North Country Center for Independence Calls on City of Plattsburgh to Comply with Federal Laws

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Published on September 13, 2015

Author: Adirondakdeb


1. NORTH COUNTRY CENTER FOR INDEPENDENCE ) 80 S'”orron Aveme - P| at1sb. irgn, ‘Jew York 12901 C‘ Voice & TDD {'5l8) 563-9058 - FAX 5'8) 56.1070? Website“ www ncci—online Com "c For Immediate Release to all media outlets: A Call for Compliance with thg Amgricans with Disabilities Act Press Contact: Robert Poulin, Executive Director: 5l8-563-9058 Email: robcrt@ncci-onlinecom The North Country Center for Independence (NCCD 80 Sharron Avenue, Plattsburgh, NY 1290] Call for Ingluslon, Access and Compliance with Federal Laws. The North Country Center for lndependence is calling upon the Mayor and the Common Council of the city of Plattsburgh to order a full Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility audit of all city owned properties, programs and services in honor of the 25"’ anniversary of the Arnericzms with Disabilities Act (ADA) being celebrated on July 26”‘. The ADA audit should take place over the course of the next year culminating in the release of a full report to the public at large on all ADA compliance needs. All city owned buildings, parks, properties, facilities and programs should be included in the audit, even those not considered public, with the goal of creating workplace accessibility for people with disabilities. The ADA audit of city buildings should ultimately lead to an ADA transition plan that would lay out the goals and timelines for the city of Plattsburgh to achieve full compliance with the federal laws on equal access. NCCI calls upon the leadership of the city of Plattsburgh to seek public input on all goals and timelines for creating a fully accessible city. The ADA is a landmark civil rights law passed in I990 that guarantees equal access to public facilities and programs to people with all kinds of disabilities. This law tied the acceptance of federal money for grants to the creation of fully accessible buildings, programs and services. "though the law is now a quarter of a century old, many public buildings, programs, and services remain inaccessible to people with disabilities. The City of Plattsburgh remains mostly out of compliance with the ADA and with the requirements of its federal grants contracts because of this. It is time to stop making excuses and to start obeying the law. The North Country Center for Independence is a not-for-profit organization serving people with disabilities, families, and the community on issues and needs related to physical or mental disabilities of any kind. NCCI is committed to advocating for people with disabilities and NCCl can assist with surveys and can provide advice on how to go about making a facility accessible, including providing infonnation on available tax credits. NCCI fully intends to file Department of Justice complaints against entities that serve or employ the public and refuse to comply with the ADA. The mission of NCCI is to empower people with disabilities to live more independent and p lives, and to promote beneficial policies and community understanding of disability issues. umv-, u w. "Promoting greater independence for people wrh dlsabllmes ' olillmon inn Eslultlinunltnt

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