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Published on May 17, 2013

Author: Daragott

Source: slideshare.net

Nymphetamine Mondlicht, the GothicGirl with a strange behaviour.by DaragottNymphetamine Mondlicht is a 22 years old Alternative Model andPhotographer from Germany. She is always looking for newmodels – whether female or male who want to have some greatpictures. You can contact her anytime.Hello Nymphetamine Mondlicht, first, thank you for this greatpleasure you give me to accept this interview for X-centricMagazine; to start this interview off, please tell me, how wouldyou describe yourself?Nymphetamine- Hi X-centic, first thank you for inviting me tothis interview. I feel very honored and I liked to take time toanswer these questions. To my person: "NymphetamineMondlicht" is my artist name. The name "Nymphetamine" comes from the song of Cradle of Filth.I love this song. The "Mondlicht" stands for my love to the night. Especially nights when the moon isshining clearly. I´m an 22 years old girl. In the moment, I live with my boyfriend in Berlin, Germany.There, Im a trainee. Personally, I would describe myself as a nice, open-minded, sometimes

complicated, but always good-humored girl. But like everyone I´m not perfect and I have sometimes alittle strange behaviour.X-centic- Where did you grow up and what kind of kid were you?Nymphetamine- I grew up in a little village. Until I was 19 years old, I lived with my parents. Afterthat I started my education in the great city of Berlin. As a child I was totally different from today. Iwould say, as a child I was not really self-confident and did not have my own opinions. Today, it is ina totally other way: I represent my point, go with self-confidence through my life and make my way.X-centic- Tell me about your family.Nymphetamine- I love my family!!! I would do anything forthem, because I know, that they would do the same for me.My parents are my most beloved and the most importantpeople in my life. My family – especially my parents – issupporting me in every situation. Mostly here, in Berlin, it isreally great to know, that there is somebody who loves youand is proud about you.X-centic- Who in your family are you closest to and why?

Nymphetamine- Definitly my mum. She isn´t only my mum, she is also my best friend. I can talk toher about everything. She always tells me her opinion and stands by my side, doesn´t matter in whichsituation. I just love her. After that, there is my daddy. In his eyes, I´m his little princess. But I don´tfeel close to my parents, I also feel close to my lovely boyfriend. I met him on the WGT 2010 inLeipzig. He is my big love and he stands to me.He always builds me up when I´m down.X-centic- You are an Alternative, Gothic and Cyber Model/Photographer. Let’s s talk first aboutmodeling. How old were you when you start to do modeling?Nymphetamine-I´ve started my hobby late. It was in March, 2011 – I´ve been 20 years old.X-centic- How was the reaction of your parents and friends when you decided to do modeling?Nymphetamine- My parents are always excited when they see pictures of her daughter.Many of my friends like my style, too. Some of them also think, that it is brave that I do modeling.X-centic- Was modeling something you always wanted to do, or did it just kinda happen?Nymphetamine- Which girl doesn´t dream of beautiful and sexy pictures of itself? My boyfriend is anamateur photograph for years. He is the reason why I started modeling. To say the truth, he needed a“victim” for some of his ideas.X-centic- Do you want to do a career into modeling?Nymphetamine-To be honest, no!!! I love my job more than anything else. Modeling is just a hobby,a little satisfaction of me. I really like, to realize ideas and to improve creativity.

X-centic- What is your modeling background?Nymphetamine- The most important thing for me is to have fun.Meeting nice people to create projects together. Most importantlycreating great and beautiful pictures.X-centic- What attracts you in the modeling industry?Nymphetamine- Actually, I don´t work in the modeling industry,because I don´t take money for my shootings. I do just work TFP(Time For Pictures).X-centic- What motivates you to do your best on a photoshooting?Nymphetamine- Definitly, my urge for perfectionism, that thework becomes a good picture, which both, model and photograph,can live with.X-centic- What kind of campaigns would really you like to do?Nymphetamine-There are many campaigns, which I would like to do. Pictures on cemeteries, old ruins and lost places.I love these hard opposites. For example, a lost place, but a nice dress. The difference between old,rotten and beautiful, young, really attracts.X-centic- What has been your favorite modeling experience so far?Nymphetamine-Until now, all my shootings and photographs were great. Just everyone – photograph or model – hasdone an amazing work. The atmosphere fited.X-centic- Youre a photographer too, tell me how did you start doing photography?Nymphetamine- My second passion, I also owe my boyfriend.I got a camera to Christmas from him.First, I just shot items. But this became boring very soon. Then,I started to look for models under my friends, who had the interest to work together with me. This wasin March, 2012. In November 2012, I started with concert-photography.

