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Published on November 30, 2008

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Do you eat enough vegetables every day? 3 superluteins a day equal 4 dishes of vegetables & 5 dishes of fruits!

Paid up Capital is 480 million Japanese yen Established in March 8 , 1999 Osaka Salon July 2005 Hokkaido Salon Fukuoka Salon Tokyo Head Office within 5 years with a single product Created an annual sales of RM1.1Billion Become the 5 th largest Direct selling Companies in Japan Japan Year 2003 Year 1999 Year 2005 July

Jin Zhong Centre of the economy and finance Company's capital NT5000M 50 million Taiwan dollars Taipei Head Office Established in November 7 , 2003 Taizhong Branch Established in June 7 , 2005 Kaohsiung Branch established in 2006 Taiwan Hong Kong Homg Kong Head Office Established in Sep 200 7

In 2005, is chosen as the top ten most competitive enterprise by a renown magazine of Japan Japan Unique Enterprise Special Report Vol.2 In 2005, become the fifth largest direct selling companies in Japan Assessment & comments of the Enterprises (Full scores: 60 pts) SONY (56 pts ) Many years TOYOTA ( 56 pts ) Many years NATURALLY PLUS ( 55 pts ) only 7 years In the year 2005, out of 100,000 enterprises in Japan, Naturally Plus is being ranked the fourth most competent enterprises of the 21 st century that has contributed to the revival of the Japan economy. It has also become the 5 th largest MLM company.

In 2005, the total number of members reached 1 million people RM 50,000,000 in 2000 (50 million) RM190 in 2001, 000,000 (1.9 hundred million) RM 390,000,000 in 2002 (3.9 hundred million) RM 820,000,000 in 2003 (8.2 hundred million) Fastest growth rate in the world RM 1,040,000,000 in 2004 (10.4 hundred million) RM 1,140,000,000 in 2005 (11.4 hundred million) RM 1,150,000,000 in 2006 (11.5 hundred million) £¤ 38,000,000,000 (380 hundred million yens) (hundred million of RM)

In 2006, become the 5 largest direct selling companies in Japan In 2006, Selected as the Top 10 Best Asia Pacific Nutritional Food Supplement

Naturally Plus Indonesia Australia Hong Kong Malaysia Singapore Taiwan Russia In 2007, with the help of the major shareholder, US Medallion Investors, the company plans to extend the business to the world. After a careful study of the local e-commerce and legislation of each and every country, we have identified :- 120 countries that meet the qualification Six countries which are very suitable for the initial stage Achieved Your Dream by Sharing With the World!

SUPER LUTEIN The 20th century was diversified. The 21st century calls for simplicity. With a single product, the R&D work of Naturally Plus can be concentrated 100% to make Super Lutein a superb nutritional supplement. the world’s top selling nutritional health food. With a single product, the annual sales is RM1.1 Billion

What is it! ? SUPER LUTEIN is formulated & based on A food supplement with the best formula 6 types of essential carotenoids & 5 types of nutrients needed by the human Lutein Lycopene Beta- Carotene Alpha- Carotene Zeaxanthin Blackcurrant extract Blueberry DHA Vitamin E Vitamin B complex Crocetin

KEMIN FOODS, L.C. Succeeded in extracting the abundant Lutein contained in the marigold, and then crystallized the LUTEIN with the highest purity state, and obtained the manufacture patents of the countries all over the world, it is the global and only supreme in purity FLORA GLO LUTEIN Production of material U.S.A. makes the patent : U.S.Patent : 5,382,714 / 5,648,564 Japan makes the patent : Japanese Patent : 2,790,212 Australia makes the patent : Australia Patent : 700,719 European Union -14 countries European Union Patent : 0672655 GERMANY FRANCE DENMARK FINLAND SWEDEEN NETHERLAND SWEDEN AUSTRIA LUXEMBOURG ENGLAND PORTUGAL ITALY BELGIUM IRISH ( ICELAND ) Depended on some material, had already longed run in the food in the past, but did not threaten the human body , or scientific evidence is admitted unanimously it is safe by the expert. In other words, as a certain nutrient or the new material find , will not observe out it harmful to human bodily within short time, but toxicity has incubation period sometimes, if has not proved by the use of the long-term or through for a long time strict science, nutrient compositions or the new discovery material are unable through GRAS standard, food , such as material or nutrient transformed such as containing the gene ,etc.. GRAS is the strictest form of safety certification of food, obtaining GRAS authentication also means obtaining - The whole world authentication ( GRAS ) Fl ora GLO LUTEIN enerally ecognized s afe G R A S

The qualitative control is checked ( microorganism measures ) Dry course Visual examination ( estimate and select ) Fill out the bottle Fill out the production line of the bottle Label the bottle Dust removal room: Utilize the air, Remove bacterial and fungus on the body Microbial checkout room : The inspection of raw materials , semi-manufactured goods , finished product, including microorganism , heavy metal ,etc. are checked Know hegemony and take shape in the room: Inject raw materials into the soft gel Finish the semi-manufactured goods After the dryness Finish knowing the capsule tentatively Naturally Plus chooses to have clean fresh air and water at the surrounding place . it is manufacture under the pharmaccal standard , with best in quality dedicate to you. Medical standard Visual examination Quality test

The quality of the products are guaranteed Satisfactory customer's service Quality international stan dards of administrative system National Nutritional Foods Association of Japan 日本 The Board is made up of 6600 doctors. Over the past 20 years , more than 20 thousand samples of products were sent and examined every year, only 20 of them are given the recommendation by the board. All the raw materials are treated under the strictest conditions. Testing for agents, microorganisms, etc. are applied on the finished product to ensure that only those that have passed all the tests will be dispatched GMP ISO9001 Super Lutein certificates A guarantee of safe and reliable quality

Industrial and commercial Times September 12 , 2006 1.38M members Truth witness Awarded “ First National Gold Award Of Consumer Brand” in Taiwan Honoured The “First brand” by the consumers' association Of the Republic of China

More than a million of witnesses. These are the improvements after taking Super Lutein, beside being helped to improve Eye Vision. urination good No more leaking blood urine improve albuminuria disappear Improve erection Kidney The hair grows gray hair turn black children more stable learning ability is improved constipation disappear Eliminate faeces large intestine cancer disappear dysentery stop Liver Wine strength strengthens not easily tired sleep time shorten Good faces complexion hepatitis improves liver cancer disappears Blood blood pressure normal blood sugar drop shoulder neck and ache disappear cholesterol drops gout improves artery sclerosis improves Stroke improves Uterus No longer ached Menstrual blood blood color back to normal Normal physiology resume turbid amniotic fluid uterus cancer disappear Eye Improve Eyesight presbyopia cataract disappear glaucoma improve macula lutea see light again Skin Spot skin disappear bright skin smooth ankle corn disappear athlete's foot disappear Improve breast size Head Bowel High blood pressure Uterus Liver problem Dizzying Waist pain Improve breast worry Skin dryness Constipation Athlete’ foot Asthma Cholesterol Skin infection Menstrual pain arthritis Heart pain Respiration problem Diabetes Artery harden Gum pain Pile cancer

3 SuperLutein Equal to How to use:- 4 dishes of fruits 5 dishes of vegetables Can be taken by every one - Mix with any thing - taken at any time Adult’s necessary amount of carotenoid per day Superlutein 9 dishes of fruit and vege. Cancer prevention

Can be taken by every


- Mix with any thing

- taken at any time

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