NPGBC - Monthly Theme Commentary - December 2016

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Information about NPGBC - Monthly Theme Commentary - December 2016

Published on December 8, 2016

Author: newpineygrove



2. December GOD’S HUMANITY

3. INTRODUCTION The Christian faith is unique in many ways. One is that we are the only religion who claims that its Founder is still alive!. Also, we believe that Jesus, who is God, became just like us, to redeem us. The proper term for this phenomenal feat, is the doctrine of the incarnation. The teaching is that Jesus took on human form but did not cease to be divine. He is completely both God and man.

4. This belief is based upon the Word of God, recorded in the gospel of John, verses 1:1 & 1:14. The Word of God, Jesus, became flesh was purposely done in order to redeem fallen and sinful mankind. It was motivated by God’s awesome love of humanity. Since we could not go up to God, because of our sins, God came down to us to cleanse us from our sin. We did not earn it, nor do we deserve it.

5. God not only came to die for us, He came to die as us. Therefore, our sin debt is not only paid-in-full, but we can never go into debt again. Our sin debt was completely cancelled and destroyed. In Christ, we all died and we can never die again. But if you are not in Christ Jesus, you run the risk of dying twice. Don’t miss the opportunity at today’s invitation; it may be your last chance.

6. TRUTHS ABOUT GOD’S HUMANITY 1. If God spared no expense to save us, by coming in the flesh to die as us, He will not spare any expense to keep us as our High Priest. 2. Coming in the flesh makes Jesus the perfect intercessor for us; He knows our every temptation. 3. Since Jesus identified with us in the flesh, our response should be to identify with Him in the Spirit.

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