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Published on February 6, 2009

Author: austinkleon



Lesson plan based on "Newspaper Blackout Poems."

By Sean Ziebarth English Department Mountain Valley High School Mountain Valley, CA

What are Novel Blackout Poems? • Poems,sentences, or phrases created from the words of an existing novel. • Inspired by Austin Kleon’s Newspaper Blackout Poems.

How to Create a Novel Blackout Poem • Underline (in pencil) words you think you might like to use in your poem.

More How To • Circle the words you know you want to use in the poem.

The Easy Part • Black out every- thing else.

The Fun Part + Tips • Be creative. • Scribble, draw. • Can’t find the exact word you need? Use letters from several words to create the word you need! • Try to go back and forth between the pages.

More Examples

Close up

Famous & cool People like Green Day Make em (sort of) Smart People get Paid to make them. Like Austin.

Your Turn

Catcher in the Rye Create a Novel Blackout Poem that represents Holden’s world- view. In other words, boil down what Holden thinks about life into a sentence or two.

Fahrenheit 451 Pretend you’re Montag and Thirty you’re just about to be million captured by the police. people could be What could you say watching! that would sear all their faces and… WAKE THEM UP !?!

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