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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: xclark



Restoring our health

Restoring Our Health Preventing & Overcoming Chronic Disease By: Xonna Clark and Maureen George Maryland University of Integrative Health Interns

What’s Ailing Us Today? Brain Fog Aging Stress Joint Inflammation Fatigue Digestion Issues

Why? Key Common Denominators  Modern Diet = Sugar + Salt + Fat  Nutrient Deficiencies

The Problem  Busy lives—we want quick & easy  Food manufacturers/marketers  Create & respond  Quick, easy, long shelf life, “palatability”  Foods loaded with Sugar + Salt + Fat  When one is reduced, the others increase  Low Fat  more sugar + salt  Low Salt  more sugar + fat  Low Sugar  more salt + fat

The Result  Today we consume an average of 71 pounds of caloric sweeteners/year—22 tsp/day  March, 2013 study linked 180,000 deaths to sugary beverages (Presented at American Heart Association Nutrition, Physical Activity and Metabolism / Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology and Prevention (AHA EPI-NPAM) 2013 Scientific Sessions, March 19 - 22, 2013; New Orleans, Louisiana )  Sugar is in almost every food & goes by 50+ disguised names

 Agave nectar  Barbardos sugar  Barley malt  Beet sugar  Blackstrap molasses  Brown sugar  Buttered syrup  Cane juice crystals  Confectioner’s sugar  Corn sugar  Corn syrup  Corn syrup solids  Crystalline fructose  Date sugar  Demerara sugar  Dextran  Dextrose  Diastatic malt  Diatase  Ethyl Maltol  Evaporated cane juice  Florida crystals  Fructose  Fruit Juice  Fruit Juice concentrate  Galactose  Glucose  Glucose solids  Golden sugar  Honey  Golden syrup  Grape sugar  High fructose corn syrup  Icing sugar  Invert sugar  Lactose  Malt Syrup/Extract  Malodextrin  Maltose  Maple syrup  Molasses  Muscovado sugar  Organic raw sugar  Panocha  Refiner’s syrup  Rice syrup  Sorghum syrup  Sucrose  Sugar  Treacle  Turbinado sugar  Yellow sugar Call me Sugar

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Sugar, Sugar Everywhere 12 oz cola 6 oz flavored fat-free yogurt 8 oz energy drink 1 cereal bar 8 oz grape juice  68 g = 17 tsp sugar  31 g = 8 tsp sugar  64 g = 16 tsp sugar  13 g = 3 tsp sugar  40 g = 10 tsp sugar Source: Northcoast Region, Champions for Change Sugar Shocker game

What Sugar Does in Our Bodies 50 100 150 200 250 300 Over Time Sugar Levels Swing Blood Sugar Dysregulation Normal …Eventually… Hypoglycemia --- Hyperglycemia --- Insulin Resistance --- Weight Gain --- Visceral Fat --- Metabolic Syndrome ---Diabetes

Blood Sugar Dysregulation eyes heart kidneys limbs brain nerves digestion adrenals hormones thyroid yeast & bacterial overgrowth chronic fatigue hypertension insomnia hypothyroidism hyperthyroidism dementia brain fog mood disorders imbalances decreased libido neuropathy vision loss heart disease renal failure circulation loss

What Can We Do?  World Health organization recommending reduction from 10-5 tsp sugar/day maximum (20 g)  More protein (plant & animal), fat & fiber  Only complex (not refined) carbs & always with protein and fat  Small, frequent meals  Limit fructose & artificial sweeteners  Exercise  Sleep  Manage stress

Fat  Slows glucose (sugar) absorption into blood  Necessary for brain, all cells, hormone balance, energy  Data is showing that low-fat foods and diets = weight gain and heart disease remains #1 killer Women’s Health Initiative Study (2006)  Key factors  Type of fat  Freshness  How you use them