X-centic- Was it an idea of yours or did anyone suggest it?Nymphetamine- As I said, my boyfriend was responsible.X-centic- What got you interested in it?Nymphetamine- In the photography I´m most interested in working together with great people, whoalso enjoy the hobby. Who are also satisfied in being creative and realizing ideas.X-centic- What are the common elements ofyour photography style? How would youdescribe your shooting style as photographer?Nymphetamine- I photograph persons, who arealso alternative as me, figurently, Gothic, Cyberor Lolita. But also things like cosplay or fantasyor horror…X-centic- Who do you consider to be aninfluence on your work as a photographer?Nymphetamine- Oh, really good question.First, I would name my boyfriend, because hehas been my mentor until now.

Otherwise, I really like the work of Martin Black or Heilemania.They just know how to set the models in the right light.X-centic- What are the most important things you have learnt from your work experience as model?Nymphetamine- Definitely the charme and the different posings.X-centic- And for the last question, why not something funny: Whats the worst pick up line youveheard from a guy?Nymphetamine- Haha… I really do have something in my mind. A guy asked me on the streetwhether I would like to earn some cash for pictures, because he thought I´m erotic.In this moment I was speechless.Nymphetamine- At the end…I would like to use this moment for thank all. I would like to thank forthe great support of my hobby.Especially I would like to thank the photographers and the models, I already worked with. It was agreat honor to me. I also would like to thank my “fans” for liking what I do and who I am. You arejust awesome!Thank you for answering my questions, it was a great to me and to all my readers to know you more!Nymphetamine Mondlicht wants to thank all the photographers for the work:de Rais Fotografie (https://www.facebook.com/de.rais.fotografie)Vanessa Vogl (https://www.facebook.com/vanessasfotography?fref=ts)Flämingspaziergang (Model Kartei)Grüne_Fee (Model Kartei)Photo Illusion (Model Kartei)Bloody Art (Model Kartei)Berlin Tribut HN (Model Kartei)VKuki (Fotocommunity)You can meet and contact Nymphetamine Mondlicht on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/nymphemondlicht

Bianca Nieves, The first interview ofBrokenBeeBianca started site modeling a while ago, the reasonwhy she started site modeling is to achieve her dreamsand goals. That is why she started a like page too aswell.Bianca hopes to become a singer and a model as sheget older; she is starting to get into acting again. Shegoes to auditions and she has a Youtube channel,Shes trying as hard as she can and she hopes many ofyou can help with this.Her biggest goal is to Inspire people. Not for the fameor the money, just to say she is a role model to someone. Now, lets see what she can tells about her.Hello Bianca Nieves, first, thank you for thisopportunity you give me to accept this interview for X-centric Magazine; to start thisinterview off, please tell me, how would you describe yourself?Bianca Nieves- I would describe myself as a very open minded person, I accepteveryone and everything. A very peaceful and caring person, I love animals and peopleand helping anyone I can. It makes me feel better about myself and hopefully I do thesame for the people I help. I can be a little controlling as well, I hate when things are notin my control it is like a pet peeve of mine. I am very expressive about my emotions andmy style and I am very nice but I say what is on my mind.X-centic- Tell us about yourself. Your life, your family, your school/jobBianca Nieves- I am a freshmen in Highschool, my life is pretty busy and fun. I am intwo singing groups and plus I do site modeling on the side and try to get myself out therewith my youtube videos and modeling. I hang around with my boyfriend just about everyday. I like to keep myself away from my family and keep busy. I do not get along withmy family, I never have, I have three older siblings and two younger siblings and we alldon’t really get along with each other. They are too judgemental and fake to me so Irespect them until I get out of my house. School was never too bad for me until the 8thgrade things started getting heavier with school life and home life which ended up withmy depression and anxiety to worsen but other than that I have always had good gradesand I have never done anything to bad in school I stay in school because I want to get farwith my life,, so I do what needs to be done with school. About a job, I might start

