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Published on January 25, 2016

Author: SolteqInsights


1. NRF  News  26.1.2016 Tiina  Honkiniemi

2. Contents Top  5  Retail  Trends  to  Watch  in  2016 Study  -­ Brave  New  World  of  Unified  Commerce The  Future  of  the  Digital  Store The  Case  for  Customer-­Centric  Commerce Pictures  from  the  Store  Tour Video  – Bricks  and  Mortar  in  a  Digital  World

3. Top  5  Retail  Trends  to   Watch  in  2016  

4. 4,8  billion  individuals   globally  will  use  a  mobile   phone   In  the  US,  30%  of  sales  will   have  a  mobile  cross-­channel   component Retailers  will  adopt  a  mobile   first  mindset   The  pressure  will  be  on   retailers  to  tap  new   technologies  to  serve   consumers  in  context  they   already  are,  not  where   brands  find  it  convenient  to   serve  them An  essential  part  of   developing  a  successful   product  or  brand Digital  marketing   departments  are  expected  to   grow  – bring  marketing   experience  infused  with   technology  to  a  retail   marketing  team An  evolution  is  taking  place   – spending  on  digital  media   continues  to  move  at  a  rapid   pace  from  traditional  to   digital  products  and  services Increased  investment  and   growth  in  analytics   capabilities New  and  varied  types  of   business  data  are  becoming   available  and  quickly   accessible Value  of  data-­driven   decisions  is  becoming  a   mindset  with  c-­level  decision   makers Analytics  is  built-­into  most   leading  CRM  solutions   Digital  Strategy Analytics  &   Data-­Driven   DecisioningMobile  First

5. Wearables  are  showing  up   everywhere,  new  and   evolved  products  hit  the   market A/R,  Augmented  Reality   could  provide  additional   value  delivery  via  the   retailer’s  mobile  apps  and   catalogs Beacons  are  among  the   most  important  new  mobile   technologies  helping  real-­ world  merchants  win  back   sales A  new  reality  where  objects   are  interconnected  and  tech-­ enabled IoT will  allow  companies  to   measure  ,  collect  and   analyze  an  ever-­increasing   variety  of  data    -­ structured   and  unstructured   IoT will  revolutionize  the   methods  by  which  retail   companies  target,  engage   and  interact  with  consumers IoTFun-­Tech

6. Study  – Brave  New  World   of  Unified  Commerce    

7. The  Future  of  the   Digital  Store

8. The  Case  for  Customer-­ Centric  Commerce

9. Pictures  from  the  Store  Tour


11. m&m’s

12. m&m’s

13. Video  -­ Bricks  and   Mortar  in  a  Digital   World

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