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Published on October 1, 2007

Author: FunnyGuy


Angel Morales Legacy:  Angel Morales Legacy J. Bernabeu Venezia, 10 February 2006 IN MEMORIAM…:  IN MEMORIAM… Consuelo Morales Milla Baldo Ceolin Friends and Colleagues Ladies and Gentlemen It is a great honour to be here representing the immense community of friends of Angel Morales. Slide3:  On November 2nd, 2003, the Fundamental Physics Community lost one of its inspirational and influential leaders when Angel Morales Villasevil passed away in Zaragoza, Spain. He was born in December 1935 in Toledo, Spain. He graduated from Universidad Complutense de Madrid, with Special Distinction in 1957 and received his Doctorate Degree in 1961 from the same Institution, again with Special Distinction. He did his Postdoctoral Research with a CERN Fellowship from 1961 to 1963 and Corresponding Fellowship until 1968. In the sixties, Spain was one CERN Member State, but left the Organization in 1968. Spain re-joined the CERN Club definitively in 1983. Slide4:  In 1966 he was one of the Professors of a famous Postgraduate Course organized by J. E. N. in Madrid, which is associated with the launching of Particle Physics in Spain. He was appointed Atomic and Nuclear Chair at the University of Zaragoza in 1967, where he served untel his death. In 1968, CERN organized the CERN School at El Escorial. Angel was in charge of the Lectures on SU(3) and SU(6) Symmetries, hot topics in the sixties. Contribution to Research Infrastructures:  Contribution to Research Infrastructures GIFT- Angel was a promoter of its creation in 1968. He organized the Foundation Meeting and was the Scientific Secretary until 1973. Director of the Publication Service and contribution to the Management of GIFT Fellowships abroad. LSC- Promoter and Director since 1989 of LSC installed in the Somport railway tunnel. Later upgrades led to a viable operating Underground Laboratory. His efforts in the last years led to a Project for the construction of a new Underground Laboratory, which is now a reality and opened to the International Community (See J. Morales lecture) Slide6:  Transport to the LAB … Observe the wheels! Solving a technical problem in the LAB Professional Societies:  Professional Societies Angel Morales was a member of many Boards and Professional Societies including: Spain’s Nuclear Energy Board, the Spanish Royal Society of Physics and the Spanish Nuclear Society. Member of the Panel of Science and Technology of the EU from 1987 to 1990. Member of NUPECC on Neutrino Physics in Europe during 1996 and 1997. He played leading roles in the organization of several Neutrino Conferences and he was the Chairman of Neutrino’92 in Granada. Slide8:  Shelly Glashow in the after dinner speach Enjoying Folk demonstration… Co-chairman of TAUP:  Co-chairman of TAUP Angel served as co- chairman of the TAUP Steering Committee from its inception until his untimely death. He played a strong role in the Organization and Programmes of all TAUP Conferences, including TAUP 2003, which, as in all previous sessions, he participated. Slide10:  Angel at Seattle, TAUP September 2003 Regular participant in the Neutrino Telescopes Workshops, at Venice Fields of Research:  Fields of Research Angel played two characters on the stage of Physics: he was a deep and broad scholar as well as an effective and inspirational scientific leader. Scientific Activities: 1) QFT, Symmetries, Weak Interaction theory Ph. D. Thesis A. De Rújula, J. Sánchez-Guillen, J. Abad, E. Moya, L. Egido, J. L. Cortés, M. Pló, A.Seguí Particularly relevant his publications on SU(3) and a model of CP Violation in the V-A Interference 2) Double beta decay Ph. D. Thesis  D. González IGEX (International Germanium Experiment) Slide12:  3) Dark Matter: Ph. D. Thesis  E. García, M. L. Sarsa Germanium Detectors, Scintillator Detectors 4) R & D in low background detectors: Ph. D. Thesis  A. Larrea Metastable Superconducting Colloids 5) Axions: Ph. D. Thesis  I. García Irastorza Solar Axion Detection Research Projects Financed by Spanish CICYT since the begining of the National Programme on HEP: 1989  IGEX Double Beta 1991  Double Beta and Dark Matter 1998  European Network on Cryogenic Detectors 1999  Experimental Programme of LSC 2000  CAST (CERN Axion Solar Telescope) Personal Feelings:  Personal Feelings My first relation with Angel took place at one of his stellar activities: the CERN School at El Escorial in 1968. What we call today Flavour SU(3) was a hot topic in the Physics of Elementary Particles of the sixties. I was at the school as a graduate student, following Angel’s and other courses. I still keep today the notes of that course, being a reference when I need the algebra or the structure constants of the non-abelian groups. Later our research activities founded several points of intersection and common interests: Electroweak Interactions, Neutrino Physics, etc Since its inception, Angel and Sandro invited me to join the TAUP Steering Committee. Along the years I realized the dedication of Angel when he had a task to be made, in this case the responsibility of the TAUP series. A period of intense collaboration with Angel was in the late 80’s when I was in charge of the Spanish Programme of HEP: it was the time of the preparation of the International Germanium Experiment, IGEX. Slide14:  In the last years of his life, the previous coordinators of the Spanish Programme of HEP we gave the support to Angel on his idea to profit from the presence of the machines for the excavation of the road tunnel in Canfranc to ask to the Madrid authorities to build a new Underground Laboratory. This is a reality today! On top of all that, Angel was a great FRIEND. With the age the friendship remains and becomes more and more important. Although his physical presence will be greatly missed by us, the memory of Angel Morales will remain, specially linked to the Underground Laboratory of Canfranc. THANK YOU Slide15:  Angel linked forever to “El Tobazo”

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