working at the fast food place Diary Queen in my town if all goes well but if things donot work out I am going to keep applying to places.X-centic- How was your childhood?Bianca Nieves- My childhood wasn’t the best I had to grow up fast and things were alittle hard with money and family issues.X-centic- How would your friends describe you?Bianca Nieves- Funny, Perverted, Weird, cute, and sweetX-centic- Who in your friends are youclosest to and why?Bianca Nieves- I am closest to about fourfriends of mine. One of them being myboyfriend. My boyfriend and I have beentogether for almost two years now and hehas been my rock. He is my soulmate andhe makes me who I am and loves me nomatter how weird I am.My three friends Andriana, Liz, and Jasmine have truly been here by my side for a longtime and I tell them everything I possible can trust them with. They don’t judge me andthey help me through some bad times in life.All of my closest friends have been through a lot including my boyfriend and they aresome of the strongest people I know.

X-centic- On starting to do model: when and how did you start modeling?Bianca Nieves- I started when I was 13 years of age an old friend of mine started it firstand she thought it would be a great idea for me because of the way I am and my look. Ihave also been to an audition in the 4th grade so I thought it would help me get where Iwanted to go and took the chance and because of my old friend I am here to day.X-centic- Why u want to be a model?Bianca Nieves- I want to be a model for the reasons that we look up to some of the mostawful people and the most hypocritical people and I want people to look up to me, I wantpeople to be inspired by me. I do not want them to feel low on themselves I want them tolook at my art/pictures and think “wow, I can do that.” or “I am beautiful, I don’t need allthis makeup or to hurt myself.” It is such a good feeling when you hear people say theylook up to you and that they stopped cutting or their eating disorder because of you orthat they are more confident.X-centic- Do you want to do modeling as a career?Bianca Nieves- Of course I do, I always wanted it since I was 5.

X-centic- What attracts you in the modeling industry?Bianca Nieves- That it is your art and sometimes your ideas, that people are payingattention to me and they look up to me. You get beautiful clothes and your hair andmakeup get done and you meet new people and go around the world.X-centic- How will you achieve your goals?Bianca Nieves- Get good grades, get away from my family, have support, save upmoney, keep taking photo’s and youtube videos, go to college, get well known and keepinspiring people.X-centic- How is it being a model on Facebook?Bianca Nieves- It is really cool, you meet so many people and it is a way to get wellknown. People look at your art and talk to you.X-centic- What qualities do you look for a site modeling on Facebook?Bianca Nieves- Goodmodels, poses, friendlypeople, friendly site owner,their rules and the amountof friends they have.X-centic- Lets look backat how you startedmodeling, tell me abouthow you began?Bianca Nieves- An oldfriend started site modelingbefore I did when I was 13and I have been to anaudition in 4th grade so Iwent for it and I am herenow.

X-centic- What was yourfirst time in front of acamera for a shooting?Bianca Nieves- I alwaysliked being in front of thecamera but my first actualphoto shoot was last yearduring the summer. It wasawesome!X-centic- Who was thephotographer for your firstphoto shoot and did youfeel comfortable in front ofthe camera? Nervous?Stressed? Relax?Bianca Nieves- I amhonestly not even sure whomy first photographer wasbut I was nervous anduncomfortable. He shoteveryone who was in thecompetition.X-centic- What was yourfirst impression when youhad your first photoshooting and was there anything that surprised you or that you didnt expect?Bianca Nieves- That he was a good photographer but he made everyone do the samemoves, my second photo shoot was better than my first. I expected my first photo shootto be more exciting than it was.X-centic- How did your parents and friends take your posing for Modeling?Bianca Nieves- My friends and family never seem excited for me but I had myboyfriends support.

