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Published on October 12, 2007

Author: Jeremiah


Northern Territory:  Northern Territory There's much to learn about Australia. Endless miles of unspoilt beaches, tropical rainforest, mountain ranges and vast tracts of desert make Australia a country of contrast. Places:  Places Alice Springs:  Alice Springs Alice Springs is a great centre from which to explore the McDonnell Ranges where there are some spectacular natural gorges and waterways.Evidence of Aboriginal art and their old culture are to be found in the rock carvings ad artifacts within driving distance. The traveller with a sense of adventure can,using Alice Springs as a base to explore places like Palm Valley,the spectacular gorges of the McDonnell Ranges ad Kings Canyon.Hot air balloon flights are available over the ranges also an unforgettable experience.Camel safaris and hot air ballooning give the visitor a slightly different viewpoint all available from 'The Alice'. Kakadu National Park :  Kakadu National Park Kakadu National Park has been placed on the World Heritage list for it's outstanding natural and cultural values. The Park has some of the most extensive collections of rock art in the world which are reminders of the Aboriginal people's long association with the land. Kakadu also has impressive scenery, including towering red escarpment country, vast wetlands and extensive woodlands, including scattered pockets of rainforest. Today, the Park is managed jointly by its traditional Aboriginal owners and the staff of Parks Australia. Uluru:  Uluru Uluru: Australian's best known landmark is the Uluru.It is within easy reach of Alice Springs along with the Olgas and the Yulara Resort.They all are situated in Uluru National Park.The Uluru is known by whites as the 'Ayer's Rock.The largest natural attraction in Australia get a circumference of 9 kilometres. Ayers Rock is a very big monolith that dominates the desert plains at the centre of Australia.The Aboriginal women give chanted greetings to the spirits of the caves and waterholes as they wound along a way at the food of the high smooth cliffs of Uluru.   Uluru is a sacred place for the Aborigines.It has got an area sacred to Aboriginal men.It's a small fenced area at the base of the rock.Not far away at the side of the rock are some caves.These are sacred to women and for women alone.No Aboriginal man would dream to come near of the whole area.But both are of the same status.They are sitting in separate parliaments to make decisions.Only when a person had grey hair is he or she allowed to know some of the secrets of the other.   The traditions are not shared by all the Aboriginal nations of Australia.Australian once formed over 200 nations,with different languages and customs.   Today at Uluru most of the women's area around the base of the rock is fenced off - an area much larger than the men's sacred area.Tourists still climb the rock totally they not realize of the sacred lands for them is Uluru a tourist park.   Climate:  Climate Rainfall varies from an average 1570 mm a year in the far north to less than 150 mm in the south. About two-thirds of the Territory receives less than 500 mm a year. In the north, monsoonal influences produce two definite seasons known locally as "the wet" (October to April) and "the dry" (May to September). During the wet season, the coast is subject to tropical cyclones (hurricanes or typhoons). The temperature in Darwin remains almost constant throughout the year. The daily average maximum in January is 31.8 C and the average minimum 24.8 C. In July, the average maximum is 30.3 C and the minimum 19.3 C. Climate Graph Darwin: Annual temperature averages in Celsius :  Climate Graph Darwin: Annual temperature averages in Celsius Slide8:  Darwin: Annual rainfall averages in Millimeters Slide9:  Australia is home to many unique and fascinating animals.  Most of these are marsupials, which means their young are born  blind and bald and they complete their development in their mothers pouch. They come in all different sizes from the large kangaroo to the tiny possums.  Australia has some 700 species of birds.  Some of these include the world's most magnificant parrots, the large flightless emu as well as a variety of waterbirds. Other remarkable animals who call Australia home are the platypus, the echidna, crocodiles and a large variety of reptiles, frogs and insects. Tourismus:  Tourismus Tourism is one of the Northern Territory’s fastest-growing industries, generating about $603 million in direct revenue in the financial year 1993-94. In the years since 1981-82, visitor figures have increased by an average of eight per cent a year. Over the same period, the annual growth rate for overseas visitors was about 20 per cent. Major developments have been established from the "Centre" of Australia to the "Top End" including the Uluru (Ayers Rock - Mt Olga) Resort, the Darwin and Alice Springs casinos, Plaza Hotels in Darwin and Alice Springs, the Beaufort Hotel in Darwin and the Kakadu "Crocodile Motel" at Jabiru. Established destinations for visitors include Kakadu National Park, Katherine Gorge and Aboriginal cultural facilities provided by traditional owners at Melville Island, Kakadu, Arnhem Land, the Katherine Region and at Ipolera in the Centre. A wide range of accommodation from caravan parks to five-star hotels is available. Wilderness attractions include the Wilderness Lodge at Seven Spirit Bay on the Cobourg Peninsula and at Kings Canyon. The Conservation Commission and the Tourist Commission work together to protect the Territory’s unusual environmental and cultural resources while providing amenities for visitors. Government :  Government Since 1968, the Territory has had one member with full voting rights in the Australian House of Representatives and, since 1975, two senators have represented the Territory in the upper house. The Territory has had self-government since 1978 with a Legislative Assembly containing 25 members elected by popular franchise. Information:  Information The Arts Yothu Yindi Art Gallery Maningrida Arts and Crafts, Maningrida, Arnhem Land, Australia Links: The Music Yothu Yindi - The Band Yothu Yindi - Sound & Music files

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