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Published on January 28, 2008

Author: Dante

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Slide1:   NST helps in teaching English MM-26/08/2006 SEREMBAN: As a student 20 years ago, Samsudin Mansor used to salvage pieces of the New Straits Times used by shopkeepers to wrap their wares in. He was an avid reader of the newspaper but as his family was too poor to buy one, Samsudin was forced to improvise. "I would cut out articles from the pieces of newspaper and memorise them. "I would then write out the article again so that I can emulate the style of the writer," said Samsudin. He would also spend his time in the school library to catch up with the latest news in the newspaper. With such fond memories, Samsudin, now an English teacher at SMK Datuk Undang Abdul Manap, in Johol, Kuala Pilah, was excited when the school was selected for the New Straits Times Sponsorship Programme. Samsudin, who attributed his success as an English teacher to his early exposure to the NST, was happy that he now had the opportunity to use the newspaper as an effective tool to teach the language. Another teacher, Segar Nadarasamy said after the school's involvement in the NST Sponsorship Programme for the past six months, he had noticed a marked improvement among the students where English was concerned. His students are not only exposed to current affairs but also obtain ideas for their school essays. They have also learnt to write and deliver good speeches, improve their vocabulary and grammar, and discuss social and economic issues. Segar said another good reference material from the NST is the Skor and Minda education pullouts, which were invaluable when discussing poems and short stories with his students. Form Two student Mohd Mahyuddin Hananan, meanwhile, enjoys the technology section of the newspaper. He said he looked forward to reading the latest developments in the science and information technology field. "I particularly look for information on the latest software, computer games and IT products from the Tech & U," he said, adding that the NST had helped improve his grammar and general comprehension of the English language

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