X-centic- How would you describe your style?Bianca Nieves- My style would be fun, creative, sailor like, it is a mix of everything. Itcan be taken as so many stereotypes but nothing preppy. More like grunge, sailor, hipster,punk, rock, metal, cute. etc.X-centic- What are the most important things you have learnt from your work experienceas model?Bianca Nieves- That it is so much fun! Can be busy and stressful and people alwayscriticize you no matter what.Thank you so much. I am so thankful for this!Thank you for answering my questions, it was a great to me and to all my readers toknow you more!You can meet Bianca on her different profiles:https://www.facebook.com/BrokenBeeSiteModelhttps://www.facebook.com/BrokenBeeofficial2?fref=tshttps://www.facebook.com/ModelBrokenBee?fref=tshttps://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.469126023113626.127733.248366708522893&type=3

Zhara Altmodel, behind the picturesHer name is Sara Granados, hes from Costa Rica, Im23 years old, Studying styling, Shes practicingalternative modeling since a few time, Her biggestinspiration is the metal music, even though shesamateur in this art, Sara try hard to improve her workinto modeling.Hello Zhara Altmodel, first, thank you for thisopportunity you give me to accept this interview forX-centric Magazine; to start this interview off, pleasetell me,How would you describe yourself? Tell meabout yourself.Zhara- Well, first I want to thank you for theopportunity to make this interview, this is veryimportant for me. I can say Im friendly but sometimesIm introvert. I love the metal music; really that is my passion. Also I love the beauty andfashion therefore Im studying it.X-centric- What sort of childhood you had?Zhara- My childhood was the best part of my life, even though I grew in a rural zone Ialways had what I needed and I was very very happy. My parents were very loving andthey took care of my very well . From their I learned the humility and to value all what Ihave in my life.X-centric- What has disappointed you in your childhood?Zhara- I really have to say… nothing! all in my childhood was perfect and I enjoyedevery day all my adventures.

X-centric- How did you start to do modeling? Who convinced you to become a model?Zhara- I began modeling when my boyfriend bought a semi professional camera and heneeded a model to practice photography, I accepted but I felt shame, then he said me thatI had to lose the fear and practice more. One month later we make the application in x-centric models and I was accepted.Right now Im an amateur model thanks tomy boyfriend (Gerardo Cerdas)X-centric- How was the reaction of yourfamily and close friends when you decidedto do modeling?Zhara- All my family members werevery happy because they like a pictures.and my friends were surprised becausethey didnt know this part of me.In generally, I had a positive critical.X-centric- Do you plan on makingmodeling a full time career?Zhara- Yes, I would like to practice modeling full time because it is something what Ilike a lot. It make me feel different because I can learn a lot and improve my work.X-centric- How would you describe your style?Zhara- My style generally is related with the music, I love to wear t-shirt of differentmetal bands.

But I love the pin up style too,because, this is full of glamour.Even though I dont have many resources like dress and accesories I always try to lookdifferent and explode all the street art.X-centric- You live in Costa-Rica. How is it there for a young girl who want to become aModel?Zhara- Well, really its very difficult because theres not many support in this kind of art.For example the majority of alternative models from Costa Rica had to go out from thecountry to succeed.X-centric- Who is your favorite female model and why?Zhara- My favorite model is Marilyn Monroe because she was a recognized pin upmodel, also she was a very famous actress in hollywood and a singer.In fact she was a person who made a combination of different arts, and for this reason sheis my favorite.X-centric- Would you like to add something else?

Zhara- Yes, I want to thank to all people who always support me. Also to x-centricmodels because it is the first agency where I was accepted. And I cant forget to thanks tomy photographer (Gerardo Cerdas) without him this wouldnt be possible. And I reallylove his work.Thank you for answering my questions.Photographer: Gerardo Cerdashttps://www.facebook.com/g3rajcsYou can meet Zhara on her different profiles:https://www.facebook.com/ZharaAltmodel?ref=hlhttp://x-centricmodels.com/view.php?user_id=1592http://www.modelmayhem.com/3027422

Lola Loomerez, Flight By Broken WingsLola is born in October 24, 1996 and wanted to model ever since she was little. She alsosing, dance and act. Shes comfortable in her own skin and she wont let the haters defineher. Recently, she took a 3 month break from site modeling. But now shes back and shesdemanding to be heard!Hello Lola, to start this interview off, please tell me, How would you describe yourself?Tell me about yourself.Lola- Well, I’ve been through a lot in the past year. Bad relationships, broken trust, andjust the day in day out drama. I never let what’s happened in the past bring me down. I’ma strong person, I’ll defend you to the end if you need it.X-centric- Tell us about your childhood, your family.Lola- Well I moved to Iowa when I was 7 from Chicago.All of my brothers and sisters are older than I am, byatleast 20 years. My parents are older, so sometimes thegeneration gap causes conflicts and we don’t see eye toeye. But when it all comes down to it they’re always therefor me.X-centric- Do you receive support from your friends andfamily?Lola- It really depends. Sometimes my parents aresupportive and tell me I can do it and other times they tellme I’m wasting my time. My friends too, well it all

