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Published on June 19, 2007

Author: Belly

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Comparing Windows NT and Netware 4:  Comparing Windows NT and Netware 4 Tony Brett IT Systems Manager Corpus Christi College Tel. 76695, e-mail: tony.brett@ccc.ox.ac.uk O.U.C.S. 25 andamp; 26 November 1998 Why this talk?:  Why this talk? Corpus Christi College Currently NT 4.0/3.51 system 2 domains Moving to Netware 4.11 What Users Need:  What Users Need A way to receive and send E-mail A way to Print Somewhere to keep files safe Access to the internet Access to standard office-type applications What IT Staff Need:  What IT Staff Need A system that is standard, and off-the shelf A system that can continue to be supported if staff change Public machines configured so they don’t need constant reconfiguration Reduced cost of ownership Why are we moving ? (1):  Why are we moving ? (1) Many Institutions moving from Netware to NT. Microsoft Marketing. Who buys NT for Domains? Domains are not scalable, not hierarchical, not distributed. More sensible filing system - shares are archaic! Why are we moving ? (2):  Why are we moving ? (2) Novell only produce Network software. NT Server almost identical to NT workstation. Minor changes. No quota in NT! Trust relationships rapidly become unmanageable. Directory Services is the answer! Novell Directory Services.:  Novell Directory Services. Heirarchical, reflecting College Structure. NDS based on X500 standard No one server is any more 'the boss' than another. Database is distributed and replicated. Objects can exist for every entity on the network. Single point of management - NWAdmin. Novell Directory Services:  Novell Directory Services Established since early ‘90s Solid and reliable No downtime in Medical School since late 1995 Microsoft’s Current Offering: Domains:  Microsoft’s Current Offering: Domains Flat structure Four object types User Global and local groups Computer Non-extensible Cannot define new object types or attributes SQL server, post office, application E-mail address, phone number Domain Administration:  Domain Administration Administration by object type, not individual objects or attributes Account operators Manage all users of the domain Print operators Manage all printers of the domain Server operators Manage all servers of the domain Cannot assign individual administrative rights Trust Relationships:  Trust Relationships Microsoft’s Offering sometime in the future: MAD:  Microsoft’s Offering sometime in the future: MAD Moves some way towards NDS MAD O.U.s cannot: Grant rights to other MAD objects Users, other organizational units, groups Grant rights to resources Printers File system, Shares Inherit services based on OU Applications (NAL) When will it Appear?:  When will it Appear? Sometime 1999? Rename to Windows2000 Y2K issues? Is it wise to move production servers to a completely re-written OS before one or two service packs? All workstations will have to upgrade to Win2000 to take advantage Analyst Reports—Windows NT:  Analyst Reports—Windows NT 'I think Microsoft has a lot of work left. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the [Windows] NT 5.0 deliverable list go from a dictionary to a pamphlet.' Jon Oltsik, Forrester Research (As quoted in LAN Times, 'Windows NT 5.0 stakeout,' R. Schott Raynovich, March 2, 1998) 'If people are looking to reduce costs [they] shouldn’t be waiting for [Windows] NT 5.0' Mike Silver, Gartner Group Inc., (As quoted in LAN Times, 'Microsoft must sharpen ZAW, R. Scott Raynovich, March 2, 1998) Other Issues (1):  Other Issues (1) Workstation restrictions NT - only 8 PC workstations Netware - properly configurable Other Issues (2):  Other Issues (2) Shares: LAN Manager relic because no space in FAT file system for permissions. Access to files depends on which share you go through. E.g. c:\winnt\system32\repl\import\scripts vs. NETLOGON Novell File system has no concept of shares - permissions are on files. Managing desktop MS Operating systems:  Managing desktop MS Operating systems Where NT is useful:  Where NT is useful NT is brilliant as a desktop operating system Secure Manageable Fast Stable True 32-bit Novell ZEN works makes running all workstations simple Features of ZEN works:  Features of ZEN works Novell Application Launcher Novell Application Launcher:  Novell Application Launcher Network - centric applications Automatic install and repair of applications Workstation & User Policies:  Workstation andamp; User Policies For Win 3.1, 95, 98 and NT Held in NDS - no more config.pol files! Workstation inventory:  Workstation inventory Remote Control:  Remote Control Can take over workstations, with or without users knowledge or permission Enables easy remote support Can log in and out of NT workstation Dynamic User Accounts:  Dynamic User Accounts snAppShot:  snAppShot snAppShot:  snAppShot Installing an Application What changed? Files added, removed, changed registry settings text file changes All data stored in NDS Variables can be used to customise Use normall install program. snAppShot works out what changed. Microsoft’s Offering:  Microsoft’s Offering Systems Management Server Offers hardware inventory and remote control Used to offer Program Group Control for delivering applications but: It should be noted that shortly after the development of CCCDesk, Microsoft announced that Program Group Control would not be continued in the next version of SMS. -Matthew Dovey, Corpus Christi College Computer Network, Installation and Maintenance Manual, Volume 1, page 43 Questions?:  Questions?

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