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Published on October 1, 2014

Author: Jords97


Noteworthy – A Capella Group

Shot 1 • The first shot shows the establishing shot of where the nine girls are, their mise-en-scene which is suggesting that they are casual by wear coats, hats and scarfs. But the format that they are standing is suggests that this is a performance based music video.

Shot 2 • Then there are many close ups of all of the nine girls individuality this is to show the audience what they look like and what their roles are within the song, such as this shot is a shot of the main singer, and she has the most screen time throughout the video because her role is much larger that the other girls. View slide

Shot 3 • Then as the song begins to pick up the pace we see the camera making faster cut shots and it has a lot more movement such as in this shot the camera is panning around the girls. This gives a lot more effect to the audience because it fits in well with the beat of the song. View slide

Shot 4 • Then the song merges into another cover that all the girls do, and then the main singer changes and the first shot of the start of the new song is the main singer, so the audience is clearly shown from the start of the song who she is. Also with the girls behind her being blurred out show’s that she’s more important.

Shot 5 • The mid-shot of the girls here suggest that they are working together and that they are all as important as each other within their roles in the song. Also by having different shots in the video not just close up gives the audience a lot more to look at and it makes the video become more interesting.

Shot 6 • Then the shot goes back into an establishing shot of all the nine girls, this shows that they haven’t moved position and that they do not need a high production in order to have their mash up seem effective. They have chosen a place to stand with good scenery to give the audience something to look at and to give the audience a feel of the song and how they are feeling singing the song.

Shot 7 • For the last part of the song the lead singer again changes again and the camera shots mainly focus on her face for close up to clearly show the audience who the main singer is. Also the way that the girls look beyond the camera suggests to the audience that they are imagining being on stage performing this song to many people not standing in snow, they do this to try and get the audience to imagine this too.

Shot 8 • Towards the end of the video the camera angle begins to pan around all of the girls so us as an audience can see them all. Also it ends the narrative of the song by showing the emotion of the song, and the narrative beforehand was them picturing life without the person they love.

Shot 9 • The final shot of the whole video rounds off the performance based idea it had to it and the narrative base it had to it. This shows that all the girls were standing in the same position all through the video, which suggests that they are in their own worlds imaging something that they want to happen whilst singing this song. You can tell as an audience member that this is a low budget video as it does not have high production no lights just natural scenery.

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