NV Family Engagement Conference 2014 - Connecting the Dots

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Information about NV Family Engagement Conference 2014 - Connecting the Dots

Published on March 13, 2014

Author: LeadLearner



Home & School 2.0: A presentation by Joe Mazza at the #NVsummit2014 - March 13, 2014

HOME & SCHOOL 2.0 Joe Mazza Thurs., March 13, 2014 Reno, NevadaSharing your learning? Use #nvsummit2014

Today’s Resource Links • TodaysMeet Backchannel link: ( • Knapp Elementary Family Engagement Wiki ( • On Twitter? Use #nvsummit2014 to share your learning today • • Visit (search nvsummit2014) to find all slides & links shared today.

My work • K-12 Director for Connection Teaching, Learning & Leadership in NPSD • Former Lead Learner at Knapp Elementary School in NPSD • “Principals’ Use of Social Media To Communicate Between Home & School” University of Pennsylvania, May 2013 • Blogger: Edutopia, Connected Principals, Parent Involvement Matters, Smartblogs, • National IEL Consultant • PennGSE Innovation Coach • Weekly #PTchat Moderator on Twitter • #PTchat Radio Host (iTunes)

Connecting Schools in a Digital Age #nvsummit2014


Commodore 64 kid #nvsummit2014


Hubbard Woods School (K-4) Winnetka, Illinois Supporting Post: 3 investment good leade s #nvsummit2014

Community-building through technology WGST - Hubbard Woods Supporting Publication: Methods That Matter II #nvsummit2014

COMMUNITY - BUILDING Collaborative Transparent Relationship-driven Builds trust Implemented with (not to) Partnership and shared #nvsummit2014

Collaborate by default Shared problem Shared action plan Shared research Shared actions Shared next steps Shared parents’ perspectives #nvsummit2014

If we’re serious about collaborating we’re using collaborative tools by default. #nvsummit2014

Image credit: http://www.secularstudents.o Family engagement insanity = continuing to expect parents to come to us... #nvsummit2014

Schools Must Meet Parents Where They Are If They Are Committed to Building & Maintaining Home-School Partnerships • 460,000 people sign up for Twitter accounts each day. 70% of these sign- ups are aged 18-35. (Pew Internet Study, 2011) Supporting Post - Case for eFACE #nvsummit2014

Where to begin?

Invest in Communication Without Technology Beyond the Bakesale (2007) - Four Core Beliefs #nvsummit2014

FACE Family And Community Engagement Dr. Joyce Epstein Dr. Karen Mapp Dr. Anne Henderson Dr. Steve Constantino The research is robust. #nvsummit2014

Welcome. Honor. Respect. #nvsummit2014

Get Connected ...See through the lens of those already using these tools #nvsummit2014

Joined Twitter in 2011 as @Joe_Mazza 10 Family Engagement Rock Stars to Follow TODAY @LarryFerlazzo – ESL teacher @gpescatore25 – Parent @FCEnetwork via IEL @Cybraryman1 – Retired educator @TonySinanis – Lead Learner @sirotiak02 - Teacher @ptaswilson - PTA @DrJoeClark - Supt @DrSteveConstantino – Supt @7MrsJames – Teacher in AU Image credit: Supporting Post - Parents’ Guide to Twitter

Social media based professional development is now available where teacher preparation and educational leadership programs miss the mark. #nvsummit2014

Family engagement Technology integration Collaborative transparency #nvsummit2014

Weekly Hashtag Chats #nvsummit2014

#PTchat (Parent-Teacher Chats) Wednesdays at 6PM PST

#PTchat (Parent-Teacher Chats) Wednesdays at 6PM PST Inside a “ptchat” #nvsummit2014

#PTchat (Parent-Teacher Chats) Wednesdays at 6PM PST Impact

#PTchat (Parent-Teacher Chats) Wednesdays at 6PM PST Reach *Not pictured Australia, India, UK, France, Germany, Finland, Turkey, Spain, China, Netherlands

Where’s Nevada? #nved is the official state hashtag

Meets virtually every Monday night at 9PM CST Supporting Post: The origin of #ohedchat by Jeremy Evans #nvsummit2014

What is the impact of social media tools like Facebook, Blogs, Instagram, Youtube, Wikis & Twitter on home- school partnerships? #nvsummit2014

Pre-Dissertation Is there any research out there re: the use of social media to connect home & school? #nvsummit2014

Dissertation Debrief Use of Social Media Tools By School Principals to Communicate Between Home & School Joe Mazza, University of Pennsylvania #nvsummit2014

Qualitative Case Study Analysis -> 3 Principals -> 3 Parent leadership groups -> Actual social media evidence What works? What doesn’t? Next steps? #nvsummit2014

FACE Family And Community Engagement Dr. Joyce Epstein Dr. Karen Mapp Dr. Anne Henderson Dr. Steve Constantino The research is robust. #nvsummit2014

eFACE electronic Family And Community Engagement voicemail Email fax machine P.A. system 460,000 per day (Pew Internet Survey) #nvsummit2014

Epstein’s 6 Types of Involvement Image credit: #nvsummit2014

Epstein’s 6 Types of Involvement Image credit: #nvsummit2014

Family Engagement Core Values 1)All parents have dreams for their children and want the best for them. 2)All parents have the capacity to support their children's learning. 3)Parents and school staff should be equal partners. 4)The responsibility for building partnerships between school and home rests primarily with school staff, especially school leaders. (Henderson & Mapp, 2007) Image credit: #nvsummit2014

Findings School principals are responsible Limited leadership preparation for using social media tools Tools offer two-way communication by default Tools offer direct and immediate access to principal Educational “branding” occurs

Findings (cont.) Learning community can communicate in the same conversation without being in the same room A true depth of how many parents utilized social media tools to support teaching and learning is unclear One size does not fit all. There is a single “one tool” that all parents use. Various “preferences” came from parents at each of

Findings (cont.) Schools used social media tools to recognize, announce, solicit feedback, remind, build relationships and engage learning community directly and indirectly connected to school. Above all, parents seek face to face, two- way communications with respect to eye contact, tone, empathy, respect Social media tools aimed to complement family engagement efforts already in place by three schools, not replace them.

