Nursing 101 Library Review (Modified for Online)

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Information about Nursing 101 Library Review (Modified for Online)

Published on March 13, 2014

Author: cjsteffy



This is the second library session that nursing students have at the Joseph F. McCloskey School of Nursing. This session reviews topics from the introduction session and also introduces summarizing, critiquing, and synthesizing. This PowerPoint which also contains a screencast was given to students in lieu of an in person, flipped classroom experience this year because of numerous session cancellations due to winter storms.

Library Session Nursing 101 Online Library Session February 2014

Overview • Introduction • Library Review – Resources – ProQuest Reminders – CRAAP test • Nsg. 101 Assignments in Context • Summary/Critique Review • Sample Search • APA • Assessment

Introduction • This presentation will review some library resources and searching information, and then it will move into a focus on your Nursing 101 work. We will look at how your assignments fit in the context of your future courses and the profession, and then we will briefly review summaries and critiques, we will have a sample search, and I will tell you about an APA review resource. At the end of the presentation, there is a link to a brief assessment for you to complete. • This library information has been modified from what was to be a face to face lecture to a PowerPoint presentation. Please watch this PPT in slide show view so you can click on the links inside of the show.

Library Review - Resources • Books • Print journals (NOTE – these are journals we do NOT have access to in ProQuest because of licensing restrictions. They are very useful.) • Angel Learning Resources Group – Online Research Resources folder and other topic oriented folders have credible websites for research, including sites for professional associations. • ProQuest database See policies on Angel for information about circulation of resources.

Library Review - ProQuest Searching: Truncation • Use nurs* and search within the publication title to find articles that only come from nursing journals. This technique is called truncation, and it can be used with the root of any word.

Library Review - ProQuest Searching: Full text; Peer reviewed • Avoid the full text limiter because your librarian can order articles you can’t get full text. Also, we may have those articles in print. • Peer-reviewed – choose this for peer- reviewed (scholarly) sources.

Library Review - ProQuest Searching: Results List • Notice you can still see the limiters on the right side of the screen. You can also see what article formats ProQuest offers. • Remember to choose “Scholarly Journals.”

Library Review - CRAAP Test • When you find articles, particularly when you find Internet articles in sources that are not scholarly journals, use the CRAAP test to evaluate them. • CRAAP = – Currency (Date?) – Reliability (Trusted source?) – Accuracy (Correct information?) – Authority (Is author an expert?) • Remember: Reliability does NOT always equal Authority – Purpose (What’s the point of article? Is it biased?) • Websites are SUPPLEMENTS for the required scholarly and textbook resources; you can only use websites after you use the other required sources.

Nsg. 101 Assignments in Professional Context • Your N101 assignments are an important stepping stone in your scholarly work progression. • Your scholarly work as a student prepares you for the scholarly work you are expected to engage in when you become a professional. • You are developing an ability to summarize and critique the work of others, then synthesize the work of others into a scholarly paper, and then use this information to teach. When you get to Nursing 300, you will be conducting your own research and presenting your results so they can be used to improve patient care. As a professional, you should then consider publishing these results.

Nsg. 101 Assignments in Professional Context Summarize/Critique Work of Others Synthesize Ideas of Others For Your Own Paper Use The Information from Your Paper/Research to Teach Patients Conduct Your Own Studies/Do Original Research Present Results to Improve Patient Care Publish For Others to Learn

Summary/Critique Review • You were given a handout with a great deal of information about summarizing, critiquing, and synthesizing research. The handout also discussed the difference between paraphrasing and summarizing. Review this handout and keep it as a guide for synthesizing ideas in future papers. • Here’s a brief reminder of the summarizing/critiquing as you edit these papers.

Summary/Critique Review • Summarize = tell us about the article • Critique = tell us what you think about the article, the research findings, the conclusions, the study, etc. – Use critical thinking to really examine what was done well and what was not done well. Assignment instructions will provide more guidance on this.

Summary/Critique Review • Summary vs. Paraphrase – Summary = Distill the information into a shorter version using your own words. You are condensing it from a long version to a short version. – Paraphrase = Repeat what the author said, but using different words. Paraphrases are usually about the same length as the original idea, and they typically follow the same sentence structure. You are capturing the essence of what the author said, but you are not trying to condense it; you are just trying to say it a different way.

Sample Search I planned to have you walk me through a search; instead, I have provided you with a screencast presentation of me performing the search. Prior to watching the screencast, though, please take time to think about how you would search. *Note that if you have trouble viewing the search sample, or if you want to review just the sample at a later date, it is embedded in Angel for you.

Sample Search • Scenario: You are writing a paper about glaucoma, a medical-surgical diagnosis. Your paper must contain an introduction, an explanation of the disorder (etiology, pathophysiology, clinical manifestations, treatment), a care plan, and a patient teaching section. You may use textbooks and scholarly nursing journal articles, but they must be no more than 5 years old. You may use websites to supplement these sources. • Think about this, then watch the screencast (press the triangle on the screencast to play it when the screencast appears on screen):

APA Review • Part of the class session was to have you complete a brief APA quiz (ungraded), and then we would review it in class and you could ask questions to clarify concepts. Rather than replicate this quiz on the slides or as a quiz in Angel, I have provided a quiz with the answers for your reference. This can be found in Angel, and you can always contact me with any questions about APA.

Assessment • In class, I always ask you to complete a brief assessment of the session. • Remember, the assessment is optional but it is only 3 questions and it helps me teach better. • If you are in the slide show view, please click on this link to take you to the Survey Monkey website; otherwise, copy and paste it into your web browser. This allows you to complete an assessment and have it remain anonymous.

Questions? Contact Ms. Steffy

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