depends on the friend. My best friends Quanita and Chase always tell me no matter whatthey’ll always believe in me.X-centric- On starting to do model: when and how did you start modeling?Lola- I started sitemodeling last August, someone I randomly facebook added andbecame friends with started doing it. I was always interested in it so I thought I would tryit.X-centric- Did you always want to be a model?Lola- Yes, I’ve always been more attracted to the scene/emo modeling though. Morethan traditional.X-centric- Do you want to do modeling as a career?Lola- It’s a toss up between modeling and music. Both are equally important to me. Butif I make it in one, I’m sure I can do the other.X-centric- What attracts you in the modeling industry?Lola- All the potential in aspiring models. Also with sitemodeling I love making newfriends, so that is another thing that does.

X-centric- How long do you want tokeep on doing modeling?Lola- Until I’m told I’m too oldreally. Modeling gives me a sense ofbelonging. I live in a small town, andmy style is untraditional, modelingmakes me feel good about myself, sowhy stop a bad thing?X-centric- What do you dislikeabout modeling?Lola- I don’t like how some siteowners are unprofessional and don’tcommunicate with their models. Itmakes me feel like I don’t get toknow the face behind the screen, I’mnot sure why it bothers me, but Iguess it’s because I like to connectwith people.X-centric- Who is your modelinspiration and why?Lola- I would have to say KatieBabyfayce. She’s just so pretty andher pictures are like perfect.X-centric- Do you have something else you would like to add?Lola- Yes, never let the past affect what your present self wants to do. If I allowed that tohappen I wouldn’t be doing this interview right now.You can meet Lola on her different profiles on the Web:https://www.facebook.com/lola.loomerez1 – facebook profilehttp://www.facebook.com/lolaloomerezmusic – music like pagehttps://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Lola-Loomerez/143283255847882?fref=ts –sitemodeling like pagewww.youtube.com/XxSceneQueenLolaxX – The offical Youtube channel

Haru Insanity, The beginningHaru Insanity is a aspiring model, photographer and musician. She hope u guys will likewhat she has to show and to say.Hello Haru Insanity, to start this interview off, tell me something about your personality,tell us h ow was your childhood?Haru Insanity- My childhood was filled my tough loveand abuse iv had many struggles in life due to my mixedrace and my personality an the choices I have made.X-centic- How would your friends describe you?Haru Insanity- my friends would probly say immasarcastic laid bak gamer chick that is an awkward turtlewho is kinda shy but blunt loud but also quit and a reallygood friend.X-centic- How did you start to do modeling? Whoconvinced you to become a model?Haru Insanity- I started modeling when I applied to x-centric an havent stoped since an nobody convinced me tomodel tbh ppl told me that Im to short and fat to model.X-centic- How was the reaction of your parents and friends when you decided to domodeling?Haru Insanity- my mom was happy an said it would be good for me an my dad said noIm to short an fat lol my dads a dick.X-centic- What qualities do you look for a site modeling on Facebook?Haru Insanity- Tbh Im very picky with sites now and Im currently not looking for newsites but when I do look I look for models that are already pro or models that obviouslyshow they could make it in the world as models.

X-centic- So, what exactly is your personal style?Haru Insanity- my personal style is a mash up of many styles because there multiplysides to my personality the styles I would say they would be are kawaii grungegrunge/punk and goth.X-centic-What aspects of the modeling career attractyou most?Haru Insanity- The fact thats its a form of art angood way to express ur self as a child growing upmodeling has always been one of the careers I wantedto get into.X-centic- What do you not like about doingmodeling?Haru Insanity- So far nuthing lolX-centic- What brand do you use for make upproducts?Haru Insanity- Currently maybellenX-centic- What are your future goals, dreams and plans?Haru Insanity- To basicly be in the world of art and do all that I love which is model ,photography an music.You can meet Haru on her different profiles:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Haru-Insanity/382295695186906https://www.facebook.com/taijin.syu

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