Implications for Practice –It’s not about the technology Focus on embedding core beliefs of school, family and community partnerships before engaging social media tools. How school and parent leaders can go about entering the world of social media to engage families and the community.

It’s not about the tools, but the relationships “Technology should be like oxygen;  ubiquitous, necessary, and invisible.” @ChrisLehmann #nvsummit2014

Implications for Practice (cont.) –Capacity Building Need for University and school-based professional development for school leaders on school, family and community partnerships. Need for professional development for school leaders, educators, parents and other learning community members on use of social media tools

Implications for Practice (cont.) –One Size Does Not Fit All Access, home use and training needs should be identified consistently; Per district, per school, per class. Schools must identify which tools work best, and which tools parents already depend on in their personal lives. Build a “menu of communication offerings” to “meet parents where they are.”

#PARENTCAMP Sat, 11/2/13

Ongoing Face to Face Two-Way Communications Four Core Beliefs (Henderson & Mapp, 2008) Email Distribution List Family Engagement Wiki Home & School 2.0Twitter Text Alerts “Mobile App”? PollEverywhere Skype Parent-Teacher Conferences Remind 101 - Text Alerts A “MENU” of communications grown over time Google Voice/Text line

•How Do You Know What Forms of Communication YOUR Parents Are Using For Work & Home? #nvsummit2014

•ASK THEM in multiple ways Mazza, J. (2013). The Use of Social Media By School Principals To Communicate Between Home and School.

Epstein’s 6 Types of Involvement Image credit:

Mazza, J. (2013). The Use of Social Media By School Principals To Communicate Between Home and School.

Welcoming-Honoring-Respecting Main Lobby Components • Welcoming front office staff • Clocks relating to timezones of our families • Parent Resource Center • Parent Computer Kiosk • Signage in top 5 languages • Student work • Sitting Area • Principal’s Office

How do liability concerns impact family engagement? December 21, 2013 Winter Sing-A-Long Gym Capacity: 626

Face to face two-way communication - A foundation or “home button” for home-school partnerships Image credit: upporting Post: Leadership “Home Button”

Getting Started With Social Media Checklist 1. Identify and invest in family engagement core values. 2. Become a connected educator. 3. Understand the distinct communication needs of your school families. 4.Understand the parameters. 5.Share decision-making. Mazza, J. (2013). The Use of Social Media By School Principals To Communicate Between Home and School.

Getting Started With Social Media Checklist 6. Build capacity. 7. Technology is not the answer to solving conflict. 8. Introduce new tools. 9. Offer a menu of offerings. 10. Ongoing fidelity checks are necessary. Mazza, J. (2013). The Use of Social Media By School Principals To Communicate Between Home and School.

Shared eFACE Efforts Implemented @KnappElementary #nvsummit2014

Supporting Post - Home & School 2.0 Average parent-teacher-community attendance = 43 (pre live feed option = 13) for monthly home and school meetings

“Meet Families Where They Are” What does that mean for your school?

Plant the seeds. Provide ongoing training for parents & teachers. Overlay Tool: Twitterfall

Supporting Post - 12 Reasons to Get your School Tweeting

“@KnappElementary: @MissMorrison’s students read their newly published eBooks to 2nd grade buddies today & will share them with their family tonight!” dinner table Tell me about this book you published. Supporting Post - 5 Ways Being Connected Helps My Students

Supporting Post: #EdCamp Comes to @KnappElementary #EdCamp style PD comes to @KnappElementary

November 2, 2013 2013 Keynote Dr. Adam Berman 2012 Keynote Melissa Bilash (@MomCongressPA) Follow-up Post on ParentCamp via Edutopia

Ongoing Face to Face Two-Way Communications Four Core Beliefs (Henderson & Mapp, 2007) Email Distribution List Family Engagement Wiki Home & School 2.0Twitter Text Alerts “Mobile App”? PollEverywhere Skype Parent-Teacher Conferences Remind 101 - Text Alerts Offer A “Menu” of Communications (Restaurant-Style) Google Voice/Text line

How will you communicate this to families? #nvsummit2014

“Menu” of Communications Face to Face Phone Send a note Zippslip Skype E-mail Google Text Twitter Knapp App (Apple/Android) Edmodo Home & School 2.0 Mtg H&S Facebook Page Supporting Post - “I’m Overwhelmed with all the technology here.” [Back to School Night Slide]

Supporting Post - Evolution of Lead Learner by George Couros Inside Finland’s Education System 3/23/13 - 3/30/13 in education March 25-29 TEACHERS - ADMIN - PARENTS - STUDENTS Connected Learning Community

Family Engagement Wiki Parent Perspectives Image credit: What Do Knapp Parents have to say about eFACE efforts? (Video Link)

How Will You Move Forward? PLAY CLIP

(12-13 family/staff bumper sticker) @Joe_Mazza – Using Social Media to Maximize Family And Community Engagement

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