choice. Abio properties and its MLS collaborations find a huge listing of all sorts of real estate in the city and its outskirts ranging from comfortable apartments in the skyline of the metropolitan to the nice little beaver homes in the fine countryside of the city.

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