Types of Fats  Monounsaturated: olive oil, avocado, almonds  Polyunsaturated:  Omega 3: cold water fish, walnuts, green leafy vegetables, cod liver oil, flax, chia and hemp seeds  Omega 6: vegetable oils, corn, safflower, sunflower, most nuts & seeds  Good saturated: coconut oil, palm oil, ghee (clarified butter)  Bad fats: transfat, hydrogenated, old, rancid, oxidized

Freshness  Smell for rancidity  Buy in dark bottles  Store in refrigerator or cool, dark cabinet Use  No heat or low heat: polyunsaturated  (sunflower, corn, soybean, safflower, flax)  Low to medium heat: monounsaturated  (olive, peanut)  Medium to high heat: saturated fats  (butter, coconut, animal fat)

What to Do?  Eat more omega 3 fats  Eat more monounsaturated fats  Eat more good saturated fats  Eat fewer omega 6 fats  Change cooking oil  Cook with small amounts of saturated fat and a little water (steam sauté)  Avoid bad fats & old fats = oxidation and inflammation

Salt  The need:  All cells need sodium—electrolyte balance  For most, maximum daily intake  = < 1,500 mg (1/2 tsp)  Excess  Throws off electrolyte balance  Fatigues kidneys & adrenal glands  Causes water retention, hypertension, impaired urination  HBP diuretics can cause loss of nutrients  Lack of nutrients stimulates cravings for sugar, fat & salt!

What to Do?  Limit processed foods—read labels  Accounts for 75% of sodium intake  Fast food, sandwiches, deli meats, canned foods, frozen foods, breads, soups, salad dressings, some vinegars  Use more spices, herbs, lemon  If possible, buy iodized sea salt  Sodium plus minerals work together in the body

How to Restore Mineral Deficiencies Blood Sugar Issues Thyroid Imbalances Nutrient Key Sources Protein Lean meat, beans, eggs, yogurt, nuts Fat Fish, olives, avocado Fiber Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans Chromium Broccoli, garlic, green beans, turkey Complex Carbs Whole grains, veggies CoQ10 Fish, meat, sesame, soy, canola Iron Lentils, spinach, beans, beef Magnesium Spinach, beans, nuts, seeds Vitamin C Red peppers, citrus, broccoli Zinc Beef, pumpkin seeds, yogurt Nutrient Key Sources Protein Lean meat, beans, eggs, yogurt, nuts Iodine Iron Seaweed, fish, iodized salt Liver, lean meats, eggs, dark greens Magnesium Spinach, beans, nuts, seeds Selenium Brazil nuts, grass-fed beef Vitamin C Red peppers, citrus, strawberries Zinc Beef, pumpkin seeds, yogurt

Our Meal Today  Seaweed Salad: a great source of vitamin A, C, E, K, and B-vitamins. Rich in many minerals including iodine, selenium, calcium, and iron. Good source of fiber.  Stir-fry: balanced macronutrients: quality protein (chicken), good carbs (brown rice) and healthy fats (olive oil, sesame oil). Variety of vitamins and minerals in vegetables like calcium, chromium, vitamin C.

References  Howard, B.V et al. (2006) “Low fat Dietary Pattern and Risk of Cardiovascular Disease: the Women’s health Initiative Randomized Controlled Dietary Modification Trial.,” JAMA 295 39-49.  Hyman, Mark. (2012) Blood Sugar Solution. New York, NY; Little Brown and Company  Lustig, Robert H. (2013) Fat chance: beating the odds against sugar, processed food, obesity & disease. New York, NY; Hudson Street Press  Moss, M. (2013) Salt, Sugar, Fat. New York, NY. Random House.  Nelms, Metal (2011) Nutrition therapy & pathophysiology. Belmont, CA; Wadesworth Press.  Study by Gitanjali Singh, PhD, from Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, Massachusetts, and colleagues was reported at EPI|NPAM 2013, the Epidemiology and Prevention/Nutrition, Physical Activity and Metabolism 2013 Scientific Sessions.

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