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Published on October 1, 2007

Author: Christian

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Slide1:  National Television Syndication: Company profile and development strategies Slide2:  What is NТS? Mission – to promote and develop local TV in each Russian region. Project direction – propose the different programming product to regional TV stations in Russia and CIS to organize proper broadcasting. Idea – to provide presence on the regional TV markets of at least one competitive TV station with a strong brand and 100% formatting, including possibility of counterprogramming. Slide3:  National Television Syndication – a project oriented towards the needs of independent broadcasting, for whom it is important to secure their brand, editorial and economic freedom, viewers audience. National Television Syndication appeals to satisfy everyday requirements for competitive product and programming of regional broadcasting in Russia and CIS. NTS - a project for those who want and can make television Slide4:  NТS TODAY 13 TV stations September 2005 30 TV stations September 2006 50 TV stations September 2007 Slide5:  FLOW CHART There are four basic participants of a project in syndication: Rightholders – the biggest foreign and local producers and programme distributors 2. Syndication participants – regional TV stations, which work with NTS’ programming products. Programming product of NTS is used by local Russian and CIS TV stations and realized on behalf of their name, forming their own audience. 3. Technical operator – satellite communication company, which provides program’s delivery on Russia and CIS’s territory. 4. National Television Syndication is a central part of syndication and organizes all processes. NTS promotes the project to the regions, regulates all interaction with a rightholder and forms broadcasting schedule for each local channel. Slide6:  0 +2 +4 +6 +1 +8 Independently of time zone, a station: has 10 hours of programming product from satellite, daily, with a right to rerun during 72 hours; plans broadcasting schedule independently, places program in a profitable time; makes local news and interesting programs about the region. Slide7:  Broadcasting structure NTS’ programming package consists of 10-11 hours daily. It gives a channel the possibility to form 24 hours broadcasting schedule on the assumption of repeats. Broadcasting may consists of 3 main groups: 1. Finished programs received from NTS. 2. So called “basic” product or semi-finished product, on which base channels can make their own programs 3. Local production programs, produced by regional TV stations or on NTS’ request. Above program’s correlation permits to keep balance in the different television formats and genres on TV stations and helps to form competitive broadcasting. Slide8:  NTS Library Nowadays, NTS’ library consists of 3600 hours of content, partially a television product of “The First Channel”, and partially a property of NTS. Since 2007, NTS plans to buy about 1000 hours of content a year in order to have 4200 hours of proper television product in the library by 2011. Slide9:  182 1176 2231 2911 3641 4251 Planned library volume in hours Library Forming Slide10:  All CIS countries, which are present on television market Library Distribution Slide11:  Direction: wide spectrum of family programs, a considerable part of documentary origin. Potential audience: general public, interested in culture. Male and female audience ratio – 55% to 45%. Programming (lines): documentaries, movies, education, kid’s programs, talk shows, games, foreign and local production series, where a big part is a premiere programs. Product: a big part of programming is the high-performance analytical, public, culture and social programs, they give viewer an opportunity to imagine himself as a pioneer, to explore history and archaeology, learn about news in science and engineering. Also, there are films about nature and animals, bringing excitement to TV viewer, watching the beautiful corners of the Earth without leaving home. The main priorities: to keep television product on a high level, develop their own audience. New conception of NTS’ programming proposal Slide12:  Increase a ratio of Russian premiere product, including product produced on NTS request. Increase a ratio of foreign premiere product. Increase a ratio of documentary and reduction of entertaining programs Reduction of archive products Abandon sport programs Renew acquisitions from majors NTS’ PROGRAMMING PROPOSAL: THE MAIN TENDENCIES Slide13:  DESTINATIONS This unique documentary series was created by German news channel. There are more then 1000 hours of material, which transformed into dozens fascinating half-hour films-portraits about the countries and cities all round the world: St.-Petersburg and Hong Kong, China and Ecuador, the Maldives and Ibiza. Duration: 66 х 30 min. Year: 2000 - 2004 Country: Germany Foreign documentaries Slide14:  LOCKIE LEONARD Twelve and 3/4 year old Lockie Leonard is a surf rat and when his family move to the most remote town on Earth, Angelus, Lockie's convinced that this is a total disaster - no friends, a new school and a house that is truly in danger of disappearing into a swamp. But then Lockie spots the one thing that makes it all okay. This weird little town has the best surf he has ever seen. Based upon the novels by Western Australian, Booker nominated author, Tim Winton. Filmed on the West Australian coast in the town of Albany. Duration: 26 х 30 min. Year: 2006 Country: Australia Foreign series for children Slide15:  NTS’ premiere projects In the 2007 season, National Television Syndication, together with content producers prepares a few premiere projects (series, programs, games, etc.) NTS as a mediaseller of TV advertising regional market:  In 2007, National Television Syndication launched new business direction: placement of national advertising on NTS’ partners TV stations. NTS’ partners have an access to advertising budgets of the national advertisers. Working with the main regional TV stations, NTS has a possibility to place TV advertising in different cities and regions or in all Russian territory. NTS as a mediaseller of TV advertising regional market Slide17:  Why regional TV stations work with NTS? 4 arguments from Programming Director: TV stations are not only the transponders of network channels, but have a possibility to broadcast independently and have the freedom of choice. TV stations receive high quality and competitive product, including premiere programs, made on NTS’ request. TV stations keep and develop their own brand, what is very important on the conditions of rapid development of digital TV. Television product is delivered by satellite a month ahead of airing, which makes working with NTS as flexible as possible. Slide18:  5 Arguments from Commercial Director: Working with NTS, regional TV stations have all the volume of advertising time, that dramatically increases the revenue of the company. In comparison: a station working with a network has no more then 3-4 minutes in one hour. With the help of NTS, TV stations have an access to advertising budget of national advertisers. TV stations keep financial and editorial freedom. TV stations increase the list of advertising services, including SMS-quiz, consumer programs, sponsorship and many more. TV stations keep coverage of more then 4-6% that provides a real possibility to be a leader in sales on local advertising market. Why regional TV stations work with NTS? Slide19:  Parts of distribution of regional advertising incomes NTS Partner Network partner coverage 6 000 minutes 1 680 minutes Market share of advertising revenue coverage Market share of advertising revenue 20% 9% Slide20:  Thank you for attention!

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