Nuanced and Timely: Capturing Collections Feedback at Point of Use (Online NW 2014)

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Published on March 5, 2014

Author: rickstoddart



Nuanced and Timely: Capturing Collections Feedback at Point of Use
Richard A. Stoddart, Assessment Librarian, Oregon State University Libraries & Press
Jane Nichols, Collection Development Librarian, Oregon State University Libraries & Press (@janienickel)
Terry Reese, Head, Digital Initiatives, The Ohio State University
While libraries use sophisticated metrics to determine e-resources usefulness, impact and cost effectiveness, much of this reflects past usage. To elicit qualitative data, an open-source application that inserts a pop-up survey between a citation and its full-text was tested. Inspired by MINES for Libraries®, this pop-up survey aims to capture users’ real-time reasons for selecting a given resource. Join us to learn about the application, users responses to the survey and to discuss future uses.

Nuanced and Timely: Capturing Collections Feedback at Point of Use Online Northwest 2014, Snowstorm Edition Rick Stoddart, OSUL&P Jane Nichols, OSUL&P Terry Reese, OSU

pro-to-type /ˈ prōtəˈtīp / noun noun: prototype; plural noun: prototypes 1. a first, typical or preliminary model of something, esp. a machine, from which other forms are developed or copied. "the firm is testing a prototype of the weapon"
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MINES for Libraries®

Activity: Think - Pair - Share If you were able to have a pop-up survey before selected electronic resources… • What would ask? • What specific collections would you target and why? • What would you be able to do with the results? (How would you use this evidence?)

Beyond WHAT | v Uncover the HOW and WHY | v How do our collections connect to student learning? How do our collections connect to faculty productivity? How are our collections used in the classroom? | v What will access to this library resource help you to do?

Evidence for… Stakeholder Impact Library Collections • • • • Students Faculty Funders Community • Space allocation • Learning vs. Research • Selection • Purchasing • ROI

Winter 2014 Spring 2013 Code Created Fall 2012 Elsevier UTL JSTOR Ecampus Fall 2013 All Elsevier & JSTOR Ecampus

Retrieved from © 2013 Elsevier B.V. The Social Science Journal

(Apache) Terry Reese. "Improving Evaluation of Resources through Injected Feedback Surveys". July 2013, Ariadne Issue 71

6 questions about use 3 questions about demographics 1364 responses 24 hours/7days Survey Parameters 13 March 5, 2014 53% under grad 27% grad 16% faculty

Faculty Undergraduate Instructor Grad Other student Researcher student Other Core 15% 26% 57% Supplemental Haven't used resource before* 24% 35% 42% 3% (n=8) 34% 62% (n=29) 14 March 5, 2014 *37 people hadn’t used the resource before

Undergraduate Students Give my course assignment a resource. I am currently gathering research articles on Schizophrenia from a neurological perspective for a research paper. Finish my homework. Complete my assignment. Complete a discussion board assignment for an e-campus class. I need this information to complete a term project. The information contained in this article is very specific and I need this type of specific information.

Graduate Students I am working on a literature review for my Master's project. This allows me to work from my home as opposed to the library (which is generally crowded with undergrads). Fix a mixed up citation. Needed for my dissertation research and my teaching. Understand the use and applicability of a specific research tool. Complete an assignment, broaden my learning, open new avenues of investigation. Create a higher quality research product. Get reliable information about topics I know little of.

Faculty Create a syllabus for core course for a recently-approved PhD program in WGSS. Get funded proposals so the library can take its cut out of the overhead and then be able to get more books and better online access and grow. Keep up with current research in my area and quickly access needed articles. Access is absolutely essential to my research, especially since I am a faculty member who is not on campus. Speed up my writing. Tenure and promotion. Complete publications on research projects in progress.

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If you could only ask one question on the survey what might it be?

What are some ideas to improve the design/methodology of this survey/project?

What are some strategies to balance the annoyance factor of surveying electronic resources? Access vs. Annoyance

How many survey responses would you need about a single journal title to make an informed decision? 5, 10, 25, 100…

What evidence about collections does your… …supervisor value? …library administers value? …collection development value? …campus decision-makers value? …faculty value? …stakeholders value?

Rick Stoddart Assessment Librarian Jane Nichols Collection Development Librarian Terry Reese Head, Digital Initiatives

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