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Published on October 20, 2007

Author: amatulli

Source: slideshare.net

Summer Opportunities for Teachers Laura Amatulli

Your Local National Writing Project Not just for Language Arts Teachers Variety of Resources found here http://www.nwp.org/

My Summer at Meadow Brook Writing Project Imagine trying to inspire someone to read when you can’t read yourself? Writing’s no different. -K. Reddy-Butkovich

Meadow Brook Writing Project Teacher as Writer Various Writing Activities Writing Marathon Sharing Peer Groups E-anthology Publication

Teacher as Writer Chimney Tops Look high to yonder chimney tops Watchmen holding strong Alternating spirals Entertaining lords and ladies with affection and companionship Once bringing heat to those on a frosty Michigan night Pleasing glowing hearths with radiant cherry hot coals Only a remembrance that is now caressed on lonely holidays

You now fill the innocent passerby With curiosity What secrets were told by your side? Whose love did you manage to ignite? Why so many so different?

Brick by brick you climb the sky Rising upwards with stately grace Twisting and turning You tell a tale that longs to be told A passageway to a point in time That has long past us by

Collaboration Teacher teaching Teacher A variety of workshops Peer response Community building Collaborative Assessment

Why Writing? Only 1/3 of America’s students are proficient writers Students need to write more Students need to become fluent writers 90/90/90 schools require written responses Use short writing assignments in all classes

“A critical role for school leadership is to guide school community to examine the unique, individual strengths and needs of its students.” -Robert Marzano What Works in Schools, Translating Research Into Action

Needs Assessment 1.What are the particular needs and abilities of students in your science class? 2.Of science teachers? 3.What beliefs do science teachers hold about writing and learning? 4. How much writing do science teachers assign on a regular basis? 5.How much time do students spend writing in and outside school? SUNSHINE and BLUES

Examine Our Results Are you getting results like the example students?? (share note cards) A need for content area writing that is simple and to the point Content area does not require long papers Today we will concentrate on note taking and paragraph writing

What can we do now? Writing in Science The Advocacy -admit slips Essay -take the class pulse - exit pass -inquiry log sheet Journaling Three Column Notes

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