NYU Class Project ( Publishing-M.S.): Tablet and App Creation and Management

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Published on February 22, 2014

Author: LinDavis

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Class Project Scope: Create a presentation, suggesting why the brand I chose should have an app.

COMPLEX MAGAZINE The App Experience: Style. Music. Sneakers. Sports. Games.

• Founded by Marc Ecko:2002 • Note: Complex Media Network became it’s own entity separate from Ecko Enterprises in 2009 • 12 Issues a Year/Dual Covers • The only print magazine that gives a different cover( on both sides) of every issue each month. • $10 yearly subscription • Single Issue: $4 • Circulation: 300, 000 • Audience: • Men: 18-34 • College Educated • Median HHI: $66,363

THE WHY • Competitors-Conde Nast Publications ( Cargo, Sync, Vitals)- Two years after launch, these publications folded. • • • XXL Magazine- Has a similar targeted audience; however, their main focus is Hip –Hop Music/Culture Esquire-Men’s/Lifestyle Culture- Different Demographic and audience as a whole/Higher Subscription Complex Media Network -Media Platform with an abundance of content and access to a number of advertisers and partnerships to include various sites like : Juxtapoz.com, Nahright.com, HipHopDX.com and more • 50 million Unique visitors a month to the Complex Media Network • The content they’ve created and curated can be bundled with the App offering special content not found on the main site or in the magazine. • The subscription of the magazine could be bundled with the app, especially considering the magazine subscription is only $10 for 12 issues. • The bundled app and print price could be: • $12.99 for Print and App • $ 2.99 for just the App • Six main categories: Style and Art, Sneakers, Music, Entertainment, Gaming and Sports- there are 10 to 22 plus affiliate sites for each category. • The app is an opportunity to combine the sites content, and pull the most visited information from the sites and offer an opportunity to link those affiliates directly to the consumer as well from this one platform


APP STRATEGY Considering the magazine and network are geared towards attracting young men (Niche Markets: Current Trends in Street wear, hip-hop culture and graphic art) , there is an opportunity to open the audience up just a bit to a larger demographic. • E-commerce: Provide a condense platform for the sites that are already under the Complex Network and allow their products, deals and etc., to be accessible via the app. • Advertisers: Open the App to Advertisers/Marketers ( more freedom to advertise more of their products exclusively), considering the already forged relationships with all of their affiliate sites. • Complex Media Network: Utilize Complex TV from the site to reel in more dedicated users. Create episodes via the app which would contain known “characters” or contributors to Complex Media.

EXECUTION The goal of the app is not a money making motive. The overall goal is to drive brand and name loyalty back to the Complex.com site and all of it’s affiliates as well. Complex Media already has affiliate/partnerships being managed and deals with retailers in which they have established relationships. Execution: • Build: Utilize Mag+ • Budget: 50K • Format: Mobile and Tablet versions • Platform: Android and Apple • By utilizing both platforms we could reach a significantly broader audience since everyone does not have an Apple device.

MARKETING • Podcast: Podcast are still a nice little way to introduce an audience to some of the content. Make the podcasts exclusive to the app. • Giveaways: With the app, there would be an “early bird” giveaway alert for those subscribers who have opted for both the print and app subscription • Since Complex.com has various lists, the top lists viewed could be complied together from each category and have a celebrity commentator from a representative of that list (i.e.-Sports/Sneakers ( Michael Jordan) narrating the list exclusive to the app • Launch events for Artists, Musicians and Gamers and partner with sponsors from their favorite brands and offer the app for free to all attendees of these events as part of the “Swag Bag.” • Cross market “How To” video’s from the Complex.com site with partners and affiliates of those products featured in the “How to” micro videos and offer to feature their advertisement on the app. • Social Media Engagement Rate: 66x that of MTV • SEO/SMO • Utilize all Social Media Platforms ( Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+) • Example Contest on Pinterest-”Best Throwback Sneakers in Your Closet” w/Caption-Win a chance to be featured in a special editorial piece for the magazine.

THE LOOK • The app user will have the capability to choose which cover ( the front or back) they’d like to start the App experience. • Much like the magazine the app will allow the two covers to represent to facets of the magazine app: • Male Celebrity Side ( Lifestyle/Music/Film/Gaming) • Female Celebrity Side ( “Consumer Reports Esque”-Technology/Sneakers/Apparel • Color Scheme –Synonymous with the print magazine • Graphics-Always exciting and Interactive particularly with new shoe releases • E-commerce • Content: • Exclusive Advertisements • Most Popular Lists • Podcasts • Interviews exclusive to the App ( Not in the Magazine) • Giveaways ( Early Bird Announcements) • Much like the magazine the app will allow the two covers to represent two facets of the magazine: • Male Celebrity Side ( Lifestyle/Music/Film/Gaming) • Female Celebrity Side ( “Consumer Reports esque”-Technology/Sneakers/Apparel)


CONCLUSION As an app, combining Complex Magazine and elements of content from the already established network is a recipe for success. • The competitors folded a few years ago. • Considering all of the affiliates it will not be a hard sell to get everyone on board. • Retailers/advertisers/marketers will love the idea of being more involved and treated exclusively to an app. • The Complex.com site has a massive audience overall and it’s time to tap into all aspects of the name and join them together with an app, that generates the most exclusive and popular content to the user. • The money is flowing into the company already; however, adding a direct eCommerce capability for example, and dealing directly with retailers will increase revenue as well, in addition to the revenue generated from the app downloads.

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