Nourishing Hair Oil by The Secret Elixir

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Information about Nourishing Hair Oil by The Secret Elixir

Published on December 10, 2017

Author: bryanlen


Slide 1: The Secret Elixir BUY THIS ITEM Nourishing Hair Oil £34.99 Slide 2: BUY THIS ITEM Slide 3: BUY THIS ITEM Product Description: Potent pure organic oil and tonic to fuel the scalp with essential nutrients needed for growth. Stimulates & regenerates the hair follicles. Nourishes the scalp with a range of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids to rebuild and replace lost nutrients. Results in less than 30 days.. Slide 4: BUY THIS ITEM Directions: Press pump 10-15 times into a bowl. Massage into wet or dry scalp with fingertips until scalp is saturated with the oil. Leave on for 20 mins to 2 hours and then wash out with deep cleansing shampoo. For an ultra potent effect pour into a glass bowl and place bowl over a mug of freshly boiled water so the oil gets heated. Apply warm and ensure oil does not get too hot to touch. Slide 5: BUY THIS ITEM

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