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Published on October 4, 2017

Author: Newyorkacademy

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Slide1: Welcome To NEW YORK ACADEMY Best International School in Hyderabad Slide2: New York Academy – The Best International Preschool in Hyderabad As the  best international preschoo l, New York Academy creates a welcoming environment for children who can settle in and make friends. NY Academy’s curriculum provides children with highly quality programs that help them to develop their personality .  Slide3: Criteria for an international school   An international school has to follow some criteria which include multilingual children community, Transferability, international syllabi, international accreditation and non-selective student enrollment. Such schools’ curriculum includes information technology, arts, science, humanities, language, mathematics and physical education, etc. Slide4: Best international school in Hyderabad – To meet World class Standards International schools promote international education in an international atmosphere by adopting a required curriculum which differs from each school. The concept of an international school commenced in the second half of the 19th century for families that travelled extensively. These schools were primarily established with the help of diplomatic missions, defense establishments and scientific communities. Slide5: Advantages to Learning in an International School Usually, such schools have children from different nationality and even faculty from across the globe. Children would learn a lot more when they are exposed to different cultures and lifestyles in the international schools . This kind of culture is very important to the child in terms of communication. Most schools encourage children to participate in extracurricular activities like singing, dancing, sports, dramatics and talent shows. Such activities would help children to gain confidence and learn valuable lessons in competitiveness .   Slide6: Contact Us Email : Info@newyorkacademy.com Website : www.newyorkacademy.com Phone : +91-9160-606060 THANK YOU

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