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Information about North Africa Lesson

Published on February 22, 2014

Author: alanbaumer



This is a perfect lesson to introduce North Africa and the Nile River to students. It is Common Core lesson with a Close Reading. So, you will need to download my file called "Nile River Article" on SlideShare.

 Open to the Bell Work tab and write and write a few sentences about the following prompt:  If you lived in the desert below, what kind of job would you have? How could you live off the land?

I can describe and analyze the physical and human Geography of NorthIdentify the characteristics that Africa. SPI 7.3.10 define a region geographically. SPI 7.3.14 Distinguish between types of maps (i.e. political, physical, climatic, landuse resource, contour, elevation, topographic).

North Africa is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the West, the Red Sea to the East, and the Mediterranean Sea to the North. What type of map is this?

What can we assume about the climate in Northern Africa? What type of map is this?

IDENTIFY: Sahara Desert Nile River Atlas Mtns. Tropic of Cancer THINK: Why would the Sahara Desert have a warmer climate than areas South of there along the equator? What type of map is this?

What is the largest country in North Africa? Which country has the highest population density? Which country has the largest area per kilometer?

 Covers one-third of the continent  Largest hot desert in the world  Approximately 3,500,000 square miles

 The east region of the Sahara Desert  Approximately 400,000 square miles  There is virtually no rainfall in the Nubian

This mountain system runs from southwestern Morocco along the Mediterranean coastline to the eastern edge of Tunisia. Several smaller ranges are included, namely the High Atlas, Middle Atlas and Maritime Atlas. The highest peak is Mt. Toubkal in western Morocco at 13,671 ft. (4,167m). ATLAS MOUNTAINS

• The longest river in the world (flows north), • Begins in the highlands of southeastern Africa • Runs 4,160 miles in length • Drains in the Mediterranean Sea • Features rapids, streams, swamps, tributaries and waterfalls

10 minutes End

Products: wheat, barley, citrus fruits, olives, tomatoes, onions, cotton Minerals: iron ore, silver, gold, salt, coal, petroleum and natural gas Livestock: cattle, sheep, camels

Based on this image, predict a possible environmental issue in

Let’s create a definition for the word Many people in Africa suffer greatly because of the hot dry drought! climate. The land becomes dusty and infertile and crops cannot be grown. Thousands of families are forced to leave their homes in search of food and aid as a result of drought.

It can be caused by livestock grazing on the same piece of land or by overpopulations of native or non-native wild animals.

POD SHARE: What are is Desertification? What are the effects of it? *based on prior knowledge According to the map, where is desertification a major issue?

 Desertification is the degradation of land in any dry land caused by a variety of factors such as climate change and human activities  Desertification is one of the most significant global environmental problems.  The Sahara is currently expanding south at a rate of up to 48 kilometers per year.  Desertification in the Sahel is progressing at an alarmingly rapid rate. An area the size of Luxemburg is being desertified each year.

• The poster at your pod is divided into 4 parts. On the part that is on your desk, pick one of the following topics and write a 2-4 sentences describing the topic. • Topics: Nile River, Sahara Desert, African Maps, African Climate, Overgrazing, Desertification • Leave enough room in your corner for 5 students to be able to write.

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