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Published on February 21, 2009

Author: Munvnh


Slide 1: NORTH HATLEY Slide 2: North Hatley is a small village of great beauty situated at the northern tip of the majestic lake Massawippi in the Eastern Townships, Quebec. It’s population numbers barely 800 people but it attracts a large number of tourist in summer as well as in winter… Slide 3: North Hatley is situated not far from the United States which explains its history. Etats-Unis Slide 4: Before the arrival of the Europeans, the region was occupied by the Iroquois and Abenaquis Indian nations who fished and hunted along the Massawippi river which had its headwater in the lake of the same name, in North Hatley, and along the St-Francois river which the river Massawippi flows into. Slide 6: During the period of the Declaration of Independence by the United States in 1776, a great many Americans who wished to remain loyal to the British Crown came to live in Canada and primarily in the Eastern Townships, near the frontier. However, in the case of North Hatley, the Americans who came to the region wanted mainly land to build their home and to live from the land. The creation of the village was the result of the efforts of these emigrants gathered under the umbrella of the ‘Company of Associates’ whose aim was to obtain land concessions from the government of Lower Canada to own and develop. Slide 7: I visited North Hatley during winter but it is during summer that we are able to take full advantage of the lake and during fall that we are bedazzled by the beauty of the change of colors! Slide 8: In 1792, Ebenezer Hovey, a captain of the Connecticut militia , presented a demand to the British Crown to obtain land concessions in the Eastern Townships. Together with Henry Cull, they are the first white settlers to get land grants in the Township of Hatley in 1803. Notwithstanding this, it was only in 1828 that the first settler built his house. The municipality of the Township of Hatley was created in 1855 and the Village of North Hatley was created in 1897. Let it be noted that it was in 1858 that the name « Eastern Townships » was translated for the first time to « Les Cantons de l’Est » by the author, Antoine Guérin Lajoie . Slide 10: Shortly thereafter North Hatley became the destination of rich southern Americans who wanted to spend their summer vacation in this area rather than the states of New England. These new residents came by trains renting whole wagons since they were bringing with them their lifestyle, their servants, butlers, furniture, horses and carriages. They built large residences and practice their favourite sports: golf, sailing, tennis…For a long time, the population was 90% anglophone while today, the population is evenly balanced between francophone and anglophone. The village is like a typical New England village but with a francophone presence… Slide 11: It is with regret that the pictures shown here are mainly of North Hatley in winter … Slide 13: In 1900, Henry Atkinson, owner of the electrical company of Atlanta decided to build a magnificent residence on the shores of the lake known as The Birches, inspired by the house of Georges Washington in Mount Vernon. Other than the main building, the property included a large number of outbuilding such as stables, icehouse, and servants' quarters. Sold in 1950, it was then transformed into a luxurious hotel whose guest list include politicians and American screen artists. Its new owner renamed it ‘Hovey Manor’ in commemoration of the village founder! The Hotel still retains a large number of the furniture, decorations and books from the original owner. Slide 14: Member of the prestigious chain « Relais et Châteaux », the Hotel is here shown in summer… Slide 16: The west side of the village, still known as the American side, is comprised of several large sumptuous residences situated on the shore or overlooking the lake. Protected in the north and the west by cliffs or hills, they benefit from a exceptional micro-climate and shelter flowers and birds that we normally observe further south. With the development of the tourist trade, many century old residence have been transformed into Inns or Bed & Breakfast. Slide 18: One of numerous Inns! Slide 19: Charming gifts shops, antiques store and Art Galleries captivate the interests of strollers… Slide 21: Some residences on the west side. Slide 23: The river Massawippi at its headwater flowing from the lake. Slide 25: Whether by boat or on shore, there are charming areas to discover… Slide 26: Beauty can be found even in a car shelter during the cold season… Slide 27: During the last century, North Hatley has drawn more and more artists, politicians and other personalities. The southerners have been replaced by visitors from the four corners of the world. As such, in august 2003, the French president, Mr. Jacques Chirac and his wife, stayed for several days by invitation of Mr. Jean Charest, the Premier of the province of Quebec… Slide 28: The Inn where the French presidential couple stayed was unfortunately totally destroyed by fire in march 2006. Slide 29: North Hatley, a patrimonial site since 1986 constitutes as of today a choice stopping place on the circuit of ‘the Townships Trail’ that covers more than 400 Km throughout the Eastern Townships. We find there a cuisine that is refined and diversified together with excellent regional products. Also, since 1982, at the instigation of the philanthropist Sam Pollock, North Hatley was known in summer for its musical concerts in St-Elizabeth Church and in Dreamland Park offered and organised under the heading of ‘Festival Massawippi. Since the death of its patron, the summer concerts have continued thanks to the North Hatley Recreational Association. Slide 30: Music : The Strauss family – Vif Argent Polka -Direction Charles Gerhardt Information obtained from different web sites Photos, conception et realization : Marie-Josèphe Farizy-Chaussé Translation: Gérald Ostiguy January 2009 Slide 31: Goodbye

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