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Information about Normal force

Published on December 7, 2013

Author: AngelaStott



Slides for teaching normal force on horizontal and inclined planes.

Force Normal



Normal Weight

Normal Weight


inclined plane


x y

W’s component into surface W

W’s component into surface W

Wy W

N Wy W

N Wy W

N Wy W

N Wy W

N Wy W


N Wy 30° W

N Wy 30° W Wy = W • cos 30°

N Wy 30° W = 520 N Wy = W • cos 30°

N Wy 30° W = 520 N Wy = 520 N • cos 30°

N Wy 30° W = 520 N Wy = 520 N • cos 30° = 450 N into the slope

N 450 N 30° W = 520 N

450 N 450 N 30° W = 520 N

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