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Published on February 11, 2008

Author: Marcell


NRC Cluster Model: The New Brunswick experience:  NRC Cluster Model: The New Brunswick experience Christian Couturier November 2003 Content:  Content Background New Brunswick and the Circles of Impact model New Brunswick Knowledge Industry Leadership Network (KILN) NRC’s Role:  NRC’s Role As a neutral body, act as facilitator & catalyst Develop programs that focus on building new clusters that have commercial potential New policy initiatives such as our entrepreneurship program that give staff time to commercialize research results Create new spin-off companies Assist in incubating technology start-ups Support regional and national technology infrastructure with new state-of-the-art facilities The NRC Approach:  The NRC Approach Convene community meetings / workshops / roundtables to build networks, define technology base, identify champions Develop vision and strategies with local / regional partners Formulate, communicate and implement multi-year action plans Focus R&D, technical strengths and knowledge infrastructure on needs and local firms Build local and global partnerships to nurture knowledge-based firms Communicate success – this is key to success Technology Clusters involving NRC:  Ag-Biotech (Saskatoon) Astronomy (Victoria) Fuel Cells (Vancouver)) Nanotechnology (Edmonton) Medical Technologies (Winnipeg) IT / Life Sciences (Ottawa) Biopharmaceuticals (Montreal) Life Sciences (Nova Scotia) E-Business (New Brunswick) Ocean Engineering (Newfoundland) Aluminium (Chicoutimi) Technology Clusters involving NRC NRC-IIT – e-Business:  NRC-IIT – e-Business NRC’s investment in R&D: People Infrastructure Research Cluster The New Brunswick Plan:  The New Brunswick Plan Fredericton: 40 people $25.5M over 5 years Building capacity ~80 Space for 40 guest workers/collaborators Space for facilities (test/usability lab) Space for an Industrial Partnership Facility Slide8:  $9M and 12 FTEs Moncton Currently located on UdeM campus in the Parc Scientifique Saint John Currently located in the E-Commerce Center (UNBSJ) Broadband network Ca*Net4: Fredericton, Moncton, Saint John, Miramichi Staffing*:  Staffing* Fredericton Moncton Saint John Current staff Offers made 32 9 5 1 1 0 Target 1-3 per month Guest workers Students 5 8 1 1 1 1 *As of May 2003 ( first 20 months in operation) NRC-IIT — e-Business Research Highlights :  NRC-IIT — e-Business Research Highlights Human Web Internet Logic Security, Trust and Privacy e-Learning e-Health e-Government Forging strong links – Academe*:  Forging strong links – Academe* Students and guest workers 10 Guest Workers/Grad Students 4 Co-op 4 Co supervision 7 planned NSERC/SSHRCs Sabbaticals to come Colloquium series 5 approx. *University of New Brunswick example only Adjunct profs 8 + 3 planned Teaching (5 taught) Joint research projects (more details to come) Advisory boards 3 of UNB’s and 2 of NRC’s Shared infrastructure Ca*Net 4 Current Portfolio of projects**:  Current Portfolio of projects** Total value of projects: 22M$ 32M$ NRC-IIT-e - Business investment: 900K 1.2M$ Value of funding received by partners: 6M$ n/a Number of projects: 7 7 Number of Academic institutions: ~24 Number of Industry partners: ~30 Confirmed* tbc * *external funding sources only, excluding 5 NSERC grants *projects underway in years 02-03 and 03-04 NB -Technology Cluster Model:  NB -Technology Cluster Model Finance - Risk Capital:  Finance - Risk Capital Skills - Human Resources:  Skills - Human Resources Research & Development:  Research & Development Slide17:  Industry meetings e-Learning "Napkin" agenda OLT CANARIE AIF ACE (lab) Mosaic CRDAs IPF PEGGASUS R&D IP CeLEA Softworld e-Learning Online Learning 2001/2002 Diversified Group Standards/ Interoperability Colloquia Conferences Newsletters NB E-Learning Alliance Interns Students U de M Co-location Continued Staffing Scientific Park Research Themes Time to market accelerators APTICA Community building University Lecturing DRM LOM Partners Research Infrastructure Guest Workers Scientific Park Phase 2 New learning models e-Learning activities October 2001 to now State of e-L CREATIC Slide18:  One major initiative Timeline: Sept. 2002 to Mar. 2004 Building an internationally recognized national architecture/infrastructure for exchanging learning resources 1 lead partner (netera alliance) 6 primary partners 30+ secondary partners CANARIE cost-shared funding $10 M project e-Learning group is co-leading the Atlantic consortium with TeleEducation NB S&T Knowledge & Tech Transfer:  S&T Knowledge & Tech Transfer Engaging in R&D with NRC: Typical scenario:  Engaging in R&D with NRC: Typical scenario Pres, VP or CTO calls BDO (or has initial talk with a RO) If project fits agenda and we (IIT) can add value with our existing or planned expertise Then we proceed to an NDA to protect the ideas If successful in determining the value added by each participant and the potential market impact of the IP Then CRDA If industry partner needs access to infrastructure Then move into IPF Else use own premises If project successful Then creation of wealth for Canada Else we shake hands and part until next potential project Else we shake hands and part until next potential project Slide21:  Local presence, international scope Engaging local community Colloquia (local audience / international experts) Partnering across the nation Linking local expertise with national partners International linkages Australia, France and other EC, United States Extensive outreach Keynotes (some with over 500 attendees) Daily eLearning newsletter (1500+ readers with steady growth) High visibility / High demand Press coverage Many requests for partnerships / collaborations / advice / expertise Many invited speaking / writing engagements Policy Instruments - Regulations:  Policy Instruments - Regulations Incubation - Mentoring:  Incubation - Mentoring Consultations / Roundtables / Workshops:  Consultations / Roundtables / Workshops New Brunswick Pre site-selection announcement – many visits and presentations in four cities Moncton, January 01 Initial formal roundtable 150 Attendees Saint John, January 02 Co-sponsored by ACOA To stimulate creation of a multi-city, NB version of OCRI KILN formation (major events) Consultations / Roundtables / Workshops:  Consultations / Roundtables / Workshops Fredericton, September 02 E-health program 110 participants Emphasis on wellness Fredericton, October 02 E-government program 60 participants Program direction: citizen engagement and transformation of government processes Clusters and Social Capital:  Clusters and Social Capital Knowledge is becoming a main contributor to productivity growth. Social capital refers to the accumulated stock of social values, cultural assets, institutions and informal relations that blend together to make for vibrant and dynamic communities facilitating the exchange of explicit and tacit knowledge. Social capital is a determinant of a successful cluster. Clusters and Social Capital:  Clusters and Social Capital A network facilitates: the creation of a dynamic environment for innovation and entrepreneurship development of a mindset that « gives permission » the collaboration of organizations in order to compete Slide28:  Growing the New Brunswick IT Industry A Private Sector – Academia – Government Collaboration NRC PNB -eNB Premiers Roundtable Shared Vision GMKIN IT@SJ KITF KI Leadership Network (Approx 16) Major Events Provincial Icon Events Local Networking Events TExpo / Envoy IT Works LearnTec Cybersocial NB Multimedia Awards KIRA CyberSocial ITWeek Golf CyberSocial ITWeek Golf CyberSocial ITWeek Golf CyberSocial ITWeek Roundtable Forums Infrastruc Forum Innovation Forum eGov’t Forum eLearning Forum eHealth Forum ACOA Conclusion:  Conclusion New Brunswickers can be proud of the results that are coming out of this cluster initiative: Together we have achieved unity of outlook in a diverse community, despite competing interests, thus enhancing social and economic impact through R&D and innovation

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