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Published on October 2, 2013

Author: NextworksProd

Source: slideshare.net

NextWorks Launches the Content CapsuleTM Interactive Content Marketing Solution for the Web and Mobile Austin, TX, March 7, 2013… NextWorks, a visual engagement production and distribution company, has launched the Content CapsuleTM interactive content marketing solution. Company CEO Tim Bahr says the product is designed to provide an agile, fast and cost-effective solution to deliver multiple forms of content across owned, earned, paid and social media on the web and mobile platforms. “The Content CapsuleTM packages videos, images, documents, transactions and other content into highly sharable and interactive self-contained units,” said Bahr. “Capsules allow marketers to tell their stories in a highly creative, informative and interactive manner. Viewers can access progressively more in-depth information and make a decision or transaction without leaving a sponsor’s content.” View the NextWorks Content CapsuleTM here: http://www.nextworks.com/nextworks- capsule/ “We see the Content CapsuleTM as a breakthrough in story telling, or what we like to call StorytizingTM ,” said Bob Pearson, Digital Industry Thought Leader and Author of Pre- Commerce. “It doesn’t make sense to spend resources to drive people to a website or social channel, when you can creatively package content for specific audiences and deliver it directly to your customers. We are decreasing focus on clicks and increasing focus on relevance.” Content Capsules can be embedded in websites, blogs and paid media. Every interaction with each piece of content is monitored and measured. Insights drawn from analytics can be used to update capsules in real-time while they are in distribution. “Picture programming thousands of screens across the digital ecosystem – the web, mobile, social - in direct response to audience interactions, with little or no strain on your internal IT department,” said Bahr.

About NextWorks NextWorks is a next generation visual engagement company that creatively produces, packages and delivers multiple forms of content on unique interactive platforms. The company’s distribution platforms are designed to provide viewers all information necessary to understand client stories and take desired actions, without leaving client content. All interactions with every piece of content are monitored and measured. Data collected is used to update and enhance content while in distribution, guide production of future content and provide the client with the ability to build their own media network over time. www.nextworks.com Media Contact NextWorks Mary Louise McCarroll, 646-253-8183 mmccarroll@nextworks.com

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